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Heero's Dilemma

He protected her day and night
He lived in darkness, her in light
The world is at peace not war
It's thanks to her for
She is the dove of light
He is her dark angel of hope
She thinks of him every night
With a glimmers of hope
That he might come back one night
Either in the shadows or light
In the shadows he hides
In the past he did suicide
He's the perfect solider of war
He loved her since the OZ war
When they met he fell ill
He was suppose to kill
No matter how many times he tried
He couldn't kill her during any of the those times
Complete opposites yet perfect together
As if made for each other
He is in her dreams as she is in his
When will he realized this
Is his last chance to feel?
Will he ever be healed?
By the love as powerful as hers
Yet he yearns for a cure
He know he doesn't deserve her in his life
But he wants her to be his wife
Gathering the courage he needs in order to face he head out to her place
Up the wall he scales to her room
When in the room he roams
To everything that was in this place
Now is the time to meet her face to face

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