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Chapter Eight: Oh crap, Part I

The next morning, Starfire woke up and expected it to be sunny and warm outside. But when she looked out the window view in the living room on her way to the kitchen, she was disappointed to see that it was gray and stormy, and slightly misting.

"What's wrong, Starfire?" Beast Boy asked when he saw her long face.

"It is just that I wished for it to be sunny today," she explained. She sighed.

"It's my kind of day," Raven said, relaxed, and then she took a bite out of some toast.

Demonfire walked in the kitchen in her bathrobe and immediately went to the fridge to get something to eat.

"Hey Dee-Dee," Cy said. "What's wrong?"

"Sorry about the pun, but I feel a little under-the-weather," she said. "I guess I didn't sleep good last night." She sneezed and immediately wiped her nose on her robe sleeve.

"Maybe you should take some cold medicine," Raven suggested. "Whenever you're stuck inside all day, you're likely to pick something up."

"Okay," Demonfire replied. She searched near the back of the fridge for her bottle of ketchup and grabbed it when she did. She took the cap off and started to chug it.

"Demonfire, are you sure you feel okay?" Robin asked. "You usually don't chug your ketchup like that."

Demonfire's mouth started to hang slightly open, and then she started to run for the nearest bathroom.

"Demonfire?" The Titans immediately asked.

A few seconds later, she returned, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. And, without warning, she fainted onto the ground.

"What's wrong with her?" Beast Boy asked while they were all crowded around her.

Robin wiped some red liquid from her mouth and examined it. "It looks like… blood."

Following this statement were five worried Titans. Cyborg jumped up and dialed for the hospital, Star continued to sit with her sister, Beast Boy was running around in circles screaming, and Raven was trying to calm Star down.

Robin got up. "What'd they say, Cy?"

"They told me to bring her immediately," he replied. "It must be pretty serious, then."

"Titans, we're going to the hospital," Robin tried to yell over Beast Boy's screams.

"What?!?" They yelled back.

"Titans, we're—" Robin stopped.

"BEAST BOY, SHUT UP!!!" They all roared at the same time. Except for Star, of course, since she didn't like the phrase all that much.

Beast Boy finally stopped and he fell to the ground, out of breath.

"As I was saying, we're going to the hospital," Robin said. "We better take the T car."

They walked outside, Star carrying Demonfire and Robin telling her that it would be all right. They got in the car and Cyborg started driving towards the Jump City hospital.

"Do you think she's gonna be okay?" Beast Boy asked after a team of doctors wheeled Demonfire into the Emergency Room.

"She should," Raven replied. "What do you think, Robin?"

"I'm sure she's going to be okay," Robin said. "It might have to do with her stomach. It looks like we'll find out when she gets out."

They were forced to wait in the lobby for a few hours. Cyborg counted the ceiling tiles, Robin paced back and forth like a caged animal in a zoo, Beast Boy fell asleep, Starfire worried about her sister, and Raven happened to find one of her magazines that she like to read.

After the first hour, Robin called Speedy to come up there, just in case they got to see Demonfire. Soon, he was also drooling and wondering what time it was.

After four hours of waiting, Robin finally stopped pacing and said, "Titans, we better—."

"You can now visit your friend," a nurse said, emerging from Demonfire's room. "Hey, walk!" She shouted when they all stampeded to the door.

They managed to squeeze in all at once and they saw Demonfire sitting up in her hospital bed, waving at them.

"Demonfire, what did the doctors say?" Robin asked as soon as he got to her bedside.

"Acid reflux," she explained. "They said too much ketchup is why it happened."

They all sighed a sigh of relief. "Well, we better go home," he said. "When can you go?"

"In about thirty minutes," Demonfire replied. "I'll come back to the T Tower later."

"Okay. Well, we better be going," Robin said. Before he could leave, Star ran to her bedside. "Are you okay? Do you feel better?"

Demonfire smiled. "I'm okay, Star. The doctors told me to lay off the ketchup for a while. And yes, I feel better. Thanks for staying this whole time. It must have been really freakin' boring."

Demonfire hugged Starfire before she left. "Hey Speedy, are you coming with us?" Beast Boy asked.

"I'll stay here with Demonfire for a while," he said, then sat down in a chair next to her.

"Well, that's a relief," Beast Boy said on the ride home. "I thought she was really sick for a while."

"Yeah, it's good that she feels okay," Robin said. "I can't believe we almost ditched her."

"Robin, it's what anyone would have done," BB said.



Robin rolled his eyes at Beast Boy's joke. He laid his head down on the headrest of the seat. "I can't wait until we get home, so I can eat."

"Speaking of which, it's your turn to cook again," Cyborg said, trying not to laugh.

"Oh… crap."

"If I am correct, that is what Beast Boy said you would be serving. Is it tasteful?" Starfire asked.

Robin shot him a death look, but BB couldn't really tell since Robin wears his mask and all.

Back at the tower, Robin was trying something new—microwavable dinners.

"Um, enjoy," he said, placing an arrangement of frozen lunches and dinners on the table.

"They have frozen tofu," Raven said, looking at the box Beast Boy hungrily grabbed. "Now I've seen everything."

"Do we have any meat?" Cyborg asked after he looked through all of the food.

"Yeah, it's right in that freakin' box!" Robin said, pointing to the table.

"That ain't meat! It's frozen dinner quality!" He slammed his fist on the table. "I'm going to the grocery store to get some beef."

