Hi, guys and girls. This is going to be just a random one- shot I randomly make up, LoL. I guess I'm just in the story writing mood. Oh yeah, about my other story Writings on the Wall, I'll get cracking on it as soon as I can. The reason I haven't been working on it is because my computer didn't work at all and I hardly had any access to a computer for about two weeks. Anyway, enough of my rambling and on with the story.

A/N: The kids are freshmen in high school just to let you know.

Jimmy's POV


I'm smart, that is very true. If you ask me any random question about any school subject; math, English, history…you name it, and there's a 99.9 percent chance that I know the answer. Pretty cool, huh? I guess you could say that, but people don't really pay attention to me unless they need help on their homework or something similar. But anyway, I'm getting off subject. The point is, like I said, I know about almost every possible thing…except one. I'll explain to you using flashbacks and such…

Earlier today when I was at school…a normal Friday, teachers, useless info, blah, blah, blah. That stuff is boring. Getting back to the story…I was getting my books out of my locker at the end of the day, talking to Sheen and Carl, when Cindy and Libby walk up.

"Hey, baby doll, what's crackin'?" Libby asked Sheen, her boyfriend of two months.

"Not much, Libs. Hey, do you wanna go see Ultralord: Robofiend Strikes at the movies?

Libby rolled her eyes, "Again?"

"Aww, come on, I love that movie! Its so…Ultralord!" Sheen replied.

"Okay, fine, you got me. I have nothing else to do tonight anyway. Besides, we don't have to watch the movie the whole time." Libby stated with an evil grin.

"I like the way you think, baby cakes! Let's kick it!" Sheen replied.

"Bye, Cin, talk to you later." Libby said walking away with Sheen close by.

"I'll talk to you later, Jim. I gotta go meet up with my dad to help him carry his new toaster oven into the house." Carl stated walking away.

"Alright, see ya." Jimmy replied.

Carl left, and it was just Cindy and I left standing there…alone. She looked at me and raised a questioning eyebrow. I merely smiled because…well, I didn't really have anything to say.

"Well, Neutron, since we've got that science fair thing due in a week, you just wanna get it finished tonight?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, sure, you can just come over to the lab tonight at…eight at we'll finish it." Jimmy replied.

"Alright, sounds like a plan. Later days, Neutron." Cindy replied walking away.

Pause. Now, this is where I'll confuse you…probably. I watched Cindy walk away, and as much as I tried to, I just can't take my eyes off her. Oh yes, we still have our little fights a lot. Lately, though, I've had feelings for her that I've never had before…for anyone. I looked at her as she walked down the hall…her figure…if she only knew how I was looking at her. This is where I'll tell you the one thing I can never answer…I can never answer anything when it comes to liking, or possibly even loving someone. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, and I know people say that you can't fall in love when you're young. What do people know? It hasn't been proven. I've known Cindy for most of my life, and through all the fighting and what not, I've begun to notice that we could be compatible. There are times when she's nice to me, and that's the part of her I really like. Oh yeah, and I didn't want to sound really shallow just talking about her looks. She's quite beautiful, but I've explained the other reasons why I like her, too.

Well, anyway it was just about eight o' clock when I heard a knock on the lab door. I pressed the big red button to the drop shoot, and quickly ran over to the tube and stood under it to catch Cindy so she wouldn't experience a really painful fall…I hope.

"Ahh!" Cindy screamed as she fell.

Jimmy caught her, and smiled when he saw her eyes closed. She was obviously preparing herself for the fall. She opened her eyes, and Jimmy merely smiled.

"Don't get so cozy, Neutron." She jumped out of his arms and smoothed out her clothing.

"Alright, alright." Jimmy replied.

"Okay, so, all we have to do is put our science fair board together and we'll be finished? You've got all the data?" Cindy asked.

"Yep, its all here. Shouldn't take us more than a half hour to finish." Jimmy replied.

"Alright, let's get to work." Cindy stated.

We started working on our board, putting various papers on it, gluing, writing, but barely really saying anything. Not that there was anything to say but…I get tense in awkward silences, especially with Cindy. After we had finished, we took a step back and admired our work. After that, I just looked to Cindy and she looked back at me and smiled.

"Well," she started, "guess that's all finished. Guess…I should get going."

"You…don't have to leave if you don't want to." Jimmy replied. "I mean, you can stay for a while and we can just hang around and stuff, I mean, if you have nothing to do I don't either, in fact I have plenty of time and…"

Cindy cut off Jimmy's rambling, "…I'd love to. Got nothing else to do, anyway."

Jimmy smiled, "Alright then…what do you want to do?"

Cindy took a look around, "Let's just play a computer game."

So we went over and sat by the computer and played a game for about ten minutes. That got boring, and as it was my turn, Cindy seemed distracted looking at…me.

"I'm bored." Cindy said.

"Yeah…but what else is there to do in a room full of metal, tools, and inventions?" Jimmy asked.

"Experiment." Cindy replied simply.

Of course, I was oblivious.

"O…kay…what do you want to experiment with?" Jimmy asked.

Cindy came really close to Jimmy's face and a devilish smile crossed her face, "You."

"Me..? What? What do you want to do with me?" Jimmy asked.

"A little experiment." Cindy stated.

"Oh? Which experiment?" Jimmy asked.

"Kind of like CPR…but not quite." Cindy said.

"I'm not fainted or unconscious." Jimmy replied.

"You don't need to be." Cindy said.

"Then what do I need to be?" Jimmy questioned.

"Just be you." Cindy replied.

"This doesn't make any sense!" Jimmy shouted.

"Its not suppose to." Cindy stated and smiled.

And that's how it all went down. Her lips crashed down onto mine, and I had a shockwave of emotion shoot down through my body, causing me to have the unbearable feeling of pleasure. I wrapped my hands around her waist, and without breaking the kiss, she came over and sat on top of me. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. My first real kiss with my sworn enemy…boy, life is pretty screwy. Anyway, as we kissed, it got a little deeper every so often. It was a really long kiss. Actually, I wouldn't really call it kissing…probably more like making out because we were really into it for about five minutes. Call about a major first kiss.

After those five minutes, and I finally broke the kiss, all I wanted was more of her. She tasted so good, my God, I just wanted to do it all over again. The reason I stopped because I didn't know if I was making her uncomfortable or not…

"Why'd you stop?" Cindy asked.

"I just thought maybe it was…making you uncomfortable." Jimmy replied.

"No, in fact I'm completely comfortable. Why, are you uncomfortable?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, no, I'm fine. But can I ask you something?" Jimmy asked.

"Sure." Cindy said.

"Why'd you do it?" Jimmy asked.

"…because I like you a lot." Cindy began, then whispered in my ear with a devilish grin on her face, "You taste good."

Jimmy blushed a slight pink and kissed her neck.

"So do you." He replied.

"You can taste me everyday if you want to." Cindy replied.

"Really?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah…" Cindy looked into his eyes and blushed.

"Can I do it again?" Jimmy asked.

She didn't even answer. All she did was lean in and once again our lips met. Her hands went behind my head and I put mine around her waist, as we sat in the big chair, completely unaware of anything else around us. Like I said, love was one thing that I could never answer any questions to... but I guess some questions are meant to be left unanswered.

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