Ok i really wanted to do a story based on sg-1 in high school. In most of the highschool stories i've read, Sam's always been the new girl but i've decided to make Jack the new kid. I got the idea whilst watching 'The OC' this morning.

Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate or any of its characters. I do own this story though.

New Kid On The Block

Jack O'neill pulled up outside his new school. He took a look around, the people didn't look to much of a bad crowd and like his parents said this is one of the best schools around. He chained his bike to the rails.


Jack turned around at a chirpy little voice behind him.

"You new?"

"Sure am. Names Jack"

Jack extended his hand. Daniel took it.


"Mum will be proud. I've made a friend already."

Jack smiled at Daniel. They started walking as soon as Daniel chained his bike safely...

"So what form you in?"


Jack fidgeted with a piece of paper.


"Same here. He's pretty cool but the principle is an ass."

"Yeah we type of fell out when i met him with my parents"


Jack scratched his head.

"I broke his laptop"

Daniel broke down laughing. They walked into the massive building.

"Hey T"

A huge guy walked over to Daniel and Jack.

"Hi Daniel"

"T id like you to meet Jack O'neill all the way from....actually i don't know where your from"

Jack smiled.

"I don't really come from anywhere"

Just as Daniel was about to speak a soccor player jumped straight on him.


"Oh sor....oh it's you well im not sorry"

"Hi Graham."

"Did i say you could speak to me geek?"

Jack grabbed Graham by the shoulders and backed him against the lockers.

"Don't call him a geek"

"Hey four eyes has a new bodyguard"

Jack slammed him harder.


"Jack just leave it"

Jack reluctantly let go and helped Daniel up.

"You just made a mistake new-boy."

"Well it's one of my best mistakes"

Graham brushed him off and walked off to his group.

"Who the hell is he?"

"Graham Simmons. He's the most popular kid in the school, you know the story typical rich kid."

Jack glared at him.

"Come on. Let's get to class"

The three guys walked into 10H, their form room.

"God i hate jerks like that"

"Yeah well, i've dealt with them most of my life."

Jack looked at the door where Simmons and his gang walked in. His jaw dropped at the next image.

"Samantha Carter. The only actual descent popular person"

"and Janet"

"Daniel you've gotta let it drop. Move on"

"Teal'c i see her everyday. She's my next door neighbour."

Jack took his eyes away from Sam and looked at the two guys.

"So how well do you know Sam?"

"Well, she's Janet's next door neighbour. She's head cheerleader"

"But she's also very intelligent and doesn't turn her nose up at everyone."

"Now she is what i call stunning."

"Yeah, you and most of the guys in this school."

Sam looked behind her and saw Jack, she smiled at him.

"Hiya babe"

Sam looked up and saw Graham.


Graham kissed her on the lips but she pulled away.

"What's wrong?"

"I'd like to keep my breakfast"

Graham looked at Janet.

"Has she been like this all morning?"

Janet shook her head.

"Maybe it's because you stick your tongue down her throat at every given chance"

Graham chucked his hands up.


Mr.Hammond walked into the classroom.

"Alright everyone take you seats"

Sam walked over to a desk near Jack and sat down. Janet instantly followed.

"Where's Mr.Kawalsky and Mr.Ferreti?"

"Right here"

They said in unison as they walked through the class door. They took their normal seats next to Daniel and Teal'c.



"Kawalsky. This is Ferreti."


Hammond shifted a little in his chair.

"Now that were all here maybe we could get on"

Kawalsky and Ferreti saluted Hammond.

(History Lesson)

"Oh Oh....i know"

"Jackson we know you know the answer but will you give someone else a chance."

"Yes Mr.Anubis"

Sam raised her hand.


"The God of music wasn't a God, infact she was a goddess and her name was Hathor"

"Thankyou Miss.Carter"

Jack stared at Sam. Kawalsky nudged him.

"She's the one girl in this school who counts as off limits"

Ferreti butted in.

"As far as everyone's concerned she's property of Graham Simmons"

"She's not a piece of property. Anyway what's an intelligent and beautiful girl like her doing with a idiot like him?"

"They've been together off and on for 3 years. She's dated a few guys, she even kissed Kawalsky once"


Daniel smiled.

"Does it really count if it was a game of spin the bottle?"

"She still kissed me which is more than i can say for you and Janet"

Daniel chucked his history book at Kawalsky. The bell blared through the classroom. Teal'c chucked his stuff in his bag quickly.

"What's with him?"

"Lunch is my fave time of the day."

The boys walked slowly behind Teal'c who was practically pushing everyone out of the way to get to the canteen.

"My dinnerlady Doris you are looking lovely today"

Doris blushed.

"My aren't you a cheeky one."

Doris sneaked an extra portion of fries onto Tealc's plate.

"Did you see that?"

"He does it everyday"

The guys picked a quiet little table in the corner of the lunchroom.

"Is this seat taken?"

Jack looked up followed by Daniel.

"Hey barbie"

"Shut-up Louis"

"My name's not Louis it's Ferreti"

Sam sat down next to Daniel.

"You don't mind if me and Janet join you?"

"Ofc..ofcourse not"

Janet smiled and sat next to Jack, opposite Daniel.

"Im Sam"


"Why do all the teachers call you Jonathan?"

"Umm Janet it's his real name."

"Oh. So it's not Jack?"

Sam and Jack laughed.

"No, that's just my nickname"

"So what do you guys do around here for fun?"

"Most of the guys play a sport. Soccer tends to be the favourite around here"

"I love soccer. I was captain at my last school and ice hockey."

Janet jumped.

"Wow. Sam's boyfriend Graham is the captain of those here"

Sam made eye contact with Jack.

"Grahams a lucky guy"

Sam blushed slightly.

"You should try out for the new teams. Me and Janet are the cheerleaders."

"You could try out with us. Well Ferreti's already on both but that doesn't stop you trying out with me and T"

"Sure, why not"

Everything went silent on the table.

"Hey Daniel, listen im not very good at the whole Egypt history thing, i was wondering if you could come over my house every wednesday and maybe study with me?"

Daniel looked at Janet shocked.

"You..wa..want me to hel..help you?"

Janet smiled.


"Umm sure. Id love too"


Daniel floated off too cloud nine.

"Oh Sam we should get to practise"


Sam and Janet stood up.

"It was nice meeting you Jack"

"Same here"

"Bye guys"

Sam waved.


Jack and Daniel watched the girls walk off. Teal'c stood up.

"I need more fries"