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Killing two birds with one stone

King Jonathan glanced around the room filled with all the important people in Tortall.

He cleared his throat and began "As you know, we have finally made peace with the Yarmanis and we are going to go on a two year progress. I think that we should use this as a chance to kill two birds with one stone" he surveyed the room and saw many confused faces. "We all know that our relationship with the Copper Isles has been very unstable ever since one of their princess, a possible heir I hear, was killed by our champion. Now all that can be changed. How you ask? The Copper Isles have a new ruler!" The room was suddenly filled with murmurs and questions.

"Silence!" Alanna bellowed.

"Thank you Alanna, now then, a new ruler means a fresh start. Now then, the ruler is about 16 years old and will soon be looking for a bride. We assume that it is a male King and not a female Queen as the Copper Isles seem to favour male rulers over female rulers. If we were to have an arranged marriage between princess Kalasin and the new King, well Tortall would really be on fire! No Gary that is a good thing, I picked up that phrase in Marin."

Meanwhile in the Copper Isles

"Well, princess Alicia, your coronation is in fifteen days and all you can do is mope because your Uncle died before he could give you a pony. Hello, your going to be a Queen, you can probably buy yourself a whole country full of ponies!" Countess Aurelia, daughter of Duke Diamond Jones, was Alicia's best friend and was given the hard task of making sure that Lish (AN: Another nickname for Aliciandra) was ready and on time for the coronation. It was going to be in fifteen days and there were so many things to do it just wasn't funny.

"Yeah but it's not the pony that bothers me so much as the fact that in two months time I'm going to have to marry King Maggot, and tell the people of Tortall that I'm actually a woman and wouldn't like to marry Princess Kalasin" Alicia sighed in a way that seemed to suggest that she was poor helpless victim rather then the soon to be Queen of the Copper Isles and Scanra.

"Lish, I told you not to call him that, you know how much he dislikes it" Aurelia told of her best friend. Alicia didn't seem to mind at all and had a wicked grin playing on her lips as she remembered when she first used that nickname. There had been a special ball to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and 'Maggot' decided to give her a friendly birthday snog, he cornered her against the wall and so she did the only thing that she could think of. She hit him in the balls and screamed "Get off me you great big maggot.". Within two days days the whole of the Copper Isles had heard about it, within two weeks all the countries who knew of Scanra had heard about it, in about a month everyone including this writer forgot his real name and decided to call him King M. (A/N: I cant be bothered to go and find out what his name ad how to spell it but if anyone s reading this I would really appreciate it if you could tell me.) Alicia couldn't help but smile as this was only a U rated description.

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