He got up and walked out of their front door. "Remember last time when Cyborg went to the grocery store?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yes," Robin said. "Sometimes I'd like to forget that."

"I wish to eat this soup of tomato," Starfire said. "Its warmth tickles my mouth."

"Okay," Robin said, wondering where she found the can of tomato soup. "I'll make it for you, since last time the kitchen almost caught on fire."

Starfire looked confused. "I am certain that last time it was supposed to be on fire, is it not? I saw it on the Network of Food."

"That's chicken flambé Star," Raven said. "Anyway, I'll have this mini pizza, Robin."

He got the pizza from her. "Speaking of which, how come you and Beast Boy keep going down town and eating pizza?" Robin asked, starting to open Starfire's tomato soup can.

"No reason," she said. "Can't we eat pizza now and then?"

"There's nothing wrong with that, it's just you've been eating there everyday this week. Are you two, um, dating?"

Raven caused the can of soup to explode.

"My soup of tomato!" Starfire cried. She was covered in the red, cold, sticky soup.

"I take that's a no," Robin said, wiping off his mask so he could see through the tomato.

Raven looked embarrassed. "Um, sorry Star," she said.

"That is okay, friend Raven. I will have a miniature pizza, too." Starfire said, handing Robin another pizza.

"I'll microwave yours after I'm done with those two pizzas," Robin told Beast Boy.

"Okay," he replied, almost drooling over the frozen tofu. "Hurry it up, will ya?"

At this moment, their front door opened and Demonfire walked in. "Hey guys!" She said.

"Hi," they said. "We're eating lunch right now."

"Okay," Demonfire said. "I'll just eat a sandwich. It's probably the only thing that I can eat, anyway."

"Did the doctors give you a list of what you can and can't eat?" Raven asked.

"Yeah… pretty much no tomatoes… or not a lot, anyway." Demonfire sat down next to Starfire.

"Wait, aren't you going to make it?" Robin asked, getting Raven's pizza out of the microwave.

"I thought you were cooking today," Demonfire said.

Beast Boy fell on the ground laughing because of Robin's expression. Whenever he got over it, he sat back in his seat, wiping his forehead. "Man, that was a Kodak moment," he said.

At that moment, Cyborg came into the tower holding a paper sack.

"Did you get some beef?" Robin asked.

"No. Instead, I dropped by this new burger joint downtown and got… this!" Cy pulled out a huge hamburger.

"Is that sandwich sad?"

"No, Star, that's the grease dripping off of it," Robin said, disgusted. "What's in that, anyway?"

"Two hamburger patties made from 100 beef (Beast Boy shot a dirty look), three sizzling strips of bacon, three different cheeses and two whole wheat buns," Cyborg said proudly.

"Sounds like you just stepped out of the commercial," Robin said. "One of these days you're going to have a heart attack of something, you know that?"

"Who cares?" Cy replied, biting into his hamburger, and grease was flying everywhere.

"How can you do that?" Beast Boy said after watching him for a few minutes. "It's sickening!"

"But it's tasty," Cyborg said after swallowing. BB looked like he was about to faint when Star's pizza in the microwave went off.

"Here Star," Robin said, handing her the pizza. "Give me the tofu, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy made a big deal about the tofu in front of Cyborg, which got him annoyed.

"Here's your sandwich, Dee-Dee," Robin said, handing a sandwich to Demonfire. "You like peanut butter, right?"

"Yep. I like the smell of peanut butter," she said before taking a bite. (A/N: it's a long story, but now I'm obsessed with the smell of peanut butter… if you want to hear the whole story, IM at HeLgAp03… hehe.)

They continued to eat lunch until they heard the alarm go off suddenly. "Titans, go!" Robin said, suddenly getting up from the table. Demonfire got up, too, but Robin told her to stay.

"Why? I can fight!" She said, showing her fists.

"Sorry, but I just want to make sure you're okay," Robin said. He ran after the rest of the Titans.

Demonfire rolled her eyes and muttered a few cuss words under her breath. She looked over her shoulder, though, to make sure they were gone. Then she stared longingly at the ketchup bottle. "No. I can't have it," she told herself. She tried to get away from the table to forget about the bottle of ketchup calling her name.

The rest of the Titans were at the scene of the crime—a mysterious black shadow thingy was terrifying a few people downtown. What was a mystery, though, was why the people were falling to the ground, clutching their throats.

Cy sniffed the air. "This ain't good—that's gas!"

The figure suddenly took shape as a human being. It was still black and smoky, but it had deep-red eyes. "Good guess. I'm Shadow, destroyer of nations!"

"If we wanted to know, we would've asked for your business card," Raven said, rolling her eyes.

"Ah, but I have a present for you instead!" His arm suddenly turned into a sword and in a second it was hovering a few inches in front of Raven's face. "Talk again and it's going to hurt."

Raven, for once in her life, got nervous.

"Robin, if this dude's gas, then get Demonfire! She can help!" BB whispered to the Boy Wonder.

"Okay," he whispered back. He got out his Titans communicator and contacted the tower. "Demonfire, are you there?"

Back at the tower, Demonfire was busy listening to "My Alien" on her headphones, trying to ignore the ketchup in the kitchen.

"Demonfire! De—" He stopped to see his friends caught in the metal grip of Shadow.

"Your turn, Robin. One wrong move and your friends are mincemeat!"

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