Yes it is short. But it didn't transition well with the rest of the story. I really am just making all of this up so I sound like I know what I am talking about. Email me at . if a beta reader is your thing. I don't know if this needs it, but I have never had a beta reader.

He apparated her to his apartment without any real conscience thinking, he just thought it had been a good idea. Him, a strange girl he had never met before in his life, and a million news papers claiming him to be a betrothed man, or worse this was his love mistress. What could possibly go wrong?

That's why he called his best mates on the fireplace to the moment he had her on the couch and out of his arms.

"RON!" Harry bellowed into his fireplace. "HALLO RON GET YOUR ARSE ON THE FIREPLACE!" Harry yelled hoping he wasn't disturbing anything to intimate that might be transgressing between his best friends.

"What the bloody hell, Harry?" Ron called from the other room and ran into the room while pulling a shirt over his shoulder. "Where's the bloody fire, and there better fucking not be one cause you are a wizard Harry, I don't need another Hermione on my hands."

"Ron, get over to my apartment immediately. And if Hermione is there-

"YES HARRY POTTER I AM HERE!" Hermione screamed walking into the room. "You better have some explanation for not being at the airport when I came to pick you up. You begged and guilted me for never showing any support for you and then I get there and guess who the bloody hell isn't there!"

"Uh.. sorry 'Mione.' Harry said ruffling his hair a bit. "But well you will understand tomorrow morning, but right now I need both of your guys's help."

"Oh shit Harry mate, what cha get into now?" Ron asked taking a seat.

"Jest get over here!" Harry said closing the floo line and walked back to the sitting room where his guest was lying. He heard to faint pops and a door opening.

"Jeez Hermione cant you get your directions down." Ron's mumbled voice said through the wall. "You are gonna kill me someday." He pulled her up from the floor and walked through the apartment.

"Harry what's the matter?" Hermione asked shaking off Ron's arm knowing that their relationship bothered Harry. Ever since they started dating, Harry couldn't help but feel like the third wheel and hated being around them. So he started talking to Ginny more and helped her with school and all sorts of different issues he would be talking to his so called best friends. But they were so busy sucking each other's face he couldn't get a word in edgewise or in return.

So after many hours of arguments and weeks of compromising they came to a solution, not public display of affection in front of Harry behind closed doors. In public they were allowed to what they wished but when it was just the three of them, then hands off.

Ron and Hermione found Harry standing in front of them with a finger to his lips and then motioned to the couch where a girl was laying.

"Oh bloody hell Harry what did you get yourself into?" Hermione cursed.