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Chapter 6-The Deal

"Go ahead Kagome, it won't bite" Sango teased.

Kagome smiled, "Oh, your one to talk.." she countered. Letting out a sigh of defeat, Kagome dabbed her fingers in the small bottle her friend was offering her.

Raising her fingers up to her face, Kagome applied the concoction. At the exact moment Kagome's fingers made contact with her skin, the two women stopped moving.

"K-K-Kagome" Sango struggled out, her body paralyzed.

"I..can't..move..either.." Kagome replied, just as paralyzed as her friend.

Sango opened her mouth to speak again, but was horrified to see a mist like substance drain out of her mouth. The same thing was happening to Kagome, and both of them helpless to stop it.

Before they could even cry for help, both of them succumbed to the darkness, and passed out.

Miroku jumped back and the black demon cat stalked forward.

"What do you mean by 'be of assistance?" Miroku asked, standing his ground and not letting the intruding cat move any further.

The cat gave a smug smile and nodded, "You wish to have your body returned to you..", the cat paused and moved around to Miroku's side, "Right?" he finished.

Miroku held back a growl, but just nodded. Already telling this demon was trouble, Miroku didn't want to run off is maybe only chance of returning to his human body.

"Well you in luck, for I know the cure" the cat continued on. Miroku raised an eyebrow, attention and suspicion growing.

"How do you know this? And how did you know I'm not a cat?" Miroku questioned.

The cats sly smile suddenly dimmed as he lazily lied down, head on his paws. "I was once a servant for the old lord, the same man that poisoned you with this curse. I was a faithful and obedient follower, that is, until the lords niece from the Western Lands came to visit for a few weeks. Her beauty astonished me, memorized me...how was I to know she was engaged? She was willing after all...anyways, the old lord caught me in the act so to speak."

Standing back up and heaving a sigh, the cat demon looked back at Miroku, "So here I am today-a cat demon. A servant with no one to serve..a human life for me is not worth living..unless.."

Miroku caught the cat demons pause, "Unless what?" he dared too ask.

The cat gave a grin that made Miroku very uncomfortable, "Unless a maiden of greater beauty were to come along..I suppose that would give me a reason to live as a human again.."

The cat didn't move his gaze off of Miroku.

Miroku looked to the left, then the right, and then behind him. "You..me..you think I'm a-"

The cat nodded, "If I share with you the secret of how to turn back to normal, you have to vow to be my woman when we return to normal form."

Miroku's eyes widened in shock, 'It's this damn voice..it's female..I can't blow the only shot I have of returning to normal though..' Miroku gulped, "A-alright..deal.."