The final day… How the time has passed in my young days, as I get out of bed, I couldn't be more awake… How did I sleep so well knowing what is to come? So many trials, so many challenges to test the strength and train the strengths of one who is to become a legend… Some prepared, some not, either way, I have learned much in these short 3 years. Today, I am to take part in my final trial, but no person was to tell me of what I was to confront… How will I be able to confront this? What is there left to confront? I have already faced the trials of earth, fire, water, and wind… Worry, fear, eagerness, confusion, sadness… Will I- Will I make it? To control the elements designed by God may sound great, but when your opponents have trained for much longer… How? Lord Isami, please help me in my quest, for alone… I am nothing.

The room Brian had grown to know will soon be left behind, there will be no time to rest, for each step he could be taking during rest could have been the steps that could be taken to find his father, the crucial steps, the very steps he could take to save his father from a pre-emptive last breath. Many moons have passed since Brians father set off for the Eletale Book, far too many, and now the monks worry of his safety… As does Brian… Amongst so many the worries he is confronted with, this is his greatest, as he most assuredly may hold the key to his fathers own fate… For when a new child of legend arises from the final trials of lore, the strength of the Holy Lord Isami Himself is then transferred from the last Chosen One and into the new; And in the midst of a horrid battle over the Book of the Holy, if his power is lost, death is nearly certain… As the Chosen One is now Bartholomy, but if Brian is to pass the Trials of the Chosen, will Bartholomy have the strength to defeat the Sinai?

Once again, as the final day as the Resting One, that is, the child destined to either die in Trail or become a Chosen One, Brian rushes to the confessional area to tell of all sin that had come to him… As well as a so long to his monk listener, for they are to never meet again until Gods will to convert all Sinais' minds… Is met.

"We will meet again, not first by the Isami Palace of Eternal Peace, but by the mortal make of Gods Will. Never shall this mortal coil fall prey to the attacks of the Sinai, nor shall it withdraw from the threat presented by such, for as long as I stand… So long as I have breath within me, I will prevail… Isami will be pleased, the world shall once again be His own. It shall be a reality once again, I swear it, to you… to me… and most importantly, our Lord Isami."

No further words had to be spoken, as tears started to form, to fall down the listeners' face; the monk believed strongly in that promise and let his tears of faith be indicative of his own good-bye. Brian, now done confessing, leaves for the battle-field he now has grown so accustomed to. Walking solemnly down the long and unbelievably tall room, taking in every sight possible before the chaos of the trials would be to commence, "Is this really my final moment of mortal peace?"

"No, it isn't, Master Brian." Speaks a familiar voice from behind, as he is about to open the door to undergo the trial.

"How can you be so sure of that, Marmaduke? I am just a child… Training for 3 years is nothing compared to the training of those who I must defeat to save our Lord… I am useless in that respect. How can you look upon a child and see a Master of any type?"

"And to that, I reply with something a great man once said: 'You are a great man, you protect the sanctity of this grand and wonderful monastery, not many can truly say they have such a great honor. Sir, if you are so lowly a man, how is it that God allowed this great monastery to stand any longer? You are of great faith, love, and passion, in my eyes, you are one of the greatest!'… You question yourself so grandly, but your strength is greater than any tale I have heard of any foe you must defeat, and you will be reciev-… NO! You don't really plan on going through with what I think you are, are you!"

"Yes… You are quite astute, Marmaduke… I will, and I must… I have already thought this through, and will not be swayed to a different opinion."

"Very well then, I dare not question you… But what will become of you?"

"As I said before, I have thought this through… I know what will happen to me when I do this, but please do not worry about me-"

"But I must! If you are going to go through with this, then at least take this… It is a Brilliant Staff Blessed by the Monks of Legend… The very ones who trained the first Chosen One… I was planning to give you this when you saved the world, but you surely will need it to survive."

"Wow… Thank you Marmaduke… I will protect our Lords Will… Then come back, I will tell you tales of how I fought… With the staff you gave me."

"Thank you for your thankfulness, in itself, is enough to give me hope… And I have a sneaking suspicion that you will come into trouble… So I had Monk Pat bake you a specialty bread… Blessed with Healing Spirits. If ever you need help, eat the bread and you shall heal from your wounds. This trial will be very harsh, so please… Take care of yourself, not just for me, but for everyone else as well."

"I will, and thank you for all your help throughout all of this… I could only hope to find someone half as great a person as you in my travels, and I will miss you more than anything else here… You were a great friend… Good… Good-bye, my friend."

And with a single tear falling down his cheek, Brian goes through the doorway to face the trial he had been trianing to face for three years… With the help of his friend Marmaduke at grasp, he now strides in pride, ready to take on the trial… And ready to go through with his mysterious and dangerous plan.

To Be Continued…