From Shadow to Light

Chapter Eight

A plan revealed

The battle raged on for one and a half days until only Yami, Seto, Bakura and a few of their soldiers remained.

'As much as it pains me to say this but I have to put my Kingdom before my love.' Yami thought sadly as he glanced worriedly at his battle weary soldiers, he was sure they were not going to last much longer, while Bakura's army still had lots of fight left in them.

"Retreat!" Yami yelled to his soldiers. He glared once more at Bakura, "THIS IS NOT OVER TOMB RAIDER!"

Although Seto was quite surprised by the order, he knew that his friend had made the right decision. They were at too much of a disadvantage and it would be suicide to continue with the battle when there was no way they were going to win. So as they rode away, leaving little Yugi behind, Seto did everything he could to reassure his friend it was the only thing he could do.

"You made the right decision Yami." replied Seto trying to comfort his friend.

"Then why does it hurt so much?" Yami practically whispered. Seto could see the pain clearly in his eyes.

"We'll get him back." Seto stated firmly

"But will he be the same?" Yami sighed. He kicked his horse so he was going at a slightly faster pace than his friend. As much as he cared for Seto, the other male could never understand what he was feeling. To finally have found his soul mate only to lose him again to a psychotic maniac. Who knows how long it would take them to regroup then track down the Tomb Raider again, and he doesn't even know how Yugi was with the time that he's already spent with the lunatic.

'Joey knows' his mind supplied. Yami glanced over his shoulder and saw the blond for the first time since the battle started. The poor boy looked like he was run over by a stamped of horses. The blond was covered in dirt and blood, some of which was still running from various wounds. His body was slumped forward and Yami couldn't tell if he was unconscious, or just asleep against Seto's back.

Malik, on the other hand, was looking in the direction that they had come from with anger on his face.

Yami slowed his horse down slightly until he was once again along side his friend, "How is he doing?" Yami asked nodding toward the sleeping boy.

"I don't know," Seto admitted sadly, "He wouldn't let me check his wounds, he just kept crying out for Yugi. He finally fell asleep just now."

"Yugi." Joey whimpered crying out in his sleep, "we can't leave without Yugi."

Yami felt such pain in his heart at those words. While his mind knew he did the right thing, his heart didn't agree. It only felt the immense pain from having to leave Yugi behind.

It was a few hours later when they finally stopped for the night. Almost everyone just collapsed to the ground and slept where ever they landed.

Seto slid off his horse slowly so as not to wake the boy sleeping in his arms. He laid his jacket on the ground and gently placed the boy on it, covering him with his blanket. Glancing over, he saw that Yami had been watching him with a sad look in his eye. He got off the ground and walked toward his friend.

"We'll get him back Yami," Seto replied firmly. Placing his arm around his shivering friend, "I promise we'll get him back and make Bakura pay."

Yami looked at his friend and saw the determination in his ice blue eyes and he knew his friend spoke the truth.

"I have no doubt that we're going to get him back." Yami suddenly replied, confusing Seto

"Then why are you so worried?" Seto asked confused

"What scares me, is the condition he might be in when we get him back." confessed Yami softly, not meeting his friends gaze, "I mean, you remember how he was after we got him back from that lunatic brother and he was only there for a short time. Bakura thinks his plans through very carefully, always checking for errors. I don't know if Joey was originally included in his plans, but he was definitely after Yugi. I just don't know what he's after this time."

"It could almost be anything." Seto replied exasperated

"That's why I'm so frustrated." exclaimed Yami, "It could be the Palace he's after, the whole Kingdom, or just more power as usual. He's too unpredictable."

Seto didn't have an answer for his friend, and he knew Yami really wasn't expecting one, he just needed to release some of his frustration and Seto was always happy to listen to him vent.

The rest of the night was spent in silence as Yami thought about what was happening to Yugi while Seto was comforting his love, Joey was crying in his sleep.


"Hurry up you idiots!" Bakura yelled to his men as he headed toward the dungeons, "We're leaving as soon as everything is packed."

Upon reaching the correct cell, Bakura couldn't help but smirk at the figure inside. The young boy was huddled in the corner. He had his arms wrapped around his legs, his head resting on his knees. The slave trembled, both in fear and from being cold due to the damp cell.

