Authors Notes: Hahahaha…another story has popped out! YAY! I know there will be death glares because I have brought out another story and have yet to continue on with many others, but don't worry as soon as these up and coming stories are out I'll knuckle down and crank out some chapters for a bit of everything okay?

In any case this is in Misao's POV and of course its all about her and Aoshi-sama. Its AU, takes place in Tokyo as Misao begins work at a famous bakery…and her affections for the mastermind there begins to change over a small period of time. Enjoy!

# Onwards to the Story #

Glazed Affections

"Kaoru-chan, what the HELL am I going to do for money in this city?" I cried over the phone to my close friend, one of the only people I knew in Tokyo for the moment.

I'd just moved to Tokyo from Kyoto, much to the dismay of my grandfather, but I loved it here…well except for the zero cash flow. Gramps went on a rant about saying if I was moving away then I was to fend for myself, so here I am in dire need of a job to pay for my ever growing bills. Curse my usual obsessions, which require spending money! Anyway, he was just upset that I left him alone and I'm sure he'll come around to the fact that I'm actually happy in my decision, except for him being stingy that is!

"Calm down Misao-chan and lets think what you can do okay? You worked at your grandfather's restaurant right? So there's some customer service under your belt. You like kids since you're a big one yourself, so you could try a Day Care Centre."

"I'll ignore that remark Kaoru-chan and remember classes, morning, so day care is out. As for being a waitress, I guess that could be a possibility, but I was mainly at the Aoiya to make sure Jiya didn't scare any customers away with his perverted-ness." I heard Kaoru sigh on the other end and I'm sure she'd be looking around her apartment for the best man to solve my problem…her boyfriend Himura Kenshin. He knew the ins and outs of this damn city.

"AH, KENSHIN!" Pulling the receiver away from my ear at Kaoru's happy cries as obviously Kenshin had returned from wherever the hell he had gone. It wasn't long before I heard some shuffling noises and then his soft voice came over the receiver.

"Konnichiwa Misao-dono."

"Hey Himura, I'm in a bind, where's a good place to work?"

"You are starting college soon correct?"

"Yep and I need cash, big time!" I whined slightly trying to get him to move on with his suggestions instead of chit chat with me. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy and all, but damn can he ramble. It really was like 'oro this and oro that', but I never could get sick of him. He really was a sweet guy and that's what Kaoru-chan needed since I'm sure she wore the pants in that relationship, not that I'd tell her or anything. I'd get a kick up the butt for that one, but I don't even think Himura minded being ordered around.

"Well the Shirobeko and Akabeko are nice restaurants to try and find work at. Tae-dono and Sae-dono are really lovely ladies. My friend Sano eats there all the time an-"

"Himura, you're rambling again." See what I mean?

"Oro? Well my apologies Misao-dono. In any case if you walk the streets, the main ones of course, you are sure to find some nice places that are looking for help."

"Thanks Himura, tell Kaoru-chan I'll talk to her later."

"Not a problem Misao-dono and I'll let Kaoru know." Hanging up I shook my head. Such a polite guy, sometimes I wonder what he is doing with Kaoru-chan. She's kind of like me in the fact that she can be immature, rude and has a short temper.

"Okay Makimachi, let's go find yourself a job!" I chirped happily while pumping a fisted hand to the ceiling of my one bedroom flat. Looking at the clothes scattered across my double bed it was time to pick something better then torn shorts and shirt that I could still fit into even if it was from my old high school days. So what if I wasn't fully grown yet!

After about a ten minute decision I finally dressed into a pair of white denim jeans, which, god was my butt getting bigger? Ack! I must get back into some form of exercise soon. These can't be THAT tight! Well, after that horrifying discovery I placed on a black tank top and then threw on a slightly crinkled light blue top and did up the buttons. Bending over I placed on a pair of sandals, which had seen better days, but seriously, who would look at my feet?

Grabbing my Y-bag with a Tare Panda stitched onto it I headed out of the flat and down the three flights of stairs before strutting out of the apartment building and headed in the direction of the main city centre which happened to be a good hour walk away. Not a bad distance. I had to keep telling myself that it was good exercise that would help in the shaping and firming of my butt and upper thighs. I wasn't that cautious about my figure but you never know, one day I just might run into some really hot guy!

# An Hour Later #

Damn, I really could go for a drink right about now. Stupid damn warm weather pelting down my back…and I just HAD to go and wear black under my shirt too! ARGH!

A stopped when a breeze came and spread my arms and ignored the angered cries of fellow pedestrians as I took up quite a bit of the pathway doing this. Like I cared if I was annoying them. Did these people not realise how wonderful this breeze was? Then again I'm sure those lazy people drove in their flash cars with their conditioning and didn't know what an hour walk did to a person who was starving and thirsty.

A chime from across the street caught my attention and I noticed a woman and her two children walking out with donuts in their hands. Donuts, I want some too! It was settled. I was heading for that store. Running across the road when it was clear of mid morning traffic I looked up at the name before heading inside.

'Shinomori Delights'

I practically gasped in happiness as I saw two large drink machines on the right side wall and leapt towards it before pulling the door open on one to let some of the cool air hit my warm skin. Ah, this was heaven.

"If you are going to buy a drink, please pick one and close the door. The fridge is not a portable air-conditioner for you." I pouted at the serious baritone voice and shut the door before turning around to see…


Behind the counter was the sexiest guy I'd ever come across! And immediately I wanted to work here so I could just be near his royal sexiness.

