Glazed Affections

It was like I'd been sleeping on clouds while feathery touches grazed my bare skin, keeping me between asleep and awake, a very nice feeling indeed. However, those touches had ceased long ago and now, with eyes still closed my hand went out to the body beside me, wanting those feathery touches once more, but as usual I found there was nothing but cold sheets.

Snapping awake I blinked several times and gazed about the room. The blinds had been drawn open, but there wasn't much light anyway since it was an overcast day. Just like I had thought clothes were still strewn about the floor, the proceedings of last nights affair more confirmation of the bed I was in so it wasn't some fantasy dream, but even so reality struck me in the face as Aoshi was no where to be found.

"Wait a minute…" I mumbled to myself and sat up in the dull grey sheets on the bed and gazed out the window once more. Overcast…day…? CRAP! Leaping from the bed, nearly tripping over a set of sneakers I dashed from the bedroom and into the living room. Of course I stopped in my butt naked tracks as a pair of wide crinkled eyes belonging to a man I'd never seen before sitting in one of the plush chairs in Aoshi's apartment was staring back at me.

The supposed calm morning was broken instantly by me screaming my heart out at the top of my lungs…and still butt naked by the way.


Huffing heavily I raced down the streets of Tokyo, hair sloppily bound at the nape of my neck while I darted past many men and women. This overcast day was turning out to be such a pain in my ass…and even more so as I felt the first drops of rain hit my bare arms.

I was currently running flat out to Aoshi's bakery dressed in my pants and a couple of his shirts I'd turned into a makeshift top. Damn him for not waking me! And now I was late for work and only half clothed with my own clothing. Why I got involved with him I have no idea.

Skidding to a halt I darted into the bakery, listening to the door bell chime angrily away as I thrust it open and at the top of my lungs and with a store full of customers, I announced I had actually arrived.

"Misao, there is no need to yell." I darted my eyes to Aoshi who was just coming out of the back and just looking at him I knew why I'd gotten involved with him. He was as usual in his white baker's shirt, but there was no baker's hat covering his jet-black hair that I really wanted to drag my hands through. A thin sheen of sweat was against his forehead making some of the strands stick greedily against his tanned skin. Lucky strands… I wanted to be greedily stuck to his skin.

"Misao-san, konnichiwa…" I turned to look at the old man who could have been Jiya's brother for all I knew and happily smiled at him. "You are dressed oddly today." Ah crap, think of quick comment now before you blurt out the truth of having steamy hot sex with Aoshi the entire evening, waking up with him not being there and flashing all to an old guy in Aoshi's apartment that he neglected to tell you about.

"Ah, my new apartment has plumbing problems. One minute I was happily going about my morning and then a pipe burst!" Yeah, wait to go Makimachi, lay on the emotion nice and thick. There was a round of 'aww you poor thing' from the elderly customers and I continued on with my little white lie. "Yeah unfortunately this is all I could salvage so far. I hope nothing is too water stained."

"I'm sure Aoshi-san will make an exception for your tardiness."

"Yes, Misao rang me earlier about her misfortune so I remembered to drop by the Uniform Centre and pick up her new uniform. It's out the back waiting for you." Aoshi you sly dog. I moved under the counter, gave Aoshi a side-glance and headed out the back and into the small bathroom. I noticed, with a smile on my face, a small bathroom set had been bought just for me so I could look more presentable then what I was. Not only that he already knew my type of deodorant as well. Man, his observation skills were freaky.

Removing myself of the white button down shirt and black singlet I opened up the bag of belongings which had been resting on the toilet seat and blushed instantly. There inside on top of the black and white Shinomori Delights tank top was a plain black bra, my exact size and not padded! Damn, he brought me a bra already. This was really, really weird. How the hell was I going to thank him for that? Quickly donning my outfit I even had a new pair of trousers to place on as well. Glancing in the mirror for a final check over of my "new" look I opened the door of the bathroom and jerked back slightly as I met a "brick wall" which happened to be Aoshi waiting patiently for me.