Yugi jumped when he heard his cell door opening. He didn't dare look up, knowing exactly who was entering his small room. Yugi's shivering only increased with each step his Master took, bring him closer and closer to delivering his latest punishment for Yugi having run away.

"Time to go runt." Bakura sneered as he grabbed the young boy roughly by his arm, dragging the boy to his feet and out of the dark cell.

Yugi cried out as he was thrown to the ground after being practically drug through the entire castle, his master only stopping once they reached outdoors. He stayed there, not moving a single muscle as other slaves and soldiers rushed about. Some where packing up the horses, others had several fires going, burning very sensitive documents Bakura wanted no one else to read.

'I wonder if this has anything to do with that strange man that looked like me?' Yugi thought as he watched his Master shouting out orders, 'Or maybe the blond that made me escape with him, claming to be my brother.'

Once everything was loaded, and the fires were extinguished, Bakura picked Yugi up and placed the young boy on his horse.

Yugi immediately came out of his thoughts when his Master sat behind him, arm wrapped firmly around his waist. He shivered as the arm tightened around him, terrified of what his Master was going to do to him.

"Move out!" commanded Bakura. He smirked when he felt his young slave tremble in his arms.

'Oh, how I would love to see Yami's face right now,' Bakura smiled as a picture formed in his mind, 'Just wait Yami,' Bakura sneered as he lead his troops deep into the desert to one of his many palaces, '

As the sun rose higher in the sky then caravan continued to march on, despite the rising temperatures. Bakura wanted to get as much distance between him and the Pharaoh as possible that he refused to stop for a break.

It wasn't until a few more hours of riding that Bakura noticed his little slave was near fainting due to the heat. The poor boy was leaning against him, his head lolling to the side as the horse trotted on.

"We're stopping for a quick break." Ordered Bakura much to the relief of his soldiers.

"Get up!" Bakura yelled at the small boy, throwing him angrily to the ground.

Yugi woke up immediately when he landed on the hot sand. Glancing around curiously, he quickly got onto his hands and knees when he saw his master glaring at him furiously. He put his arms in front of his body, his forehead resting on the hot sand.

"Yes, My Master?" the small boy whispered

"Take care of the horses," Bakura ordered, "Than hand out the rations to the men."

"Yes, Master." Yugi replied softly quickly scurrying off to do as ordered.

Yugi went over and grabbed the reins for all the horses and led them over to a small patch of shade, tying them to a tree.

For some reason the small boy was unable to get the look on the strange mans face when he was running toward his Master.

'Why did he look so familiar?' Yugi thought as he gave the horses water from the canteen, 'he looked so relieved when he saw me, same with the blond haired teen I was ordered to beat, why can't I remember anything?'

Yugi was near tears. He felt like he should know those people, but for the life of him he just couldn't remember them. Every time he tried, when he was just about to remember, a sharp, blinding pain resonated through his mind forcing him to immediately back away from the memory. He almost cried out a few times the pain was so intense.

'Stop thinking about that Yugi,' he silently scolded himself, 'I must really need to be taught another lesson, I am too easily forgetting my place."

Yugi continued to berate himself as he finished taking care of the horses. He knew if he dawdled any longer his Master would be angry with him.

After giving the horses their food and water, Yugi then headed to his Masters horse to retrieve the rations hidden inside.

Yugi tried to keep is mind on task as he passed out the rations to his Masters troops making sure they all received the same amount, but to his continuing frustration he found his thoughts drifting to the strange man he saw earlier. In his heart he felt he should know the other male, but his mind screamed at him to forget about him, he was with a new master now.

'He wasn't just my master though,' Yugi felt in his heart, 'he was more than that. But what? And why did I let someone get that close to me to begin with?'

Yugi was brought from his thoughts abruptly when he was suddenly grabbed by his shirt and raised up in the air. Glancing up fearfully, Yugi's eyes were meet with furious brown.

"Now that you're finally back to the land of the living you worthless runt," Bakura sneered at the terrified boy, "Did you pass out the rations?"