He was tall, like over 6 foot, which is exceptionally tall in my standards. He was dressed in one of those long sleeved white with black buttons chef coats and it accentuated the fact that he had really broad shoulders. Not only that his face was finely chiseled and his spiky bangs fell mysteriously over glinting green eyes. I could see a little bit of the colouring and it suited him well. It gave him a bit of colour as he had shiny jet-black hair to boot. Oh, he was just so drool worthy. Even Kaoru-chan who was more into the feminine beauty that was Kenshin would be mesmerized by this stranger.

"Can I help you?" Snapping out of my ogling I finally moved to the counter and realized just how much taller he was then me. I was lucky that I just reached mid chest on him.

"Wow from the outside this place looks pretty old, but inside it looks brand new!" I heard myself remark. Great, now I just sounded like a idiot.

"While the outside keeps its heritage like appeal, the inside could never be like that. Technology you see?" I nodded dumbly at his explanation as I was hypnotized by his voice…and the fact that those green icy eyes of his were staring right at me.

"The name is kind of corny though. Don't you think?" He's stoic face did not change at that and in fact I watched as he turned his head, giving me a nice profile shot of himself as he gazed out the window.

"This is a family owned and operated business and has been this way since it opened, so I'm sorry you disapprove of my family's name so much."

"ACK!" I gasped out and watched his eyes return to my obviously horrified look. Dammit! Open mouth and insert foot. Good going Makimachi!

Scratching the back of my head I nervously laughed and gulped. Damn, I'd totally screwed this up, but what the hell, I might as well ask the guy anyway.

"Erm, are you by any chance hiring?"

"You insult my company and now you want a job?" I cringed slightly at his words and bowed my head before turning my ocean blue eyes to his semi hidden ones to place an excuse across and hoped to the gods he'd buy it.

"I just moved here from Kyoto and I really need a job to pay for my college tuition and my apartment bills and groceries and please, I promise to work really hard. I can do anything really! I've got previous customer service from my grandfather's restaurant back in Kyoto, I can get a reference from the chefs or other waitresses and…" I cut myself off and cursed silently in my mind. Damn, now I was sounding like Himura when he rambled on about pointless information.

"And…?" I heard his deep voice question me. Did he really want me to finish my lame excuse? Taking in a deep breath I ventured on.

"Please Sir, I'm sorry about mocking your name, I just really need a job."

"So you were making excuses then?" My eyes widened at his deadpan question and I lifted my arms up as I waved them nervously around while stuttering.

"N-No, no, no, I really do need the money. You see my gramps is all upset I left and so I have to fend for myself and so I need money really quickly because College is starting in the fall and I'll need to save as much as I can an-"

"You ramble a lot."

"Eh?" I blinked up at him.

"Do you know that?" Just staring up at him, I could swear I was falling deeply into those green pools of his and felt the heat rise in my cheeks at his comment.

"I guess I do…I'm sorry." I watched as he lifted a tanned hand to his forehead and I observed him rub his skin. Was I annoying him that much?

"When can you start?" Wait, did I just hear what I thought I heard? Blinking largely up at him I stood there for a good five minutes before shouting for joy.

"I GOT THE JOB! YATTAA!" It wasn't long before mysterious man, now my boss got an armful of me as I leapt onto the counter to hug him.


"Please get off the counter." I nearly fell off as his masculine voice fluttered to my ears and then the rational side of my brain kicked in as I flew off the counter, stumbling all the while and blushed a tomato red. A silent awkwardness grew between up, but finally it was broken…and by him this time.

"So, when can you start?"

"Um, whenever you need me, anytime…anything! Thank you so much! I won't let you down!" I watched his eyebrow raise at my determined voice though I'm sure the flush was still rushing across my cheeks. He was just…so mysterious…so big…and so warm.

"Fine, tomorrow at 4."

"Okay!" I spoke happily and watched as a slight curve moved over his usual frown. Did I…just make him smile?

"In the morning." And then…it finally hit me.


"Is that a decline?"

"No, I'll be here!"

"Well then, welcome aboard." I smiled as I took his outstretched hand in mine and shook it lightly. Oh, he was warm…and yet his outer shell seemed so cold.

"Thank you so much Mr…err…"

"Shinomori Aoshi…" Aoshi…what a nice name, must now repeat numerous times as not to forget. Aoshi…Aoshi…Aoshi-sama…wait, where did that come from?

"Makimachi Misao…" I confirmed my own name with him as well and were my eyes cheating me again or was that a little twitch of his lips once more? I wanted to peer longer up at him, but thought I better take my leave and tell Kaoru-chan the great news that I would be working for a hottie!

"Are you sure you'll be here by 4am?" Great he already had doubts about me and I hadn't even started!

"Don't you worry, I'll even be earlier then 4! Just you wait Shinomori-san, I'll make you proud!" I watched his eyebrow rise once more before I broke my hand from his. He was really started to do interesting things to my stomach.

"Here, to welcome you to the team." I watched as he brought out a jam filled donut and placed it on a bag for me to take. I swear my eyes would be sparkling as I looked down at the delicious donut. In seconds I swiped it from the benchtop and took a big bite.

"Oishii!" I muffled slightly…and then I froze in motion. His finger…his finger was…was right at the corner of my lips!

"You really are a messy eater, you know that?" I pouted at that, but watched his index finger pull away from my skin to reveal some jam. Ah, the horror! I'm such a baka!

"Ehehehe, well I better be going, but thanks again!" And with that I flew out of the shop and raced down the street. I didn't stop until I was on the next block. My heart pounded in my ears, not from the run (okay slightly from the run) but mostly for his unconscious actions of making me flush and making my stomach do summersaults.

"Aoshi Shinomori…" I muttered his name aloud before taking a deep breath and wondering the street some more…with a big grin on my face as well. Who would have thought I'd find work so fast…and then find him…and his shop…and work with him…and oh I can't wait!

Demo…four in the morning… Cries

# To Be Continued #