"Does everything fit well?" I completely blushed at his question and nodded my head before diving under his arm and scurrying to the front. I couldn't bear to look at him. He now knew how small I was. Oh the shame of it all!

"Misao?" Jerking to a halt in my not very fast paced walk to get to the front I half turned around to look back at Aoshi and found him holding my apron in his right hand. Stiffly walking over I was ready to snatch it from his clutches, not wanting to look up into his knowing eyes but couldn't as his hand caught my chin, making me lift my eyes to his. Oh god, he was…touching me again, bringing back memories that needn't be here at work.

"You didn't answer my question." I pouted up at him even though my eyebrows scrunched together in slight anger at him.

"I'm not talking to you."


"For one could you maybe not leave without telling me you are going or even not leave at all, its so annoying waking up alone!" I watched him part his lips, I knowing it'll be along the lines of 'I have a business to run' but snapped at him once more. "And secondly, perhaps telling me that there is an old man living in your apartment would be very helpful so I wouldn't wake up the entire neighbourhood with my screaming my lungs out."

"Did something happen?"

"You mean other then me walking butt naked into your lounge room only to have a pair of crinkled eyes staring at me as though wondering who the hell I was!" I fumed once more and blinked up at Aoshi as a low chuckle broke from his lips.

"That's Genzai-sensei, he looks after Suzume and Ayame during the day for Megumi and does so in my apartment because it is more convenient for him. He is my neighbour, but doesn't have all the technology like I do so I let him use my place. The girls have free range to do as they please as long as nothing is broken and it helps them not to become bored as well."

"Yeah well all excuses aside Aoshi, tell me next time so I'll be prepared to not walk butt naked into a most embarrassing situation. It was so awkward to introduce myself after I fled the room and dove back into your bed for another half hour."

"So you want there to be next times?"


"Sumimasen!" Argh, damn customers breaking into our moment together! I snatched the apron away and tied it around my waist.

"I have to return your jacket after all." I winked at the silent Aoshi before plastering on a smile and walking out into the front. This was going to be another long day of trying to not touch Aoshi in front of prying eyes.


"Thank you for coming." I voiced mechanically as ever and closed the door after the young school lovers and locked it. Lucky bastards freely moving about, giggling and holding hands. Finally another working day down and yet it was disappointing because Aoshi and I had barely spoken a word to each other.

Glancing about the front area of the bakery, the drinks machine didn't require restocking for none of the soft drinks were out and we had a really good sale and most of the left over confectioneries could fit into a take away cake box. Once I sorted that out I cleaned everything up, disinfected the fridges and turned off the lights before walking to the back as Aoshi was finishing up with wiping down the benches out there. His white bakers shirt was gone and all he wore was leather pants, ooooooh yeah…and his muscle shirt of course.

"Do you want to go out Misao?"

"Eh?" I darted my head towards his direction as he held the plastic bag which would have mine and his clothing in it and the delivery door open as though silently telling me it was time to go.

"I said do you want to go out."

"Out as in like a date out?" I voiced as I walked past him, silently taking the bag from his hand and his car keys from his back pocket; oh the leather was good…and opened his jeep passenger side door after drooling over his firm buttocks.

"If that's what you want to call it sure." He mumbled as he bolted up the place and then moved to the driver's side where I leaned over and unlocked it for him. "It won't be a memorable date, but it'll be a relaxing walk around a park, if you like."

"I'd love to." And with that he reversed out of the alleyway and we headed not too far up the road and stopped in a curbside parking space and got out. As I looked around I thought I knew this area and without thinking quickly grabbed Aoshi's hand and darted towards a little known place which I thought sold good sandwiches.

"What are you doing?" Aoshi voiced, pulling on my hand as he glanced up at the sign of the shop that was still open.

"Getting a sandwich, they have good sandwiches here."