"Yes Master," whimpered Yugi.

Without a word Bakura dropped the boy on the ground causing the small male to cry out.

"Get everything packed up," Bakura ordered walking away, "We're leaving in five minutes."

"Yes Master." whispered Yugi.

Although he was exhausted, Yugi quickly got off the ground and had the campsite cleaned up and their supplies packed in record time, impressing even himself.

'That should please Master,' Yugi thought smiling as he glanced around to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything.

"Took you long enough runt," Bakura snarled immediately wiping the smile off Yugi's face, "Let's move out!"

'What did I do?'

Yugi lowered his head in sadness. He thought for sure his Master would be pleased with how fast he worked, but apparently it wasn't fast enough to earn him a drink of water. Exhausted and thirsty, Yugi trudged alongside his Masters horse.

'I'll just have to work harder,' Yugi thought with determination, 'That will be sure to please Master.'

"More water Master?" Yugi asked timidly his outstretched arm holding the canteen keeping up with the horses' steady pace.

Although his Master didn't say anything, he did reach over and grab the water taking a long soothing drink of the cool liquid. After he had drank his fill, he secured the canteen to his horse.

Bakura tapped his horses side telling him to increase the pace. He grinned when he saw the small boy struggling to keep up.

By the time they stopped for the night Yugi had no energy left. He had to practically sprint to keep up with his Master's pace. He literally dropped to his knees when his Master finally stopped.

"Did I say you could take a break?" Bakura sneered at the young boy. Smiling to himself when the boy trembled in fear of him.

"No Master," Yugi whispered. His arms shaking with the exertion of holding up his body.

"Then tend to the horses." Bakura ordered.

Yugi struggled to get up and almost fell down again, but with a lot of effort, he was finally able to get back onto his feet.

Yugi, once again, tended to the thirsty and hungry horses before bringing the men their rations. He dropped to the ground, too tired to stay standing any longer. His exhausted body demanded he rest. Just as Yugi's eyes started closing, he was suddenly kicked in his side.


"Yugi!" Joey shouted as he sat up, startling Yami and Seto.

"Joey," Seto wrapped his arms around the shivering blond, "It's ok, you're safe now."

Joey clung to Seto, tears streaming down his face, "But Yugi's not."

"I know," Seto replied softly, trying to comfort his young lover, "But we'll get him back. We won't stop until Yugi is safe with us once more."

Joey looked up at the blue eyed male, hearing the determination in his lover's voice. He glanced over at the Pharaoh, seeing him nod in agreement.

"I have sent a small party back to the palace," Yami informed the blond, "They are bringing back supplies and more men. I will not rest until I have found Yugi, and shown Bakura what happens to those who take what's mine."

"Joey," Seto sighed, not wanting to bring up the painful subject, "How was Yugi."

Yami looked over at the blond, the same question running through his mind. He saw Joey's eyes immediately begin to water and he feared the worst.

"Not good," Joey replied sadly, resting his head on Seto's shoulder, "That creep brainwashed Yugi. He had..."

Joey took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down before continuing, "He had Yugi beat me. Bakura sat there laughing while Yugi whipped me."

"It's over now." Seto assured the blond, rubbing his back soothingly.

"Not for Yugi!" Joey cried out. Frustration and sadness heard clearly in his chocked voice, "He didn't even remember me. Then when he finally did, Bakura punished him."

"Oh, Joey." was all Yami could say, he too felt the tears gathering behind his eyes.

"You have to get that bastard!" Joey growled, "He has to pay for what he did to my brother."

"You have my word," Yami declared firmly, determination flashed in his crimson eyes, "I will not rest until I have Yugi back in my arms."


Yugi's amethyst eyes opened immediately when he felt a sharp kick to his tender stomach, he shut them just as quickly from the intense pain.

"Did I say you could rest?" bellowed Bakura as he towered over the small boy.

"No, Master." whimpered Yugi, curling up in a ball to protect his vulnerable stomach.

"Then get up!" Bakura growled.

Yugi struggled to get back to his feet, his tired body protesting the movement. Once he was finally able to stand up, he was grabbed roughly and dragged across the small campsite.

