Sweet Little Lies

Chapter I: Prologue

By: Michelle


DISCLAIMER: I don't own the X-men. I just write fanfics for fun.

This is the awaited sequel to THE TRUTH HURTS. It takes months after the end of The Truth Hurts. I may make references to the Truth Hurts as well as use pieces of it as flashbacks. If you hadn't read it, you might want to.

For this story, I am writing in movie-verse. However, I am an X-men Evolution fan as well as a comic book reader. Don't be surprised if I mix in a little bit of everything along with own original creativity.

I will be adding new characters. I will either explain them in the story and/or but a note at the bottom about them.

This is the Prologue, so there isn't any of the X-men in it. They will appear next chapter.

Anyways, after 4 long months, here it is. I hope everyone will enjoy.



Wundagore Mountain in the small country of Transia in Europe ...

Up in the mountains, Bova lived the live of a semi-normal life as a midwife for the High Evolutionary and his New Men. Of course, she was not ordinary woman. In fact, she was a cow-woman. She was a walking talking cow-woman. Many gypsy women came to her for her midwife services. The gypsies weren't afraid of her either, for they knew what it was like to be rejected by the rest of society.

A few years ago, she retired from her duties. That's when she was called to help a young couple in need. They were both mutants. The woman was one of the twins she had delivered over twenty-five years earlier. The man was mutant beyond wanting to recall his features. Together they had a daughter. They called her Talia Josephine or T.J. for short.

The child took most of her features from her father. It was a shame in a way. The child would never be able to have a normal life. To top it off, her parents couldn't get along. Her mother wanted a family. Her father wanted to continue his growing career in the only life he ever knew. They split when the child was only three months old.

Since the child's parents never married each other and their daughter never technically existed to the outside world, they arranged an agreement on their own. The child would be raised by her mother with the help of herself. When her father was in town, or when he was off of work, he was to take care of her.

In her opinion, it was a shitty arrangement. Neither parent was able to give the little girl enough attention she deserved. Her mother came in an out at least twice a week to see her daughter. That is if she wasn't fighting the good fight. Her father hadn't seen her in over a year. It was a wonder he actually called. But she couldn't say he was all bad. The man sent nearly every extra penny he had to insure she was well taken care of.

Now the little girl was four and a half years old. Both of them missed so many things already. Bova wondered if they were going to miss anymore.

Bova climbed out of bed. She could hear the little girl moving around. Time for work. Can't that child sleep in for once? She sighed as she watched the rambunctious four and a half year old bounce around. "Are you hungry Talia?"

"Yeah." Talia answered.

Bova gave her a look. "Now what have I told you about manners young lady?"

"I'm supposed to be polite."

"That's right." Bova nodded. "So what do you say?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Bova smiled. "That's better." She replied and poured the little girl a bowl of cereal. "There you go baby."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." Bova replied and sat down. She looked at Talia as she ate her breakfast. If only I was so young. She sighed. I'm not the young woman I once was when her mother was born.

Bova leaned back in her chair. She felt horrible. Tired. Worn out. Too old. Those were many things that came to mind. "Baby, I'm going to lie down. Ok. Stay in here and finish your breakfast."


Bova lay down on the sofa and closed her eyes. She never knew it would be her last.


Talia finished her bowl of cereal and walked over to the sink with her bowl and cup. She stood on her tippy toes trying to see where to put them. She was too short so grabbed a chair and used it to climb up. She smiled at her success and dropped her bowl and cup in the sink.

Of course, being the mischievous four and a half year old she was, she stood on the chair thinking to herself. I'm gonna wash dishes. She turned on the water to the sink on full blast. Then, she grabbed the dishwashing liquid and squirted it in the water. Soon the sink was overflowing with bubbles as well as the counter and the floor. She shut off the water and climbed down the chair. All clean. She smiled and left the kitchen in a soapy and watery mess.

Talia took a look at Bova. Bova sleeping. I go dress myself. She ran into her bedroom in her oversized Munich circus t-shirt and began digging in her clothes. She threw her clothes around the room until she got to the bottom of her draws. She pulled out a black skirt and red shirt. Then, she rushed in the bathroom and quickly changed.

