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"Right everyone take a seat. Don't make me get my baseball bat out."

Everyone in George Hammond's class took their seats. It may have been 4 days since prom but everyone was still buzzing with gossip. Hammond cleared his throat signalling to everyone that he was ready to begin.

"50 years from now, children your age will be watching videos made from this year. In fact they'll be sitting in those seats your currently occupying.."

Ferreti leaned back on his, bending one of the legs slightly.

"I wouldn't count on that."

"As I was saying. The videos they watch are going to be of you. Each one of you in this class is going to make a film. It only has to be about 10 minutes. The film is going to be about your life and that film will go into a time capsule."

There was a mixed reaction in the room. There were some groans and some cheers.

"Can we make a sex tape?"

"Well, Mr.Makepeace, if you want your grandkids to see your ass and you having sex with a girl you probably wont remember in 5 months let alone 50 years, then sure go ahead. I'll be dead so it doesn't bother me."

Makepeace looked over at Janet. Daniel caught him and wrapped his arm around Janet. When it came to Janet, Daniel didn't care who he had to stand up too.
Jack leaned into Sam.

"You know Makepeace has some good ideas now and again."

"Yeah right. You wish."


Kawalsky walked into class with a huge smile on his face and lipstick covered lips. Jack and Ferreti stared at him as he took his place.

"Why are you late Mr.Kawalsky?"

"I was occupied sir."

Jack smiled.

"Kawalsky, you do know only women are meant to wear lipstick?"

"You're a very funny guy, you know that?"



Jack placed two pencils in his mouth and turned to face Sam. She smiled and took one of them out of his mouth.

"Thank you."

"Now i'm only a woolly mammoth with 1 tooth."

The teacher looked over at Jack.

"Mr.O'neill, do you intend on doing any work today?"

"'Not at the moment but my mood could change."

The teacher shook his head.

"I think you need to move to the front and sit next to Graham."

The pencil fell out of Jacks mouth.

"No frigging way."


Jack leaned back in his chair.

"Fine. I'll just move Miss.Carter instead. Miss.Carter will you come sit by Mr.Simmons please."

Graham looked back and smiled. Jack grabbed his book and pencil case.

"On second thoughts, maybe being at the front will help me work."

Sam smiled gratefully at Jack. Jack dropped his book on the desk and pulled his seat to the very end of the desk, putting as much distance between him and Graham as possible.

(Kawalsky's Video)

"Hey world. My name is Charles Kawalsky and by the time you see this I will probably be President of the world. Mwahahaha!"

Kawalsky turns the video camera around.

"That is my best friend. Louis Ferreti. Despite rumours, me and him are not gay. Believe me."

Kawalsky turned the camera back round to face him.

"Oh, by the way. If Miss.Weir is still here or anyone knows her, I slept with her."


Jack shook his pen.

"Damn it. I think the ink has run out in my pen."

Jack shook it even more. This time in Grahams direction.


Ink, which was once in Jacks pen, now made spots on Grahams face. The whole glass burst out laughing.

"I am so sorry man. Here, i'll wipe it off."

Jack placed his hand on Grahams face and smudged the ink all over his face.

"If I was you I wouldn't look in the mirror for a while."

The teacher stood in front of Jack with his hands on his hips.

"You're going to send me to Kinseys office now, aren't ya?"

The teacher just pointed to the door.


(Kinseys Office)

Kinsey flicked through Jacks file.

"You've built up quite a reputation."

"All in a days work."

Jack flashed Kinsey one of his trademark smiles. Kinsey leaned back in his chair.

"Son, what do you plan to do once you leave school?"

"Well sir, i've given that question some hard thought and i've decided to run away and join the circus."


Jack leaned forward.

"Ok. Seriously i'm going to be a giggalo.Well, obviously i'll have to speak to Sam about my future career. What qualifications do you think i'll need to be a giggalo?"

Kinsey dropped his pen.

"Do you think you could get me an interview or put me in with the right contacts?"

(Tealc's Video)

Tealc looked at the camera and burst into a giggling fit. Ferreti and Kawalsky looked at each other. Ferreti shook his head.

"This is gonna take a while."

"Maybe we should order pizza. We could be here all night."

(Kinseys Office)

Kinsey watched as Jack talked him through his career as a giggalo. He felt his eyelids beginning to drop as Jack explained he wouldn't sleep with guys and his friends moms, unless it was Kawalskys mom.

"...because she's really hot and has really long legs and dark hair. Even though she's American, she looks really exotic."

Kinsey looked at the clock and watched as the hands ticked for the last minute before the bell.

"Well, son. The bell will be going soon and this has been a wonderful conversation. I've felt i've learnt a lot and I hope you can achieve your future career."

Jack smiled.

"Thanks sir. That means a lot to me."

Jack grabbed his backpack and waited for the bell. Kinsey turned his back to look out the window. Jack grabbed Kinseys stapler off his desk and stuffed it under his jumper.
The loud annoying sound of the out of tune bell began to ring throughout the school.

"Sir, maybe we could continue this conversation tomorrow?"

"I'll have to check my diary."

"Funny. That's what girls say to Ferreti."

