If There Was No Van Helsing...

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Dracula rose from the depths of his icy slumber to call out his lost bride's name in anguish and despair. He was soon joined by all that remained of his brides, Aleera and Verona.

"She's gone!"

"We've lost Marishka!"

The Count allowed them to sob into his shoulders for a few moments before he decided he needed to vent his anger.

"Who killed her?"

"Anna Velarious," said Aleera.

"But we managed to kill her afterwards," added Verona.

"WHAT???" shrieked Dracula. "YOU KILLED HER?"

"I-Is that not what you told us to do, master?" asked Aleera, backing away.

"I told you to bring her to me!" yelled Dracula. "She would have been a perfect bride! And now –"

Verona backed away as well.

"– I shall have to find another bride!"

"There are plenty of maidens in the land, master," interrupted Igor.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Dracula. Igor scurried off.

"What do you mean by finding another bride, master?" asked Verona.

"Do we mean so little to you?" asked Aleera.

"Have you no heart?" asked Verona.

"NO!" exclaimed Dracula. "I have no heart! I feel no love! Nor fear, nor joy, nor sorrow! I am hollow... and I will live forever..."

The next few months, Dracula and his brides spent searcing for a mortal suitable to be a third bride.

There were numerous beautiful maidens in the land, with rich blood, but Dracula was looking for something... something he sensed. And when his brides asked him what that was, he coldle told them to keep searching, so that was what they did, even though they did not know what exactly they were searching for.

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