She grabbed a bunch of her gold bracelets and put them on. She shook her hand making them all jingle. She stood on her stool and looked in the mirror at herself. I look like Mommy. She thought as she brushed her hair. She grabbed a red headband and put it in her hair. She smiled and jumped off the stood to run to Bova.

"Bova." Talia said as she stood by the couch. "I dress myself. I a big girl." She smiled proudly.

Bova made no response.

"Bova see, see." Talia said shaking her. "I a big girl.

Bova still didn't move.

"Bova." Talia began to pout. "See." She shook her again. "Bova, waked up." She said again, but Bova never moved.

Confused and scared, Talia sat on the ground and began crying. She couldn't understand why Bova wouldn't wake up from her sleep.


Dressed in a red bodice and red flowing skirt, Wanda tapped her red knee high boots waiting for someone to answer the door. I give up. She dug frantically in her purse to find her set of keys in her purse. Her bracelets jingled in her arm as she searched with no success.

"Looking for something."

Wanda looked up to find her twin brother Pietro dangling the keys in front of her. She snatched them out of his hand.

"What?" Pietro said. "No thank you."

"Pietro, I allowed you to come with me to visit Bova and Talia." Wanda replied. "Not to aggravate the shit out of me."

"But you know how I love to." Pietro smiled innocently at her. "Besides, why didn't you just knock?"

"I did." Wanda said as she unlocked the door. "But Bova's not answering."

Wanda and Pietro walked in the small house and looked around. All they could hear was crying coming from the living room.

Wanda sighed. No wonder why Bova couldn't hear me. Talia must be giving her some trouble. She thought as she headed in the living room.

Pietro ran his hand thru his silvery hair and looked at the mess on the counter and the floor. Bova's getting sloppy since the last time I've been here.

Wanda walked in the living room to find her daughter screaming and crying on the floor. "Hey baby. What's wrong?"

Talia looked up to see her mother standing there. "Mutti." She said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Wanda walked over and picked up her little girl. "T.J. why are you crying." She said comforting her daughter. "Where's Bova?"

"Bova sleeping and won't play with me." Talia replied and held her mother tight.

"Oh T.J. That's no reason to get fussy." Wanda replied. "Bova's probably been tired." She tucked her daughter's ebony hair behind her pointed ears. "I'm sure she'll wake up now that me and your Onkel Pietro are here." She tapped her on the arm. "Bova, wake up. Pietro and I are here. Bova...Bova." Mein Gott. "PIETRO."

Pietro sped in there in less than a second. "What?"

"Bova." Wanda answered as she held Talia tight.

Pietro looked down at the couch to see the woman who delivered him as a baby laying still. Using his index and middle fingers, he checked for a pulse on her neck. He felt nothing. "She's..." He looked over to his sister. "I think it would be better if you took T.J. out of the room."

Wanda nodded in understanding as tears rolled down her cheeks. Why is this happening to me?


"Talia, stay here while I go check on Onkel Pietro." Wanda said after getting her daughter to calm down.

"No." Talia sniffled and wiped her nose across her arm. "I want to go with you."

"Baby you have to stay in here." Wanda said grabbing a tissue to wipe her daughter's nose.

Talia gave her a pouty lip. "Want Bova."

"I know, but Bova's sleeping." Wanda lied. "You have to stay in here right now while Onkel Pietro and Mutti have grown up talks." She picked up her daughter's favorite doll and handed it to her. "Here baby, stay here with your bamf doll. Ok. I'm going to be in the other room."

"Vati." Talia said squeezing the bamf doll her father gave her when she went to the circus. She sniffled and held it tightly as her mother left the room.

Wanda thought she was going to lose her breakfast as she walked back in the room where Bova's unconscious body lay. She just couldn't believe that the woman who was there when she and Pietro were born, and even Talia was born was now dead.

"How is she?" Pietro said laying a thin sheet over Bova.

"Talia's fine." Wanda said softly. "She just a bit confused."

Pietro nodded. He wasn't at all surprised that Talia was confused about death. She was four and a half. She didn't understand. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm..." Wanda sighed. "I just can't believe this." She said as he hugged her. "Bova was the midwife when we where born. She found us loving parents to adopt us. She was my midwife when Talia was born. And now..." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "And now she's gone."