"I'm not walking in there, this happens to be a rival of Shinomori Delight's." Oooooooh, that's right. Stupid Misao, you forgot you work in a bakery. Mou!

"Well I'm hungry so I'll go in for you, cover me Shinomori!" I voiced jokingly and watched Aoshi silently glare at me as I opened the door and walked inside.


"My, my it's odd that someone who wears a shirt with that name would come in here." Nuts, I forgot I was still wearing my work shirt, since I did have a lack of Misao style clothing.

"Well I won't tell if you don't." I winked at the middle-aged man behind the counter and listened to him laugh.

"Don't worry, I'm honoured someone from Shinomori Delight's would even think of my little bakery. Did you know I once worked under Shinomori Senior before he passed on."

"Is that right? Well his son runs the company now."

"Yes I know, Aoshi-san is a very nice man."

"You mean, once you get to know him."

"It is hard for people to look behind his cold stare, but once you are there you'll realise he's just trying to do the best he can, in his own way of course."

"I've no doubt he does exactly that. Sometimes I'm sure he works himself to death, but its what happens when you wish to please your father I guess." I voiced while picking out some ham and salad rolls and two confectioneries as well.

"Yes I do agree. Even as a student under his father, Shinomori-san always said he was proud of Aoshi-san and it didn't matter what he would do in life." Hmm, I wonder if Aoshi knew this?

"Please give my regards to Aoshi-san once you see him. I haven't spoken to him in a decade, we've both been extremely busy over the years." The man voiced with a smile on his face and I nodded my head as I left the shop.


I found Aoshi leaning against the brick wall of the shop next door to it.

"That man knows you, do you know that?" Icy eyes glanced my way before Aoshi pushed off the wall, arms folded against his chest as we walked across the road and into the park. We walked on in silence and while I munched happily away on my ham and salad sandwich, Aoshi seemed to stare at his in the paper bag as though it was growing fungus.

"You know on dates you eat what your date buys you." Once more his eyes darted to mine and I plopped down on a park bench, one ankle crossed casually over the other. "It won't hurt you Aoshi, besides you might like it." I watched as Aoshi almost tentatively took a bite of it before he sat beside me, eyes gazing at the lake in the park.

It felt like forever as Aoshi finally finished off the last bite and I couldn't help but clap when he finally swallowed it down. His narrowed eyes were glancing my way and I huffed lightly and folded my arms.

"Man you are such a party pooper you know that?"

"I am not." Great, this date was starting off really well, not!

"So Aoshi, when is your birthday?"

"What kind of question is that…and what is that?" I followed his pointing finger down to the cake I had been holding as well as a jam and cream bun.

"Its dessert you idiot, what does it look like? And I asked that question because I want to know more about you."

"It looks like its been tossed into the bag and shaken around by a six year old."

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" I had voiced loudly as I glared over at him before shoving the cake into his hand.

"I never said you were the six year old, but that isn't good presentation."

"Shut up and eat it." I fumed and took a bite of the jam and cream bun, a cream blob sticking to the side of my mouth. "God I'd hate to go to a restaurant with you, you'd complain the entire time." I mumbled more to myself and stuck my tongue out to get to the cream only to have been intervened by a certain index finger belonging to Aoshi.

"I've never been on a date like this before."

"So my cheap dates don't mount up to lavish expensive ones huh?" What the hell was I getting so worked up about?

"What?" And it seemed even Aoshi had no idea what the hell I was on about either.

"Forget it…" I mumbled and bit into the bun one more, cinnamon sugar coating my lips as I stood up and away from the park bench as I didn't want to sit by him for some reason. It had to be the bun mucking up my system, I'd never move away from his sexy lean body.

"You want to voice something Misao, so do so. You have the entire park to scream your little heart out if you must."

