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Explanation: Although my story starts out in second season, it is set 5 years into the future. Buffy leaves at the end of second season and doesn't come back. All the same stuff happens to the Scooby gang, just without Buffy. Also Angel and Cordy never leave Sunnydale. The Angel series never happens.

Buffy/Spike Story

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2nd Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Episode 18: Killed by Death

March 3, 1998

"God all I want to do is lay down and never wake up," the petite blonde slayer said, as she sat alone in the cemetery. Buffy had been feeling nauseous, but Giles had insisted she go out slaying. Buffy continued looking around to see if her friends were there yet.

"Slayer..." a vampire hissed from behind her.

"Be a little more melodramatic. Do you really think it is so original to walk up behind me and hiss my name?" Buffy asked sarcastically. Turning around stake already in hand ready to kill the fledgling who was still trying to think of a comeback.

"Didn't you have Algebra with me? I sat in the back row, slept the whole time," the tall brown haired vampire said.

"You are trying to talk about algebra class in a fight to the death?" asked a truly shocked Buffy.

"Well the scary vampire bit wasn't working. I figure if I got you into a really good conversation I could defeat you by learning your weaknesses," he said shuffling his feet.

"Go home, you aren't worth fighting tonight. Hang out with some real scary vampires then you can talk me to death," Buffy said lowering her stake.

"What, you mean like that one?" the lanky boy pointed out.

Buffy whipped around stake ready, but Spike kicked it to the ground. Buffy tried to attack, but as a wave of nausea hit her and she fell to her knees.

"Slayer, you all right?" Spike asked, as he stood over her trying to be menacing. His enemy only glared at him while trying to keep from vomiting.

"I'm fine," she groaned as she leaned her head against the cool tombstone. This night could not get any worse if she tossed her cookies in front of Spike.

"Master Spike, shouldn't you be killing her?" the fledgling asked nervously.

"I'm getting to that. But if I kill her right off I have no great battle and no bragging rights." Spike said exasperated by his minion "you know what? Just go home," the fledgling turned around but never took another step towards the mansion. Probably due to the stake Spike put into his back.

"You're walking?" Buffy asked casually trying to cover her fear of now having Spike and Angelus all after her head.

"Shhhh..." Spike said with a smile, holding a finger to his lips. "It's a secret, just between the two of us."

"Why would I keep that secret?" Buffy asked glaring at Spike as he kneeled down close to her and brushed her hair away from her face. She couldn't help but lean into the cold soothing caress.

"Cause pet, I'll help you. I will personally see to some sabotaging of Angelus' plans and warn you on some of the more serious stuff," Spike offered ever so convincingly, while placing a cool hand on her arm.

"Why?" Buffy asked trying to think of what the other motives Spike might have going for him. As Spike continued to move closer Buffy continued to become more disoriented.

"I'm sick of the poof. I want him gone, out of my life, and away from my Dru. And I'm sure you could use the help," he explained, his hand slowly began to caress her silky skin.

Buffy just looked into his concerned blue eyes and couldn't explain what happened next, maybe it with the flu that made her temporarily insane. Buffy leaned in kissed Spike. It was a brief soft kiss, but afterwards Spike's eyes darkened.

It had been a long time since a woman had willingly been affectionate to him. Dru only came to him when Angelus was too busy for her. And right then the beautiful slayer was exactly what he needed.

Spike leaned forward and kissed the petite blonde and pressed her up against the tombstone. Neither one of the mortal enemies seemed to have any control over their actions.

Spike leaned Buffy into the ground slowly deepening the kiss. Buffy's fingers ran through Spike's hair. Spike's hands were playing with the waistline on Buffy's pants causing her to whimper into Spike's lips. It was finally Spike who broke the kiss.

"You stopped," Buffy said accusingly, a hurt expression coming over her face as she wrapped her arms around herself feeling rejected. "Don't you want to be with me?"

"The raging hard-on in my pants doesn't make my need for you obvious enough?" Spike asked looking down at the sexy blonde in his arms. "Slayer, I want you but I have to make sure you know what you're doing."

"Spike, I've had sex before," Buffy told him with a little laugh.

"Yes with the big poof, but you realize I'm not going to be your lapdog after this. I'm still Spike the big bad evil vampire. Understand?" He asked her looking deeply into her eyes.

"It can be another one of our secrets. After tonight we can go back to hating each other." Buffy said leaning in for another kiss only to be stopped by Spike again.

"I don't think we ever hated each other, but we could go back to being mortal enemies hell bent on destroying each other's way of life. No attachments, just casual sex," Spike offered and Buffy nodded her head in agreement as she again tried to pull Spike into her arms.

"Not here, luv, I don't want to remember shagging you in a cemetery," Spike said as he picked the sickly slayer up in his arms and walked towards the park on the other side of the wall. Laying out his coat he very tenderly put Buffy down and started another passionate kiss.

The two mortal enemies could not deny that this was just sex. Spike worshipped Buffy and she eagerly returned his affectionate touches. Afterwards Spike was hesitant to leave; he enjoyed the feel of having Buffy in his arms, she felt right for him. But finally he redressed the slayer taking his sweet time, relishing in his last few moments as her lover.

