This, Bonnie reflected, was all Kim's fault.

Kim, who was oh-so-perfect. Kim, who was the perfect little role model of a teenager. Kim, who, apparently, was gay. Apparently, Monique and Ron had caught her kissing some chick called Shego, or whatever. Naturally, as Kim's best friends, they tried to keep it a secret. Naturally, because they were Ron and Monique, they failed miserably. It was all over school in less than a week. Kim Possible, the Kim Possible, was gay.

Bonnie would never admit that this surprised her. But it did shock a number of people. On the other hand, it intrigued them too. And then, all of the sudden, people were accepting Kim. They were treating her with more respect than she had from them in the first place!

Dammit, Kim Possible made it okay to be gay. Not only did she make it okay, she made it cool.

'Why does she always have to do these things?' Bonnie screamed mentally.

Anyway, homosexuality was now in vogue with the teens of Middleton. Fine, whatever. Bonnie was having none of it. She liked her boys, thank you very much. She went to vigorous lengths to show it. A steady tryst with Brick, a fling with Josh, a surprisingly satisfying relationship with Ron, of all people, and Bonnie had her street cred. She liked boys. So there.

At least the rumors about the cheerleading squad lesbian orgies stopped after that.

Anyway, Bonnie had learned a thing or two about guys. So when Tara came into the locker room one afternoon before practice and squealed that she and Brick were now dating, Bonnie felt a sense of dread wash over her. When Bonnie dated Brick, she knew what he was about, and she kept him on a short leash. He didn't dare try anything with her, he was too intimidated. But Tara was nothing if not saccharine sweetness and sunshine.

Brick was about sex. Tara was about commitment and love and all that gooey crap.

'There is no way this will end well.' Bonnie had thought, groaning as she rested her head against her locker.

Of course, she was right. Tara had come over to her house late last night, practically having a sobbing fit, whimpering about how Brick had tried to get her to do things, and that she didn't want to do said things, so he forced her out of his car and sped off.

Bonnie wasn't heartless, and she felt a wave of sympathy and shame break against her. 'You should've warned her.' Her conscience chided.

'Shut up,' she growled back.

Bonnie tentatively hugged Tara, and gently began telling her some of her horror stories about men. When she thought about it, she never really had a decent experience with a guy. Ron was nice, dopey yet sweet. Josh was cute and untouchable. Brick was influential. They each satisfied some part of her, but none of them ever really clicked with her at all.

'YOU'RE NOT GAY!' Her brain shrieked desperately.

It was then Bonnie realized the closeness of the other girl.

"Boys suck." Tara murmured, looking up from Bonnie's shoulder and biting her lip.

"Yeah, they do." Bonnie whispered hoarsely.

And then they were kissing.

And then they were doing stuff that was most decidedly beyond kissing.

This all leads up to where Bonnie is now. Sitting cross-legged on her bed, the sheets tugged up around her shoulders, glowering for all she was worth.

'It wasn't supposed to be like this.' The little voice in her head nagged.

"Shut up," She mumbled. Tara stirred slightly at the sound, and turned, slinging an arm around Bonnie's waist and snoring softly.

Bonnie noted, with a faint sense of horror, that this wasn't so bad. And even that began to ebb away as the reached over and gently brushed at Tara's hair.

The lesbian cheerleader orgy rumors were gonna start right back up again, she noted with a sigh. It was worth it, though.