'I know Wanda." Pietro said trying to comfort his twin. "She was a good woman."

Wanda pulled away from him and looked at Bova. She was screwed. "What am I going to do?"

"We're going to give her a proper burial." Pietro informed her. "I've already made some calls to a few of our friends."

"That's not what I meant." Wanda replied shaking her head. "What about T.J.? Who is going to take care of her? I can't bring her to the Avengers' headquarters. She's a little girl and it's extremely dangerous. Plus, we're out on missions all the time." I'm screwed. "She's not like other little girls Pietro."

"Yeah." Pietro replied. Wanda was right. There was now no one to take care of Talia. It would have been different if she was like other little girls. She had to take after her father, didn't she? "Her father."

"What?" Wanda stared at him. Did she hear him correctly?

"I said, what about her father?" Pietro answered. "Maybe he can take her."

"Oh Please." Wanda rolled her eyes. "He hasn't even since her in over a year. It's a wonder he actually calls. He's too busy in his new life to care about anything else."

"You have another solution." Pietro said. 'Besides, he works at that school Xavier created for mutants."

Wanda sat down in a nearby chair. She hated when her twin was right. T.J.'s father worked at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It was a mutant school and the X-men headquarters. It was the only alternative she had for her daughter. T.J. was a mutant and couldn't hide the fact she was either. "I don't know about this."

"And why not?" Pietro demanded. "It would be about time her father actually took responsibility for her."

Wanda sighed. He was right again. Damn him. "You're right." She said hating to admit it. "I'll call him this afternoon, when it is morning in the states."

"Good." Pietro replied and patted his sister on the shoulder. "It's going to be alright."

"Whatever." Wanda answered. She felt a headache coming on. This was not going to be fun at all.


FYI: Having met in the Nazi concentration camps and escaped together, Eric Lehnsherr and Magda tried to build themselves a new life. In the years that followed, they married and had a daughter named Anya. On the same day Magnus fully manifested his electromagnetic abilities, after which he would later rename himself to Magneto, Anya was trapped in a fire. Eric had been falsely accused of a crime and was physically restrained at the scene by bigoted villagers. By the time he got lose, violently using his newfound abilities, it was too late to save his daughter who had perished in the flames. This event led to his legendary hatred of humanity. Terrified by Magnus's power and how he used them to avenge their daughter, Magda ran away from him, neither of them knowing that she was pregnant at the time.

She went into labor in the wilderness, months later, and was able to make her way to a strange fortress on the top of Wundagore Mountain, Transia, home of the High Evolutionary and his New Men. A cow-woman named Bova was the midwife, and delivered the twins, who were named Pietro and Wanda.

The High Evolutionary and Bova finally arranged for a gypsy couple, Django and Marya Maximoff, to take the children as their own. The Maximoffs had recently lost their biological children, Ana and Mateo, and so were overjoyed when what they thought to be an angel blessed them with new children to take care of.

Pietro and Wanda led a peaceful life with their gypsy parents, their father often carving them marionettes to play with. As the Maximoff were well accepted within the gypsy community, nothing seemed to change when they began to develop as teenagers.

After loosing their foster-parents in a fire, Pietro and Wanda had to fend for themselves. They were offered the opportunity to join Xavier's X-men, but Pietro turned down the offer. Later, one of Wanda's unpredictable hexes caused the people to believe she was a witch. Before they were caught by the town, Magneto intervened and saved them.

Pietro and Wanda joined Magneto's First Brotherhood of Mutants unknowing to the fact that he was their father. He christened them with the names Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. They served under him because they were in debt to him. Several times, the Brotherhood opposed the X-Men when both groups tried to recruit some so-far unknown mutants.

After they were free form Magneto, Xavier asked them to join him once again. And once again, they turned him down. Instead, they went back to Transia. Later, they both joined the Avengers with Captain America and Hawkeye.

For the sake of my story, Wanda and Pietro are serving the Avengers team in Europe. I will explain Talia Josephine as chapters go on.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter. I know it didn't have any of the X-men it but they will be in the next chapters.