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The Mystic Nights Chapter 1

"We attack in 5 months, to wait for the leader. Got it," demanded a
shadowy figure. "Yes sir," remarks his assistant. 'Soon phoenix we
will meet again and we'll have our revenge HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,' thought
the commander.

'They're coming, I sense it. The world will once again fall into
chaos if I don't this revenge war. Oh Keith. Ly, Cyle I need ya
guys if only you can come back.' thought Relena. "Hey Relena,
snap out of it, colony and earth to Miss Peacecraft, come in!"
yelled Hilde. Relena blinked, "oh sorry I guess I was in a
different place." "Yeah, you're always in a different place since
Heero and Duo told us they're lovers. Oops sorry Hilde, " replied
Midii. "It's okay I already accepted the fact. Hey look there's
G boys," answered Hilde.

"Hey Hilde, how ya doin'," asked Duo. "Fine, Duo." "Trorwaaaa!"
yelled Midii as she hugged her boyfriend. "Hey Midii," replied
Trowa. "Hi Heero, Quatre, Wufei," said Relena."Hn," replied Heero
(AN: Even as Duo as a lover he's still silent). "Hello Miss
Relena," replied Quatre. All Wufei did was snorted his reply. "And
a Hello to Mister Justice and hater of Onnas." Replied Hilde, "Hey
Quatre where's Dorothy?" "Oh She's with Sally, Noin, and Lady Une
at the mall. What are you gals doing here?"

"Oh we were shopping at the side shops looking for some things."
Replied Midii. "What are you guys doing here anyway?" asked
Relena. "Oh we ran out of some supplies and there is a place where
you can them very cheap." "That explains you guys except Wufei.
So Wufei why are you with them?" "To pick up my sword that was being
sharpened yesterday, Darlian. Darlian aren't you suppose to be
working?" replied Wufei. "Oh I have a day off today. Hey why don't ya
guys go shopping together? I have some things to take care off."
Said Relena. "OK," said everyone. As Relena was walking away she thought,
'Alright now that's taken care off, now to find that music shop and K and L.'

"Hey you guys why don't we follow her. It's very unusual for her to go
somewhere without telling, we're her best friends for heaven's sake."
Said Hilde. "Alright, Hilde. Oh Hilde can I talk to ya in private for
a sec." Said Duo. "Sure. But first whose coming?" "I am," chorused everyone
except Wufei and Heero and of course Trowa who just nodded. "Heero, Wufei you
coming?" asked Quatre. "No all I said earlier was 'I'm just getting my sword
and that's it'," said Wufei. "Hai," replied Heero. As Wufei walked away, Hilde
and Duo were going to an abandon alley to talk, while the others were waiting.
"Hilde are we still friends?" asked Duo after five minutes of silence. "Of
course, Baka." replied Hilde, "Now let's go with the others to stalk Relena."

As they others were follow Relena who didn't notice. She stopped in front of
a small music shop and stepped in. The others stayed outside only to be partly
seen from behind the window frame. "Get me K and L now!" yelled Relena at the
cashier. As the cashier went to the back room, Relena looked around and thought,
'It's been a while since I lasted been here. This place brings a whole lot of
memories. I should grab my guitar too, probably go solo and begin another career
as a singer. Hmmm.' Just then an old woman and man came in from the back room and
one of the cleared their throat and Relena was pulled from her thoughts and said,
"Hello K, L." "Hello Le, What brings you here?" asked the 54 year old woman known
as L. "Yes what brings you here Le," said the 55 year old man known as K. "Let's
talk some where private. Alright?" said Relena.

"OK," said K and they went to the back room. Duo mouthed to the others," What are
they doing?" "Now Le, Why are you here?" asked K. "Well this afternoon I sense that
our enemy from the last alien war are back for revenge. I wanted to know if they are
already in this system and if they already conquered HQ." Replied Relena. "Let me
check." Replied L. After a few minutes of hacking on a huge computer of the rather
large underground room with 4 mobile suits, 4 vehicles, and at least a garage or two.

L said, "The answers to those questions are yes. So you better start training Le.
Anything else?" "Yes can I have my old guitar and case?" asked Relena. "Sure, and we'll
see you in a month for some new equipment." replied K. "Alright," said Relena as she got
her guitar and headed to the front door, "Sayonara!" "Bye," said K and L. When she notice
Hilde and the others trying to hide she said, "Why were you guys following me? Oh never
mind let's go home It's 7:00 p.m." "Hey 'jousan what in the case," asked Duo. "Oh just a
new guitar," said Relena.

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