Paine will not wonder what happened to the three friends that fateful day in the Den of Woe. It wasn't that she didn't want to know, far from it. To see them maliciously holding their guns to each other's heads, intent on splattering their insides all over the pyre fly infested area shook her to her core.

The questions of the events of that time plaguing her mind will not keep her awake for many nights, depriving her of that coveted rest that is greatly needed at the end of a hard day.

Respect points will not be added or deducted for whiny behavior and curiosity from the former high summoner or her bubbly Al Bhed cousin. She won't even groan in disgust at Brother's carnal desires for his own flesh and blood. Will she just ignore them instead? Easy as it would be for her to do that, the point is she'll never have the opportunity to do so, since she will not get the choice to become a sphere hunter in the first place. Something has kept her from it.

Yuna will still be alone in the farplane, encountering Shuyin for the first time. He will mistake her for Lenne, his long lost lover of 1000 years. He'll hold her close, tell her how Spira hasn't changed at all and that he will 'fix it'. Overcome with intense feelings not her own, Yuna will be paralyzed in his arms for a brief moment before being yanked back into reality by Nooj and Gippal.

Shuyin, who has taken refuge in Baralai's body, releases her as he runs off to the deepest parts of the farplane. The only difference is that the two men won't give Yuna their spheres for Paine to have, because Paine doesn't know Yuna and is not traveling with her.

As Vegnagun and Shuyin continued to pose a threat to Spira, Yuna and Rikku make their way through the farplane with the help of Leblanc. With heavy hearts, they fight the once friendly aeons that helped Yuna defeat sin two years prior, and proceed to deactivate the barriers needed to advance.

During their journey, they encounter a wounded Gippal. He tells them of Vegnagun and Nooj's whereabouts, but says nothing of the sphere he was supposed to give to Paine. It contained a scene where the four made a pact one day to travel Spira together on an airship as Captain, Pilot, Engineer, and Navigator. However, Paine, the pilot would not be able to go with them because of circumstances she couldn't control.

Vegnagun was defeated, piece-by-piece. The head fell in front of them, revealing a huge gun that was charging at an alarming rate. Shuyin, possessing Baralai still, is swiftly playing the melody needed to annihilate Spira all together.

The tired, battle worn girls do their best to stop him, getting guidance from those who have long gone from the world, and the ones living, watching as they beat him down slowly. If Paine were there, they would have beaten him sooner, but she wasn't able to help her friends the way she should have.

Paine did not live to experience these events. The recorder was taken too soon, ripped from all the possibilities that life had to offer her. All they are now are futures laid to waste caused by a single gunshot wound through her flesh, done in by none other than the man she fondly called her 'Captain'.