Jack pointed at Kinsey.

"You wouldn't be trying to get rid of me now, would you?"

Kinsey smiled and pointed at him.

"Not a chance."

Jack happily walked out of Kinseys office.
As soon as the door shut, Kinsey picked up the phone on his desk. He waited for someone to stop the rings on the other end.

"Hello Mary. If anyone asks, i'm fully booked tomorrow."


Sam walked out of maths and took a quick scan of the hallway. There was no Jack. Normally he had been thrown out of Kinseys office by now.

"Do you have any idea of how long ink takes to come off?"

Sam turned around and looked at Graham.

"I think it looks artistic. Kind of Picasso-esque."

"Tell lover-boy he can expect the bill for my shirt."

Sam looked at the shirt.

"That shirt is hideous. The ink improves it."

"I paid 100 dollars for this shirt."

Sam scrunched up her nose.


Graham walked off, leaving Sam with a very pleasing smile on her face. Someone came around her and placed their hands over her eyes.

"Guess who?"

"Ferreti, don't do that someone might see us. Jack might see us."


Jack pulled his hands back.

"Just kidding. Why were you in Kinseys office so long?"

"We were talking about my career."

"You and Kinsey were having a serious conversation?"

"I can do serious. Where's Teal'c?"

(Tealc's video)

Kawalsky leaned over to Ferreti.

"Do you think we could use this?"

Ferreti looked at his watch. Teal'c had been laughing for exactly 140 minutes and it didn't look like he was going to stop any time soon.

"Sure. If Hammond and Kinsey are still here in 50 years, then those kids will have nothing to laugh about. Seeing someone laugh will be a new experience for them."

Ferreti flicked the off switch. Kawalsky stretched his arms as far as he could.

"I need to see some daylight. I need to hear birds and smell the grass, i need..."

"Kawalsky I get the point. You need to be outside."

Kawalsky and Ferreti both got up and walked out of the door leaving Teal'c in his state of laughter.


Teal'c looked around.

"Guys. I don't like the dark. I'm scared."

(Jacks House)

Jack walked through the door and dropped his bag by the stairs.


"Stop shouting Jonathan."

"Do you know where the video camera is?"

Jacks mom stood up straight and thought for a while.

"I think it's in my cupboard. Top shelf."

"Can I go get it?"


Jack sprinted up the stairs and headed into his parents room. He opened his moms cupboard and felt around on the top shelf. As he felt around, he felt something round and squidgy. Jack blinked a couple of times.

"I really don't want to know."

Finally his hands came across the video camera. He brought it down and checked for tape.


Jack walked out of his parents room and downstairs.

"Where's the dog?"

"In the back garden. He was lying on your bed."

Jack looked at his mom confused.

"Dogs aren't meant to sleep on the bed. They're meant to sleep in the garden and that's where Barney will be sleeping from now on."

Jacks look went from confused to one of sheer horror.

"You can't do that to my dog. He's always slept inside since he was a little puppy."

"He's not a puppy anymore. He's a large dog and that reminds me, he's going on a diet."


(Daniels House)

Sam looked at her watch.

"Are you sure Jack told us to be here at 6pm?"


"It's now 6.30pm."

"It's not my fault your boyfriend has no sense of time."

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Daniel, he practically lives next to you."

A giant St.Bernard walked into Daniels living room and was followed by an angry looking Jack.

"Jack, if my mom sees Barney, she'll flip."

"Yeah, well if my mum sees Barney, she'll turn him into a skinny, non-existent god knows what."

Barney instantly went to Sam and gave her arm a good slobbering.

"Thanks Barney. It's nice to see you too."

Jack followed suit but didn't slobber on her arm. Ferreti coughed.

"As much as i'm enjoying this touching display, why are we here?"

Jack pulled the video camera out of his backpack.

"We are here because I want to film you guys. This is going to be my time capsule video."

Janet laughed.

"Jack, that video is meant to be about you. Not your friends."

"Well, my friends make me. If you say no that's fine but just know that i'm going to follow you around and stalk you to death."

Kawalsky nodded.

"I'm in."

"And i'll do it which means Daniel will do it."

Daniel looked at Janet.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome sweetie."


"Why not?"


"Sure. I've got nothing better to do."

Jack smiled at Sam.

"Do I have a choice?"


Daniel looked at the clock.

"Right, time to kick you guys out."

Jack watched as Daniel got up to open the door.

"I've only just got here."

"And now you're leaving."

"Can I at least have a drink?"

"You could've half an hour ago."

Jack raised his eyebrows.

"Fine. I know when i'm not wanted. Sam?"

Sam smiled.

"Sorry sweetie. But i'm staying at Janets tonight."


Jack walked out the door but noticed something missing.

"For crying out loud!"

He walked back up to the door and knocked. Daniel opened the door.

"Get a drink at your own house."

"I forgot someone."

Jack walked through the door.

"Barney, get away from that traitor."

Barney looked up from where he was rubbing against Sam. He looked at Jack with dopey eyes and a wagging tail.

"Barney, step over from the dark side."

Barney walked over to Jack.

"And with that, I bid you goodnight."

(Janets House)

"What are you going to do for your movie?"