"Argh that's it! I can't take this anymore." And with that I threw the rest of the bun, which connected right into Aoshi's chest, cream and jam coating his plain black shirt before it fell right on top of the slice of cake I'd bought for him. With blood boiling and fits clenched I let it rip. "I can't believe you're acting so casual about all of this. You asked me to the park remember? So I would presume you have something on your mind and now you just have to be your cold self and incapable of answering a simple question of when your birthday is!" Good going Makimachi, show him your childish temperamental side, way to get him to want to bang you again.

"I'll add a new shirt onto the carton of eggs list." What? How dare he just be so…so…argh! I watched while still fuming as he stood up, the confectioneries lying on the bench as he stepped towards me, a straight look on his face so I couldn't decipher whether he was amused or mad.

"If you want a relationship buddy, you've got to do more then ju-" Lips fell upon mine and my words were lost to me as I stared up into smouldering ice green eyes. A long arm snaked around my body as Aoshi pulled me close while his lips pried mine open and I drowned within his experience at always winning me over. With half lidded eyes I felt saliva coated lips leave mine as Aoshi pulled softly away.

"I've been thinking about doing that ever since I left you this morning." Ooooooh curse him and his husky voice, his warm breath blowing sensually into my ear before his warm tongue caressed the sensitive skin at my neck. My legs grew weak then and I pathetically clutched at him.

"Damn you…" I murmured slightly and watched him let go of me as he sat down and picked up the cake he'd forgotten and I'd forgotten about and he finally took a bite of it.

"Happy now?" He voiced darkly as his eyebrows drew together in distaste. "My cakes are better, in case you were wondering."

"I love your buns better too." I voiced without thinking and felt my cheeks heat up at the implication of those words and because Aoshi arched his eyebrow in my direction. "I'm still not forgiving you!" I snapped and stormed off towards the lake.

"If you fell in and I rescued you, would you forgive me then?"

"What kind of stupid question is that? The only way I'd fall in is if you pushed me in and then I'd be even angrier with you and that's even with the rescue too!" I listened to Aoshi sigh behind me and felt satisfied that for once I was not submitting to him. Though the image of a wet Aoshi was very tempting to see.

"I would be wet." Damn him! Don't fold to him Misao! And so I continued to fume even though the pleasant image of Aoshi wet was rolling nicely within my mind. His leather pants would fuse against his legs and his shirt would outline more of his sumptuous muscles on his chest. His hair, that agonisingly soft hair would be plastered to his handsome face, free for me to brush away so I could fully look into that heated gaze of his. And then, because he'd be drenched wet, his shirt would need to be taken off, so he wouldn't catch a cold either and…

"Stupid hentai mind…" I grumbled to myself blocking off the image of Aoshi stripping.

"What was that?" My eyes grew wide and a gasp escaped my lips, as Aoshi's were planted right at my ear, his warm body right behind mine, so close, yet so far as he didn't once touch me at all. Just to make matters worse I felt my body shiver in anticipation at what could have happened this evening if I hadn't been arguing with him. "Are you cold Misao?" My head lulled forward as his warm breath fanned across the back of it and Aoshi took this as a 'yes' and instantly his arms wound around me, securely trapping me within his embrace.

"This is…nice." I couldn't help but murmur. Maybe something as simple as a hug like this, as though Aoshi and I were truly boyfriend and girlfriend and not just sporadic lovers was what I had wanted since the first time we slept together. Was I really that simple minded?

"I should drop you home, it's been a long day." And just like that the romantic image of us by the lake was shattered. With a frown on my lips Aoshi directed me back to his car. Well at least he was holding my hand…I guess.


"I'll see you tomorrow." He voiced and as soon as I closed the door of his jeep Aoshi instantly pulled away from the curb and headed off. With head bowed as I made my way towards the lift, I knew I'd blown it.

"Damn, there goes the best damn guy I'll ever lay." I mumbled to myself and hit the floor my apartment was on.

Stepping into my apartment it was as though destiny or fate hated me and decided to throw me a curve ball as my now bare feet came in contact with a soggy wet carpet. I dashed into the bathroom to find that my little white lie had turned into reality as water sprayed everywhere. Just standing ankle deep in water in the clogged up bathroom I let it rip.



