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Mystic Nights Chapter 3

Relena snapped open her eyes and bolted to a sitting position. Sweat covered her entire forehead; her breathing was ragged as if she just had been choking.

'Why I'm I having that dream about the deaths of my friends,' she thought.

She looked at her clock to see it was 3 am.

'I need a drink and maybe start training since I don't think I can sleep again. Maybe play a little soccer while I'm at it'

Relena got dressed in a short, a tank top, a windbreak jacket, and had shin guards on her legs. She put on some soccer shoes and brought along pair running shoes and her soccer ball. All her other stuff was already outside. So she teleported to the kitchen to grab a drink and then teleported to a near yet far from sight lake with a clearing and cave. She started to do some drills while trying to sort why she was having that dream.


Heero was wide-awake at the 4:00 in the morning also trying to figure a dream that was similar to Relena's dream but had a person telling him to remember and help her and who was also calling him koishi.

'Who is she and why did every time I try to come to her, she always goes away? She might have looked male but still look like a woman.' he thought.


"Cyle, Cyle, Ccaayle help me. Help me Cyle, help me fight, save me, love me. I need you, come to me."

"Who are you and my name's Duo not Cyle," I said, 'Who is she and why is she familiar. Why does she call me Cyle.'

"You're the reborn person of Cyle of the war 18 years ago. My name's Lila Ly McCoy and we are now needed again. Le and Keith will help too. More will be revealed and know that I'm also reborn and that you and Heero aren't supposed to be together," said the figure, "Goooooodddddbbbbbyyyyyeeee."

"Hey don't leave me alone!" I yelled.


Hilde bolted to a sitting position. Why was she calling Duo, Cyle and what war was she referring to?

'It's like I was taken over by some spirit. I wonder if Duo had the same dream too. Oh well back to sleep with me,' she thought.



Relena was dribbling the soccer ball until 5 in the morning when she decided to start her normal training. She went to the cave at the other end of the lake. She started to test if her Tidal Wave of Destiny was still at full power in a simulator of the last battle. Try as she might she couldn't find and alternative way to save her friends. She did this because she could learn from it and stop it from happening again.

Her other attacks and reflexes are still good as the last time she put on the uniform. The black and blue spandex sleeveless flight suit with a trench coat. Her phoenix pet, Flame Thunder gazed at her master meditating, sensing the power released from her body as it spread to create a force so powerful no one but Flame, the other guardians, and all that was good can survive. Suddenly, Relena jolted out of her meditation panting.

"They're here I know it. The dream……it was telling me they'll attack in 5 months. I have to leave soon but not now in four months"


Morning 9:00 A.M.

"Hey Lena, your up early." said Midii.

"I know, I was taking a walk at 6 am."

"Morning Duo, Heero, Trowa, Quatre, Hilde," reply Midii.

"Morning," said Relena.

"Here's breakfast, Miss Relena," reply a servant with a tray of food with others following him.

"Thank you, Jon. Hilde, Midii I have a meeting soon and can ya drive boys home."

"Sure Relena. We'll be glad to," said Hilde.

"Fine with us," speak for everyone was Quatre.

"Well sayonara," said Relena as she left to get to her car. (AN: She all ready change to the Sank Uniform at 8 am.

Author Notes
Sayonara = goodbye
Koishi = love

Sorry it late. I hope you understand this one. The next one will be a day before Relena runs away to train. Wait at least a month for the next one, I have bad grades in school so I'm grounded. Be nice this is my first fiction.