"Just go on about how much I love Daniel Jackson and our future together."

Sam laughed as Janet pulled some movies off the shelf.

"Speaking of movies, what do you want to watch?"

Sam shrugged.

"What ya got?"

Janet held up the first one.

"How to loose a guy in ten days."

"Bad luck."

"Rock star."

"Janet, this obsession with Mark Wahlburg has got to stop."

"Rocky horror picture show."

Sam gave that one the thumbs up.

"I love that film. Maybe I could have a rocky horror inspired movie. Do you think I could get Jack and Daniel to dress up in stockings?"

(Following Day - Cafeteria)

"Hell no!"

"Please. I'm going to be in your movie."

Sam began rubbing her foot up and down Jacks leg.

"There's a difference. I'm not asking you to dress up in stockings."

Sam raised her eyebrows.

"Sam, don't put that image in my head."

Sam leaned forward and stared seductively into Jacks eyes. Jack quickly got up.

"I'm going to the gym."


"To take a cold shower."


Janet looked at the teacher who was busy writing on the board. Janet leaned over to Sam and whispered.

"I've been thinking about your stockings situation. Why don't you turn up in Jacks video dressed in stockings? Once he sees you he'll do anything."

"You think so?"

Janet nodded.

(Ferretis video)

"There's been something i've been trying to tell a friend for a very long time. This is the most difficult thing I have to do because I imagine one of his offspring will see this in the future."

Ferreti took a deep breath and looked directly into the camera.

"I'm gay and in love with my best friend Charles Kawalsky."

Suddenly everything went black.

"Teal'c, you're not meant to drop the camera. You already know about me."

"Sorry man. I thought it might add more drama."

(Jacks Video)

"And this is me flicking a rubber at Simmons."

Jack flicked the rubber. Simmons looked at him.

"It's raining rubbers."

(Sams House)

Sam rolled her fishnet stocking up her leg. She looked in her mirror and smiled.

"Why do I feel like a pussycat doll?"

Sam grabbed a coat that went to her knees. She wasn't giving anyone a preview.

(Janets Video)

Janet placed her video camera on a tripod and walked over to her bed.

"I don't really know what to say. My name is Janet Fraiser. I'm a cheerleader. I'm currently dating an amazing guy called Daniel Jackson and I hope to be with him in the future. I also hope to be a doctor and have many children."

(Jacks House)

Sam knocked on Jacks front door and waited for an answer. She watched as a shadow came closer to the door, eventually opening it.

"Hello Sam."

"Hi Mrs.O'neill. Is Jack in?"

"He's at hockey practise."

Sam smiled.

"Would it be possible for me to come in? I've got a surprise for him."

"I guess that would be ok. Come on in."

(Daniels Video)

Daniel picked up a photo and showed it to the camera.

"These are my real parents. They were killed in an accident. The people I live with now adopted me and I couldn't ask for better people."

He picked up another photo.

"This is the most amazing woman i've ever met. Her name is Janet and she's funny, smart and the kindest person on this planet. I honestly thought i'd never get to date anyone like her. How many times does the geek get the girl?"

(Jacks House)

Jack opened the front door, only to be greeted with music.

The dawn is breaking.A light shining through.You're barely waking.And I'm tangled up in you

The music wasn't coming from any room downstairs. He dropped his bag and walked up the stairs. He pushed his bedroom door and smiled as he saw Sam sleeping on his bed, dressed in fishnets, tiny shorts and a t-shirt showing off her toned midriff.
Jack walked over to the bed and lied down next to her. He moved the hair that was hanging over her shoulder.

I'm open, you're closed. Where I follow, you'll go. I worry I won't see your face. Light up again


Sam shifted in Jacks arms.

"It was meant to be a surprise."

"And there was me thinking this was your way of getting me in fishnets to be in your video."

Sam laughed.

"Did it work?"

(Sams Garden)

Janet pointed Sam's camera at her.

"And for the class of 2056, here is a very special performance of the time warp by Jack O'neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c Murray, Louis Ferreti and Charles Kawalsky."

(School Soccer Pitch)

"In 50 years, people your age will dig this up and cringe at confessions made by their parents or grandparents. But, you may all look forward to the day your children will be making these. Principle Kinsey will place the last shovel of mud on top of the capsule."

Everyone watched as their memories and confessions were buried under the mud. As the mud hit the ground, fireworks began to go off in the sky.

Jack wrapped his arm around Sam. Daniel wrapped his around Janet and Ferreti wrapped his around Teal'c and Kawalsky. The only time their arms came off each other is when Walter went around with cans of beer. Daniel raised his beer.

"To the next 50 years."

Jack, Sam, Janet, Kawalsky, Ferreti and Teal'c raised their cans and repeated Daniels words.

"The next 50 years."

Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills my mind. I somehow find You and I collide


"..and I can only hope that i'm still with this people in 50 years, because they are the greatest people i've ever met. Also, I pray to god that i'm still with Samantha Carter. Even if i'm not, then i'm a foolish man for letting my first love go."

Sean O'neill watched as his grandfather talked about his grandmother. He looked across at Fern Jackson and smiled.

"That'll be us one day."

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