Standing in front of a door I thought I wouldn't be seeing for quite some time yet I knocked a couple times on it and waited patiently. It wasn't long before I heard the chain and the lock go and the door opened only to reveal…

"Can I help you?" My wide eyes stared at a beautiful lady with brown hair in a bun and several locks falling towards her shoulders. She was dressed traditionally in a kimono and blinking silently at me, as I stood there stupidly with mouth hanging open.

"Who is it Tae?" I heard Aoshi's voice from somewhere down the hallway, in the kitchen or living room I presumed.

"It's a young lady Aoshi-kun." Kun? Where the hell does she get off calling him 'kun'? With eyes still wide and lips still parted I watched as this 'Tae' move away from the door as Aoshi opened it further up.

"Misao, what are you doing here?" His voice was too damn calm as I'd just caught him doing whatever he was doing with Miss Kimono here! I observed his eyes move down to the duffel bag over my shoulder before moving back up to my face and finally I got my mouth moving.

"The plumbing in my bathroom burst…for real this time." I watched the woman's slim eyebrows fold together, not having a single clue what I was talking about. "Do you think I could camp here for a few days? I don't want to annoy Kaoru with her having her new baby and all."

"Come inside." Was all that he voiced as I stepped in, feeling a little weird as I made my way to the lounge room and sat down with this Tae standing right next to Aoshi. Damn her for being pretty and taller then me as well. And I won't even get started on her bust size either!

"Misao this is Tae." Aoshi decided to vaguely introduce us and she was one hell of a sophisticated woman as she formally bowed before me, so quickly I stood up and awkwardly did the same.

"I'll leave the two of you be." She voiced and let herself out as she held a white envelope in her hands and as soon as I heard the door close I turned my eyes to stare up at Aoshi.

"You are wearing my jacket." He voiced as I had been wearing it after all. While I dashed about angrily picking a few things up to throw into the bag I remembered to take it as well.

"Are you avoiding the subject of me eventually asking who Miss Kimono truly is to you?"

"Are you jealous of her Misao? You only just met her."

"Don't avoid my question!"

"Tae is my landlord." I parted my lips ready to snap at him but I closed them shut as I noticed several things. There was no food around so they weren't having dinner together and also he wouldn't be dressed in his leather pants and now a light blue shirt if they were about to partake in sex as well. And then it hit me, the white envelope; she'd come for his rent money. Argh, Makimachi you stupid, stupid girl!

"I'm sorry…" I mumbled and sat back down, by duffel bag dropping to the carpet at my feet.

"Was anything damaged in your place?" I shook my head, still staring at my lap.

"Just the carpet and the entire bathroom. I gave my landlord an earful and then stormed out with only this bag. I didn't even bring a towel or anything…or even any bedding for that matter. I guess I'm forgetful when I get pissed off."

"Aa…" Bastard, I can't believe he answered that truthfully…and too damn quickly!

"Look I'll go if you don't want to be disturbed." I stood up but as I went to grab my duffel bag Aoshi's hand stopped mine.

"I hate when you play the 'I'm so lost, please help me' routine. I cannot resist it."

"Eh?" I gazed up at him, our lips so damn close but there was a tug at my heart when he pulled away from me and collected my bag as he headed for his bedroom.

"Ah, um, where will you sleep if you are placing my things in your room?" I voiced meekly, not wanting to hear his answer of 'on the couch'.

"In here, where else?" My heart skipped a beat at his answer and the perplexed look on his face. "Do you not want to be toge-" I'd run to him by now, my heart beating heavily as I thrust myself into his arms, lips seeking out his as I kissed him a hundred times over. I had thought, because of the arguing he didn't want to be with me anymore. There were so many things we didn't know about each other, but there was no denying the sexual vibes we had for each other.

