Abrogation of Will
by Peacebunnie

They rage like the storm in my head.

Thoughts, memories of that God-awful expedition.

Weyland, sacrificing himself. Miller, desiring a great legacy for his children. The horror of
killing Sebastian. The terror of the unknown, leaping out at you from the dark and tearing
you apart.

The huge son-of-a-bitch with the scar that saved me, and died in the process. His body
being taken by his people, their ship disappearing into the snowy sky.

Leaving me with a blown crater and a perished team. Despite the enormity of the alien
threat we faced, I can't help but feel I should have protected them, should have fought
harder so they could survive.

Then, my every instinct screamed its awareness, primed for battle against the invasion of
earth and humanity.

But the only fight I had left to face was humanity.

I made it to the Piper Maru, just barely, and from there to civilization. Every member of my
team gone, I was left to explain what had happened underneath the ice. I tried to stay
within the realm of sanity, and concoct a reasonable explanation of a collapse in the
cavern. It wasn't possible to keep up, and in the end I took the bolder path.

I told the truth.

Criticism flocked from every corner of the scientific community, saying I'd been too long
out in the ice, citing my often dangerous past climbs as proof of my insanity. I was
investigated in the murder of Weyland and our associates, but with nothing except a
crater in Antarctica to study, they couldn't make the charges stick. A few UFO-fanatics
went out of their way to announce their support of my story, but they only served to
lessen my credibility even more. And shortly after telling my story to the world, the
foundation sent me my things and called loud and long that I had nothing further to do
with them.

Being cut off from every support I had left only heightened my adrenaline and further
primed my fighting instincts. I'd told the truth; let them say what they would! I had survived
those damn bastards, even killed a few, and would fight to my last breath to defend myself
and everything else.

I've done nothing but told the truth. I would fight to the death to insure those things don't
spread. I'm too stubborn to die, and will kill those bitches until there's none left. Why don't
they see that?

"Ms. Woods, it's time for your medication."

But there aren't any more aliens.

I am a gladiator, in the arenas of old. I am a warrior, a soldier for humanity. I defend life.

But what do you do when there's nothing left to fight?

My instincts screamed at me to fight, to do battle. Now, I don't feel a thing.