"That was amazing Spike, I never knew..." Buffy said blushing at the still very naked Spike.

"What?" Spike asked as he rubbed his hands along her hips and inhaled her scent.

"It was different with Angel or Angelus. You were very different, very intense. You know, never mind," Buffy said finally with a deep blush. She started to walk off completely embarrassed, but Spike grabbed her hand to stop her.

"I get what your sayin'. Pet, you were amazing. I could tell you were nervous, but believe me after that performance, allow me to tell you I think fighting you is the best and now I know that making love to you is better then any fight we've ever had. Believe me when I say, I've been with my fair share of girls, you are easily the best I have ever been with," Spike said looking into her emerald eyes. Rubbing the pad of his thumb over her swollen bottom lip. He really didn't want to let his new treasure go, but he couldn't stay too much longer with out his annoying sire making an appearance and his secret being blown.

"You were the best I've had, although I'm sure that doesn't mean as much to you," Buffy said shyly smiling at him.

"Believe me luv, it means a lot. You realize I can't kill you now, shagged me so amazingly, that I couldn't do it." Spike said with a smirk as he leaned down to taste her lips again.

"Spike, I have to go. I've still got to patrol. See you around." Buffy said stealing one last kiss.

"We will definitely have to enjoy this later." Spike said as he watched her climb a wall into the cemetery.


Buffy climbed over the wall into the cemetery slowly. Feeling sniffly and dizzy, all she wanted was to go back to the arms of Spike for the rest of the night. But that could not happen, at least not when anyone was looking. Hearing footsteps, Buffy switched to slayer mode, she raised her stake and just barely missed staking poor Xander.

"Non vampire, plus two," Buffy said lowering her stake. Looking past Xander towards Willow and Cordy

"Hi," Willow said sounding kind of perturbed.

"Man, Buffy, my whole life just flashed before my eyes," Xander said trying to catch his breath, "I gotta get me a life!"

"What are you doing here?" Buffy asked just trying to stay on her feet.

"What are you doing here?" Willow demanded examining Buffy who obviously wasn't feeling too good.

"Well I'm patrolling," Buffy said quickly. And doing other stuff that I know you guys wouldn't approve of. Images flashed through Buffy's mind of Spike's pale naked body.

"Buffy your sick," Willow insisted. Willow was always so concerned for Buffy like a good friend should be.

"No, I feel fine. I'm I mean my world's spinning a bit I like, it's kinda like a ride," Buffy explained.

"Half the school's out with this flu, it's a serious deal Buffy. We're all concerned about how gross you look," Cordelia stated.

"I'm touched really, but I have work to do," Buffy said glaring at Cordelia.

"Buffy c'mon one night of rest is not going to kill you," argued Willow.

"No, but it might kill somebody else," Buffy corrected.

"You mean Angel might," Xander responded. Buffy turned away she didn't even want to think of Angel. "Buffy this is not the time to challenge Angel to the ultimate fighting championship. He's at full strength, your only half the slayer."

"Yeah but I'm still the slayer. And as long as I am Angel's not gonna kill anybody else," Buffy responded. She would make sure of that.

"Awww, c'mon, just one more," Angelus said appearing from behind Buffy.

The slayer spun around ready to face him, but doing so she felt completely dizzy. Angelus rushed Cordelia jumping on top of her and Buffy rushed over and pulled her bloodsucker Ex away from his intended victim. Buffy tried to stake the cocky bastard, but Angelus easily blocks her move.

"Not feeling well lover?" Angelus asks smugly.

Buffy punches the smug look right from his face. Angelus tries to kick her, but Buffy catches his foot with her hands and she flips him into the ground.

"That helps," Buffy says standing over him.

As Buffy goes to kick him, Angelus back kicks and his longer legs actually connect with the Slayer's midsection. Buffy swings at him several times missing completely and Angelus reaches out and grabs her by her throat.

"You know you being off your game is kind of taking all the fun out of this," Angelus said then punched his pretty little slayer in the face.

"Nope, still fun!" Angelus declared, he loved how the slayer was completely his and he could abuse her any way he wanted as he moved in to attack again.

Angelus punched her in her midsection, bounced her head off a concrete mausoleum, and then punched her square in the jaw. As she fell the ground he took advantage and jumped on top of Buffy.

"Uh oh! This does not look good for our heroine!" Angelus said leaning down to feed.

Xander covered Angelus' head with a coat and proceeded to repeatedly knee him in the head. As Angelus fell back Cordy and Willow whipped out their crosses and quickly shoved them into his face.

"Take a walk overbite," Xander snapped at the vampire. Buffy slowly got up from the ground feeling all disoriented again.

"We'll have to do this again sometime," Angelus replied threateningly shortly before fleeing.

"Buffy, you ok?" Xander asked looking worried.

"I told you guys to leave," Buffy said holding her hand to her head; the dizzy feeling was now out of control. "To... I..." That was all she said before passing out.


May 19, 1998

"If you walk out of that door, don't you even think about coming back..." Joyce Summers.


"These are the moments you want to savor, you wish time would stop so you could live them over and over again. You're expelled..." Principal Snider.


"That's everything, no weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away and what's left?" Angelus.

"Me." Buffy.