A Trial Separation

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Summary: Sirius and Setsuna Black are having marital issues, but when things come to a head and Sirius suggests a divorce. Will their 4 children be able to sort out their differences long enough for them to get their parents back together before the trial separation is over?

Family Trees

Sirius Black=Setsuna Meioh





Remus Lupin=Arabella Figg




Wufei Chang=Virignia Weasley

Simon -16

Simone-16 (twins)


Draco Malfoy=Rei Hino




Orion Malfoy=Michiru Kaioh






Heero Yuy=Blaise Zabini (f)




Note: Auish side fic to TEI and YLINF

Outers Mansion

"You're sure you have everything?" asked Setsuna.

"Yes, Mum." Replied Setsuko.

"You know you don't have to go, there's still time to call and cancel." Her mother Setsuna Black soon-to-be-Meioh-again said.

"Yes, Mum I know. I want to go, it'll only be for a few weeks. You deserve some alone time. Now that we're all out of the house you can finally throw a wild party."

/If I the plan works that party will be to celebrate Mum and Dad not getting a divorce/ thought Setsuko determinedly.

"Sure I will," Replied her mother. "you're sure you can floo there by yourself?"

"Yes, Mum."

"Alright, say hi to the boys for me."

"I will, Mum." Said Setsuko as she grabbed her bags and a handful of floo powder, stepping into the fire she shouted, "Lupin Lodge!"

Lupin Lodge

Sirius rushed around the house in a frenzy. Cleaning one trinket just to stop half way and clean another. Today Setsuko was coming for a visit. Everything had to be perfect. Well as perfect as anything could be in a house with five teenage boys living in it. He didn't know why he was so nervous, it was just his daughter. His daughter who probably hated him because he had left. He knew he would have hated himself, if his dad had left his mother taking his brother with him. Ok now he was just confusing himself.

Suddenly a familiar voice called out "Dad? Uncle Remus? Auntie Arabella?"

Sirius immediately rushed to the living room, "I'm coming." He all but shouted. When he arrived he saw that Setsuko seemed to have shot up a couple of inches since he last saw her. He crushed her in a big bear hug, "Um... Dad, I can't breathe." Came the muffled voice of his only daughter. "Oops, sorry love. Stand back and let me have a look at you. You've grown up in a couple months. How tall're you now?"

"I'm 5'6, Dad."

"Oh, pretty soon you'll be taller than me."

Setsuko rolled her eyes at this and said, "Dad, where am I staying?"

"Oh, I almost forgot. Come this way." He said leading her up a flight of stairs "You'll be sharing a room with Lily by the way." He led her through a hallway finally stopping at a door with police tape and "beware of dog" signs all over it. Sirius knocked on the door and shouted to be heard over the loud music blaring. "Lil, open up! It's Uncle Sirius, Setsuko just got here!"

The music was lowered, but not turned off. Lily Lupin opened the door. "Setsuko!" she squealed and ran to give her a hug. Sirius barely had time to dodge this hug attack. "What no, hug for me?" he said mock hurt. Lily just rolled her eyes and ran a hand through her sandy blonde hair in a way that was strangely reminiscent of James Potter.

"Where is everybody?" Setsuko asked curiously.

"Mum and Dad went grocery shopping, Romulus is at the library, James and Sirius are at a muggle shopping mall. Remus was muttering something about getting a new CD so he's probably with them. Sev's probably over at Winnie's. The boys will all come back around dinner, Mum and Dad earlier than that."

"How did you remember all that?" Sirius asked in awe.

"Someone has to keep track of you people and I'm the only one who can." Lily said.

"More like the only one who will." Muttered Sirius to Setsuko. She smiled.

"What was that?" asked Lily sharply.

"Nothing." Sirius said innocently.

Lily glared, but was distracted by Arabella's shouting outside. "Let us in, you lazy buggers. Remus forgot his keys, again."

Lily rolled her eyes yet again and rushed downstairs.

"Setsuko, if you need anything. Feel free to ask. I'm right down the hall." He said before he too left. Setsuko just shook her head and began to unpack.

Lupin Lodge, Kitchen

By the time Sirius had gotten downstairs Remus and Arabella were already in the kitchen unpacking groceries and Lily was in the living room watching the telly.

"Need any help?" he asked upon entering the kitchen. "Nope." Arabella replied closing a cabinet.

"How goes the settling in?" asked Remus.

"Fine, it's just that I feel so nervous around her. She's my daughter for crying out loud! I shouldn't be nervous."

"Maybe it's because you haven't seen her in a while." Suggested Remus mildly.

Arabella never one to beat around the bush, said "Maybe it's because you're afraid that if you don't treat her right that she'll tell Setsuna on you."

Sirius made a face at this and said, "I like Remus' better."

"You would. Coward." She replied as she hopped up on the kitchen counter with a pint of strawberry ice cream in hand.

Lupin Lodge, Living Room

Lily shook her head. The adults in this house really didn't know how to keep a conversation private. She hoped that Uncle Sirius wasn't cooking tonight. She was still digesting the "lasagna" he had made and that had been three weeks ago. Maybe Sev would cook tonight, he always made the best miso soup. And with that thought Lily turned back to her show.

Lupin Lodge, The Hallway Outside of the Kitchen

Setsuko shook her head, these people needed to learn the value of indoor voices. Her plan would never work of Dad was afraid of talking to her.

Grand Shopping Plaza, Food Court

Remus (the younger) shook his head as yet another muggle girl shot down Sirius (younger) You'd think by the twentieth one he'd realize these girls weren't interested. James however was slightly more observant, so he had stopped at his fifteenth. Remus checked his watch and sighed, they would be lucky if Sirius remembered to stop for dinner. Setsuko was supposed to be coming today.

"What's up, little brother?"

"James, what time is it?"

"Um.., dinner time?"

"Exactly, and who was supposed to be coming today?" he asked slowly.

"Um...I give up?"

"Setsuko. Setsuko was supposed to be coming today."

As realization dawned on him, he shouted "Oi, Sirius, get your fat arse over here! We are so dead!"

Sirius looking up, "What the hell's your problem Jamie? I was about to get a date."

"Never mind that. Do you know what time we were supposed to be home? Setsuko's coming today."

"Shit! Come on, we might be able to make it in time for dessert."

Remus rolled his eyes, at the rate Sirius drove they might be early.

Chang Residence

Severus looked up from getting his ass kicked by Winnie in Mortal Combat, when he looked at the cursed. "Fuck. I am so dead." Winnie, looking up at the clock as well, said "Today was the day Setsuko was supposed to be coming, right?" Sev only nodded. "Go." She said pushing him into the fireplace.

Library, Sci-fi section

Romulus was how you say, erm... busy, with Katarina Yuy, in the Sci-fi section in the back of the library. Their relationship was kind of a secret. They usually met here because no one used the library. Well not this library anyway. This was convenient until they got back to Hogwarts, it was less of a hassle this way, her father and brothers wouldn't kill him, and his father wouldn't make him stop going dates with her because he had hid the relationship from him.

Plus the library was the place where everyone expected him to be anyway, it was so irritating to be asked out on dates so girls could ask him to do their History of Magic essays, Kat never did that, most of the time it was him copying her homework, anyway.

He preferred it this way, so he could have her to himself. When they took a break for air, he happened to look at the clock and swore. Looking up Katarina asked "What is it?"

"I was supposed to be home half an hour ago. You know how my dad is about punctuality." "Well, then you're screwed." Giving him another kiss, "Go, I have to be getting home."


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