SJ: *sitting, shocked, at computer*

Dragon Child and Kageka: What is it?

SJ: I think you two have gotten off your rears and gave me an idea… a bizarre one at that. *quickly before Kageka and Dragon Child can realize they've been insulted* This is written about a friend and I, but it can apply to Yu-Gi-Oh. No idea who it would be, though… y'all can think up who it could be for me. It fits, but I can't really place it to a character. Remember, this is like sibling love and stuffs. (Even though it was originally written about me (female) and my friend (male)) I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!

Freezing Beast.

Burning Beast.

Union cards that can protect each other and destroy spell cards. I see us in those cards. But I don't tell him that as he hands them too me. The same attack, but one is aqua and the other is fire, complete opposites, rather like us.

I am the darkness to his light.

He is the light to my darkness.

Opposites attract, eh?

Even if he doesn't see it yet, we're destined to always be there for each other.

But most don't see him as light, he's rather dark, actually.

He's light because light always defeats the darkness. You can't have darkness without light, but you can have light without darkness. In a dark room and a lamp is turned on, the light drives away the shadow.

You never see shadow driving away light, do you? It may seem like that at the darkest of times, but it never is. That's why good will win out over evil in the end.

His light is just a little darker than most, and my dark is just a little lighter than most, that's all.

Almost like his light's been tainted.

That's why I will always be there for him. His darkened light and my lightened dark, we just seem to fit.

But he avoids me. It's like I have a contagious disease. Even when the only seat left on a couch is near me, he prefers to go get a chair and sit elsewhere.

And he dislikes talking to me.

But when we get going, we always have something we can talk about. That's the light and darkness clicking in place together.

Soul mates, that's what we are.

Soul mates aren't always your husband or wife, just someone who you can trust above all others. Someone who will never let you down. Someone who, if they can't do anything else, will tell you that he's there.

Simply, your soul mate is the one who completes you.

But perhaps, my darkness longs for light so much that I see it in the most unlikely of places. He is definitely the most unlikely.

But I know.

I know that we will always know each other, down to the day one of us dies.

I know I will always protect him when he needs it.

But he needs it less and less.

Perhaps I will not need to protect him someday and he will protect me.

Perhaps then his darkened light shall become dark and my lightened dark will become light.

But that's impossible, isn't it?

But, since dark cannot exist without it's light, that is his way of protecting me. Or maybe that's why I need to be around him.

But he would scoff at my theories.

He would say that I'm crazy.

I am. I don't deny it.

Let the whole world know, put me in an asylum, I don't really care.

As long as he laughs as he says it.

I can picture it. His laugh short and low. His grin and the light in his eyes.

He won't know.

But if he knows that I will always be by his side, whether he likes it or not, it's enough for me.

By his side is where I've always been, and I will stay there. I may not be there physically, but as long as I'm alive I swear that if it's in my power I will be there for him if he needs me. At the drop of a hat, I'll be there.

Because I love him.

He is my light.