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Starfire's Wish

It was a warm day in May. At the T Tower, everyone was getting ready for the summer months ahead. And no crimes were being committed (so far), and the Titans used this time to relax.

It was twelve in the afternoon, and the Titans were sitting in their "living room", if you will. Robin was playing Cyborg at video games, Beast Boy was eating some tofu for lunch, Raven was reading yet another depressing book, and drinking some herbal tea as well. But there was one person missing...

"Hello, friends!" Starfire said as she flew down the stairs. "It is a wonderful day outside, maybe later we shall..." she was cut off.

"Are you kidding? If there's no crimes being committed, then it's video games for me," Cyborg said, not taking his eyes off the screen. "Ditto," Robin said. "DANG! Star, look what you did! You let him won!" Cyborg beamed until Robin said, "Okay, I call a rematch, Tin Man!" Cyborg reset the game, but he had secretly rigged it so Robin couldn't win. He didn't know that, of course.

"Uh, that's nice Star, but I would rather stay in here," Beast Boy said, eating some more tofu. "It's just nice and air-conditioned, that's all."

Starfire turned to Raven. "What about you, friend Raven?" she asked. Raven looked up from her book. "I don't like sun." She replied in a flat tone. Starfire sighed. None of her friends wanted to go outside, unlike her. She loved going to the beach, and feeling the sand between her toes.

She floated down on the couch next to Robin and Cy. She sighed loudly, hoping that they would notice her. They didn't. She sighed again, louder this time. Robin snapped, "Starfire, can you PLEASE stop that? See, I lost ANOTHER game!"

Starfire sighed again, yet soft enough so he wouldn't hear her. She hated it when he was crabby like that, just because of a video game.

Robin looked at her, and his face softened. "Well, I guess we could go to the beach," he said. "What do you guys think?"

The others groaned, but it looked like they would have to go anyway.

They went down to the beach, and Robin and Star were pretty much the only ones out. Raven was hiding underneath her cloak and a beach umbrella, reading a depressing book of poems, Cyborg brought along a Gameboy, and Beast Boy fell asleep. But Starfire was happy, and so was Robin. They seemed to forget that the others were there.

At six o' clock, the others were getting hasty. "Can we please go now?" Beast boy whined. "There's nothing to do!"

"Sure," Robin said, still smiling. He and Starfire had finished making a sand castle. Cyborg and Beast Boy groaned, but Robin didn't truly care because Starfire was happy. Of course, a lot of things made her happy.

"That is okay, Robin," Starfire said, brushing some wet sand off of her. "We can return tomorrow, if it is of high temperatures." Robin got up, and then smiled. "Okay, Star," he replied. "I hope you had a fun time today." Starfire beamed.

Back at the T Tower, they were eating dinner. "Every man for himself," Robin said. "And woman." That night was his night to fix dinner, but he wasn't the greatest of cooks. So he called it a leftover night. (A/N: Robin can't cook, can he? .)

Beast Boy was eating some tofu, as usual. Except it was so old, he didn't even feel too hungry. Cyborg was eating a UFO- an unidentifiable fried object.

"Man, what is this?" Cy said in disgust. "It looks like a cross between road-kill and chicken McNuggets!" He poked "it" with his fork, then pushed it away. "I'd rather eat dirt!"

"Oh, I think that's a leftover from the last time I cooked," Robin said, scratching his head. "It was supposed to be meatloaf."

Cyborg turned green, then threw the plate into a nearby garbage can. "What else is there to eat?" He wondered out loud, opening the fridge.

Raven sat down, with a leftover in her hands. "Hmm, what surprise is inside?" she asked herself. Beast Boy started laughing. "What's so funny?" she asked him. "When you asked about the surprise... never mind," Beast Boy said. He ate a piece of tofu, then let it visit Cyborg's plate in the trash.

Raven opened hers, then closed it again. "I don't want to know," she muttered, and then let it loose in the garbage can.

Starfire, however, wasn't eating any leftovers. She was eating cotton candy, several bags of Skittles, nachos, a frito pie, a funnel cake, and was drinking snow cone syrup. Raven, Robin and Cyborg looked disgusted. Beast Boy looked rather amused.

"Eating all of that isn't healthy, Star," Robin said. "And drinking snow cone syrup is nasty."

"But once, you purchased me a cone of snow," Starfire said. "And this 'syrup', as you call it, was quite satisfying." She continued to drink it, unaware of the gross slurping sounds she was making.

"Well, late tonight you're going to wish you didn't eat it," Beast Boy said, trying not to laugh.

She finished the fritos she was eating, then threw her trash away. She burped. "Please excuse me," she said. She then held her stomach. "My stomach feels rather unpleasant," she said.

"If I were you, Star, I would camp-out in the bathroom," Cyborg said. "And it probably won't be pretty."

Starfire continued to feel sick, and she couldn't sleep. Every time she was close, her stomach would start hurting again. She decided to go talk to Raven.

"Raven, may I come in?" she asked, knocking on Raven's door. Raven opened it. "It's two in the morning," she muttered. "What do you want?"

"I was pondering whether or not if there was something to heal my digestive pains," she said. "I am still not feeling..."

She stopped in mid-sentence, then ran to the bathroom, and made it in the nick of time. Star stayed in there for a few minutes, then came back to Raven's door. "Good night," she told Raven. "My stomach feels pleasant again." Starfire walked back down to her room, and layed on her bed. After a few minutes, she fell asleep.

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