The jacket fell to the floor and then all I could hear was not clothes being shifted away but moans, my moans breaking from my lips as I was once again in Aoshi's hands. It was bare skin against bare skin, gliding fast and sensually together as one. Groans, his groans croaking out my name, only my name as I wrapped my legs around his waist, his tempo going faster and faster. This was bliss, this was…heaven in Aoshi. This was…all about us.


"January…" Came the rumble from beneath my ear as I half lay against Aoshi's chest, my ear listening to his strong heartbeat once more.

"Mm, what's that?" I commented in a sleepy voice as Aoshi's hand was once again running sensually up and down my spine.

"My birthday is in January." I peeled my eyes opened and leaned up to look down at him. His eyes were closed and his bangs were brushed away from his eyes. Leaning down I couldn't help but plant kisses against his forehead, both cheeks, the tip of his nose and then settled on his sensuous lips.

"Aoshi?" I voiced and watched his eyelids lift open, allowing me to gaze down into his icy pools which mesmerised my blue orbs, almost making me forget what I was about to say to him. "When I go to Toudai next year, to start my studies, on my days off can I still work at Shinomori Delight's?"


"Do you promise to get help when I'm not there?" I watched him tilt his head slightly, his black hair strewn all over the white linen of his pillow covers. God he was such a beautiful man! "I don't want you working yourself to death."


"And do you promise to close on Sundays so we can spend time together?" Turn on the pout Makimachi, you now know he cannot resist that look. I listened to him sigh as my chest was drawn over his as I stared him straight in the face not wanting to break eye contact with him.


"And do you really want to try and see if we can have a more normal relationship which isn't solely passed on sex?"

"You do not like it?"

"Well I didn't say that…" I voiced honestly while feeling my cheeks turn a rosy pink. How could I lie when my moaning and groaning and begging for more was answer enough for him? "I have one more question for you before you drift off to sleep?"

"And that is?"

"Will you be my boyfriend?" Aoshi's fingers caressed my cheek as he gave me one of his 'I'm-so-damn-sexy-when-dishevelled-and-butt-naked' smiles as he pulled my lips to his for a shallow but rather sweet kiss.

"I'd like that Misao." Thank god it wasn't an 'aa' I would have smacked him for that.

I placed my head back down onto his chest as his arm went back to sending butterflies circling in my stomach with his little caresses up and down my spine.

"Ne Aoshi?" I new I just had to say this even if I couldn't to his face.

"What is it?"

"The bakery sure is right you know?"

"About what?" Taking a deep breath I let it flow, even though I started giggling afterwards.

"Shinomori sure does delight!" A gasp escaped my lips as I found myself under Aoshi and his steamy eyes focused right onto my blushing face, emotions flicking heavily through them.

"How long have you wanted to say that?"

"Ummm…" I could never finish as a certain hand decided to stroke my eager flesh once more making me moan instead.

"I'll show you…just how much I can delight." I arched into Aoshi, lips parted open as he gave me an open mouth kiss, so hot, so intense that I felt I could faint any moment. Daaaaaaaaaamn he was too good to be true and apparently…he was all mine.

Hehehehe…mine, my Aoshi-sama. I did like the ring to that! Ooooooooooooh…

Moving to Tokyo was the best ever!

Xx The End xX

Authors Notes: Finished, caput, thrown to bed! Well I tried my best, it probably won't be good or as good as I hoped for, but I think there was still some pervy thoughts for Misao in there. I haven't had an Aoshi fixation in ages, so I'm hentai deprived. And then there was Yahoo deleting SLAO, which I've been deeply cut up about. Long story, you don't want to hear it, so I'll just leave it be. Oh and people asked for a sequel and sorry to say this but, No way in hell! Sorry, I've got too many neglected stories as is, so I won't do a sequel to this at all. Gomen ne…

20 Days and counting till I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee from the asshole end of the Earth. AKA: Shin is moving from her rat-shit hometown to head interstate! Though she'll be internet-less and computer-less which will be a major crime to her and therefore no more stories…for awhile.