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After several relentless hours of unpacking, Starfire sighed and glanced around her room. Most of the things adorning the walls and dressers were Tamaranean, but now that she had gone back and visited the tiny planet, it became more and more clear that Earth was her true home. Upon thinking about it, Princess Koriand'r realized that she had spent almost as much time living on Earth as she had Tamaran. She had picked up Earth's new and strange ways, and had made numerous good friends. That was more than she could say about Tamaran. On her "home planet" she had often been teased and ridiculed. She was mocked not only for her naïveté, but also out of jealousy of her royal status. The redhead never really had an easy time making friends... but on Earth, people seemed to be friendlier. Yes, she had decided that this planet was truly where she belonged. And yet, something was troubling her and twinging in the back of her mind.

The alien exited her chambers and slid the door closed. She wandered towards the staircase in the hopes of clearing her mind on the roof. She wasn't quite sure what she would find up there, but the roof was a place Raven had often ventured to rid herself of her troubles. If it worked for the troubled Raven (and seemingly it did), then it certainly could work for Starfire. She found herself shoving open the swinging door and facing a fleet of stairs. Not quite feeling up to climbing them, the girl merely floated to the very top and pushed open the door to the roof.

Her brilliant green eyes fell on a sight she certainly did not expect.

"X'hal..." the Tamaranean word escaped her lips.

The Boy Wonder sat on the very ledge of the giant 'T.' Silently, she gazed at him as he watched the wind blow through the treetops. Unintentionally, they heaved a forlorn sigh simultaneously. He was still unaware of her presence, but that soon would change.

"Hello, Robin," she said softly, floating ever closer.

The boy turned, slightly taken aback, but gave her a small smile before turning back to the trees he pretended to be horribly interested in.

"What brings you to the rooftop?" she asked meekly with one arm behind her back clutching her other arm.

"I have a lot on my mind..."

"I, too, have much to think about."

Robin remained silent, but patted the spot on the ground next to him as an invitation for the girl to join him. Starfire obliged. She sat down relatively close to the boy, intaking his scent. He did not have body odor, but the metallic scent of a healthy sweat. Obviously he had been training very hard. She turned to face him. Despite his concealing mask, Starfire could almost see the distant look in his eyes.

"What troubles you, Robin?" she gently inquired.

"I thought I was going to lose you, Star..." he admitted in a whisper.

At a loss for words, the alien girl merely inched closer to him to let him know she was still listening.

"I dunno... I was just so angry that you were to stay 23 light years away, married to that disgusting blob forever. It tore me apart to see you unhappy, and it made it even worse knowing I couldn't be there to comfort you. And worst of all... I thought you were just leaving us... leaving me..." he turned his head away in both confusion and shame.

Starfire looked down to her lap, and then up at him. She leaned onto his back and rested her head between the nape of his neck and shoulder. The girl placed her hands on either of his shoulders, embracing him from behind. She felt him take in a shocked gasp of air, but when he recovered from the surprise he reached across his chest and placed his hand on top of hers. They sat in silence for a moment.

"Abandon your strife, Robin," she whispered in his ear. "I will never leave you."


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