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Chapter 1- The Ways Of The Monk, Miroku

The Inuyasha gang sat around thier small camp, taking a day off from jewel hunting. Miroku sat, eyeing the string of coins he had in his hand.

Earlier that day, Miroku had preformed an 'exorcism' on a mansion in a nearby village, and had stolen and sold the mansions valuables.

"Hey, where did you get that money Miroku?" asked a very curious Kagome.

"Just payings from an honest days work" replied the monk.

Inuyasha snorted, "Con-artist"

(BOOM) (BANG) "Pervert!" screamed Sango, as she gave Miroku a good bashing with her over-sized boomerang. Miroku layed unconsious on the ground, while the very mad Sango stormed off into the woods.

Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo had been watching the whole thing, staying hidden in the bushes. Kagome sighed, "They were so close to expressing thier feelings for one another..." Inuyasha grunted, "Feh, that monk will never change."

The dizzy eyed Miroku sat up, rubbing the back of his head. "Wh-what happened?" Miroku asked himself. It didn't take him long to remember as a perverted smile came across his face. "Oh yes, now I remember." he said while painting a mental picture of his hand on Sango's butt.

Sango was now sitting down on a large rock that over-looked a small stream in the forest. A few tears trickled down her cheecks, she didn't bother to whipe them away.

"How dare he play with my feelings like that..I could have sworn he was going to say he lo-but no! Damn him!" she said, slamming her fist into the rock under her. She felt a sharp pain in return, but she didn't care.

"I was a fool to think he acually loved me back...I will not let my heart be broken again, starting now, I will stop loving him." She crossed her arms and nodded, "Yes, starting now" she then jumped down from the rock and walked back to the camp, thinking she solved the problem perfectly.

Sango walked calmly back into the camp, not even giving a glance at the monk who was sitting at the other side of the small camp fire. The sun was starting to set and Sango let out a fake yawn, "I'm very tired, I think I'll go to bed."

Kagome looked up at her friend, a little concern in her voice, "Are you sure? We have this meal that Miroku ma-"

"I'm sure, good night" Sango said, inturrupting Kagome.

"Goodnight Lady Sango," said Miroku. Sango walked over to her sleeping mat, pretending to not even noticing his presence.

Miroku looked back at the others, "Was it something I said?"

Kagome sighed, "..your hopeless."

"Yes...there he is" an old man said, standing over Miroku.

He glanced around a second time to make sure everyone was asleep before pulling out a bottle with a strange purple dust in it. He then sprinkled a little of the dust on top of Miroku's head.

"Steal all my things will ya? Well I'll teach you a lesson...and get my money back." The old man said, taking the coins that were still in Miroku's hand.

"Now who...perfect!" she said softly, walking over to Kilala, who was pearched up on top of Sango. He sprinkled the remainder of the dust on the small cat demon. He laughed to himself, "hehe...have fun!" and with that, he disappeared into the forest.

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