'What did I do?' Yugi thought as he struggled to keep up with his Master's longer legs. He racked his brain trying to think of what he had done this time, but he came up with nothing.

"You freed the blond and escaped," Bakura reminded the small boy, "I told you you were going to get punished for that."

"But I didn't," Yugi protested, tears in his amethyst eyes, "He released me and took me with him against my will."

"How unfortunate for you," Bakura smiled evilly, "You will still be punished for disobeying me earlier."

Bakura walked over to a tree, tying the boy to the thick trunk. He had found this place on one of his many journeys, and decided to take a short break in the small oasis. It was a pleasant enough spot, complete with its own spring surrounded by many trees.

Yugi closed his eyes, fearful of what his Master was going to do to him this time. He didn't struggle when the snow haired man tied him up, knowing it would not do any good and just get him in even more trouble with the already furious male.

Yugi let his mind wander, his only escape from the horrendous pain his body was going through. He went to his favorite place, a small garden he had created when the pain became too much for him to handle.

Bakura growled when his young slave stopped crying out in pain, hanging limply from the tight rope. He drew the whip back, blood dripping off the leather straps. Bakura waited for a moment, then brought the whip down harshly against the boy's back, not a sound escaped the still boy's lips.

"Cut him down," Bakura ordered as he walked away from the unconscious boy, "Tell me when he wakes up."

"Yes Sir!" the soldier saluted before carrying out his assigned task.


Malik sat by the small fire, watching the Sorcerer try to calm down his brother. He wanted to help, but he too felt just as distraught as the blond. He sighed, getting the attention of the person sitting quietly beside him.

"We'll get him back." Marik encouraged, patting the younger boy on the back.

"I know," Malik closed his eyes, "But how will he be when we finally rescue him?"

Marik sighed dejectedly, not knowing how to answer.

"Marik?" Malik asked suddenly, "What is the story with Pharaoh and Bakura?"

Marik glanced at the other, surprised by the question.

"Bakura is after something that belongs to Yami," Marik answered after glancing at the crimson eyed male, "And it would be very dangerous for everyone if he finds it."

"What?" Malik asked

"The heart of the desert." Marik replied.

"What is that?" asked Malik again, hating the cryptic answers.

"An amulet," Marik said softly, "One that gives the bearer immense power."

"But Pharaoh didn't know if that's what Bakura was after." Malik responded, confused.

"With that kind of power he can rule more than just Yami's lands," Marik informed the younger, "He could rule all of Egypt."

"If that's true, why didn't the former Pharaoh just rule over all of Egypt, not just Upper Egypt?" Malik wondered.

"That power comes at a terrible price." a new voice replied, making Malik jump slightly. He turned immediately, surprised to see the Pharaoh standing directly behind them.

"Pharaoh," Marik bowed, inviting him to join them, "Malik was just curious about.."

"The heart of the desert." Yami finished as he sat down on the ground, "That is what Bakura is after. It was buried long ago inside my father's tomb, but not even I know its location."

"Why not?" Malik asked

"Only one with a pure heart can find it." Yami replied, remembering what he was once told.

"What is the terrible price for such power?" Malik asked intrigued by the story.

"It consumes you," Yami looked the boy directly in his eyes, "Driving you nearly insane."

"Bakura is already insane." Marik mumbled.

"Is that why the former Pharaoh only chose your current lands?" Malik asked, shuddering at the thought of being controlled like that.

"No," Yami shook his head, "In the beginning my father was a kind man, who cared very much for his people and for his son. But then, my mother died and my father changed. The amulet is only as good or bad as the one who wears it and it fed off my father's anger. He grew cold and uncaring. His people were starving, yet too afraid of him to ask for any help."

"I remember that," Malik replied sadly, "I was eight or nine at the time."

"Yes, well I have done no better," Yami stated, "I have ruled exactly as my father had."

"But you've changed," Marik informed his best friend, "You're not like that anymore."

"You have changed Pharaoh," Malik looked the Pharaoh directly in his eyes, "And so has Yugi. You've both learned to trust again. Let down your shields and let someone in."

Yami smiled at the thought of the small boy that came into his life so suddenly, but then he remembered that Yugi was still with that tyrant Bakura and his smile turned quickly to a growl startling both blonds.

"Well get him back." Marik said firmly, knowing what his friend was thinking.

'Only one pure of heart.' that phrase kept repeating itself in Yami's mind.

"I know where Bakura is!" Yami shouted, startling the entire camp as he shot to his feet, "I'm such an idiot for not realizing it sooner!"

"Yami what is it!" Seto ran over to his friend, "What's going on?"

"Bakura is going to my father's tomb," Yami told his friend as he quickly gathered his scattered supplies, "He is going to use Yugi to find the amulet."

"Shit!" Seto swore as he too gathered their belongings.


"Wake up!" a voice shouted

Amethyst eyes shot open when he was suddenly kicked in the side. Yugi sat up as quickly as his injured body would allow, knowing his Master would not give him much time.

"Sorry Master," Yugi whimpered as he bowed to the snow haired man that had a frightening resemblance to his brother Ryou, "It won't happen again Master."

"It had better not!" Bakura yelled as he dragged the small boy by his arm. Yugi struggled to keep up, not wanting to anger his Master anymore than he already was. It wasn't long, however, before he was hauled up on a large horse, his Master directly behind him. Yugi shivered as the vile mans arm wrapped around him. He closed his eyes, unwanted images flooding his mind.

"Don't worry little one," Yugi trembled harder at the mock soothing voice, whimpering when he felt Bakura's other hand on his leg, "I won't kill you yet, you are still useful to me."

'Please no.' Yugi clenched his eyes shut, willing himself to his special place. As he let his mind drift, strange images started to appear but they kept shifting before he could see it clearly.

In one picture he saw himself beating the blond haired boy, in another, he is hugging the other boy in his sleep a look of absolute peace on his face.

'What is going on?' Yugi wondered as more images flooded his mind.

He saw a boy with snow white hair, laughing and playing with him. Then it changed to both boys slaving away under the hot Egyptian sun.

Next came a boy with hair identical to his own, that one being the most confusing to him. He feared this male, but at the same time, felt completely safe in his arms. In one scene, the crimson eyes were cold and cruel, but then he saw those same eyes, this time, shining with love and concern.

'Who is he?' Yugi thought as the images faded away.


Yugi's eyes suddenly shot open again.

'What was that?' He looked around, fearful of the strange voice he just heard in his head.

~Yugi, it's me! Yami!~

'Wh-who are you?' Yugi whimpered, terrified out of his mind.

~You don't remember me~

The voice sounded so heartbroken, Yugi wasn't sure how to respond. True, he had absolutely no idea who this person was, but he hated to see others in pain, it was ten times worse if he was the cause.

He was just about to respond when he was suddenly thrown from the tall horse. Yugi cried out when his body hit the unforgiving ground.


~YUGI!~ Yami yelled, terrified when he abruptly lost his connection with the small boy. He opened his eyes, looking directly at Seto.

"What is it?" Seto asked worriedly, "What happened?"

"I was able to talk to Yugi for a moment," Yami closed his eyes once again, "But we were suddenly cut off."

"You talked to Yugi?" Joey asked, worry and concern clear in his expressive eyes, "How was he?"

"He doesn't remember me," stated Yami sadly, "He sounded so scared."

"How did you talk to him?" Joey asked confused, "Can you do it again?"

"Sometimes, I am able to read thoughts," Yami only half confessed, his eyes clearing telling his friends not to contradict him, "I was able to catch Yugi's for a moment but then, he was gone."

"We must hurry," Seto reminded his friend, "If that's were Bakura is heading, we want to make sure we are there before him."

"You're right," Yami nodded his head, placing his hand on his friends shoulder, "Let's pack up and get ready to move as soon as possible. I will send a scout to intercept the troops and supplies to tell them where we're headed."

"We're gonna catch him this time," Seto stated firmly, "He will not get away with taking what belongs to our Pharaoh."

"You heard him!" Marik yelled at his troops, "Get ready to move out!"

~I'm coming Yugi~ Yami thought as he looked at the clear blue sky, the hot sun blazing overhead ~Please hold on, I'm coming.~

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