When Coop called her that night, she didn't answer her phone. Maureen promised herself she would never speak to him again. There was no reason to. He would obviously be very happy with his newest fling, but eventually Miss Perfect would get screwed over, just like she had been.

"So have you spoken with Maureen yet?" Jody asked in practice the next day.
"She wouldn't answer my calls last night."
"You're kidding?"
"Didn't you talk to her when she came down here yesterday?"
"I could have sworn that's where she was going," Jodie commented. "After she signed the lease, she took off somewhere in a huge hurry."
"Yesterday afternoon?"
"Yeah, why?"
"You said she moved in with you girls."
"Well, she's got to go back to Queens to get her things, but she's our 4th roommate in the Brownstone."

Coop smacked his hand against his forehead, with an inkling of just what had gone on.
"Is she home right now?"
"She might be."
"Can we run down to your place?" he pleaded. His eyes lit with frantic urgency.
"Let me change out of my toe shoes," she said, as she quickly removed them.
To Cooper it seemed that every move of her hands as she slipped on her street gear was agonizingly slow.
"Leave your duffle here. We'll come back," he said as they rushed out of the building.

They rushed down the street, and found the door locked. Jody hurriedly turned the key. "Maureen," she called inside. Coop was behind her. Jody ran down to her room which was still empty. The bathroom was empty.
"She's probably in Queens," Jodie said. "She'll be back."
Coop quickly dialed her on his cell phone. "Call me back. I'm sick of this game," he barked. Jody was startled by how uptight he seemed. She didn't dare ask what happened, and didn't get a chance to ask Maureen about it. Maureen had decided to spend the night at her parents still packing up her old room.

"You should come with us," Jodie urged her as Maureen curled up on the couch with the remote.
"No one should spend New Year's Eve on the couch alone, when they can go to a club where there will be a lot of friends, and a lot of hot guys."
"I don't know anyone besides you and Coop."
"And Jasmine, and Lexi."
"Still, isn't it a private party?"
"Since when have our parties ever been exclusive?" Lexi asked. "Jodie's right. You should come with us," she interjected.
"Coop will be there."
"No, he won't. He had plans with his sister tonight," Jasmine said.
"Fine, I'll go," Maureen said as she got up from the couch and headed into her bedroom. She had no idea what to wear.

They entered the club, and quickly located the group from the company. Maureen was relieved to see she wasn't the only person not from the company who was there. They ordered a round of drinks. "Would you like to dance?" she heard someone ask. To her surprise, it was a rather attractive guy that was asking her. "Of course," she replied. Her drink sat on the table untouched as a few more guys headed her way. She felt another tap on the shoulder and turned around.

"You and I need to talk," he said, a smile plastered on his face.They went up to the third floor of the club which was next to deserted. "What is going on?" he demanded to know.
"Why should you care? You have your Flavor of the month now," she snapped back.
"Julianne is my sister. I thought I would hire her as a temporary choreographer until either you accepted or somebody else came along."
"Your sister?" Maureen repeated, wide eyed with sudden understanding.
"Now what's this I hear about you moving to the city?"
"I was going to tell you I accepted the job."
"Will you still join the company?" he asked slipping his arms around her.
"What about your sister?"
"10…9…8," they heard the countdown begin below.
"She's going back to school," he smiled, "she would much rather be a dancer anyway."
"Happy New Year, Maureen."
"Happy New Year Coop," she replied.
He kissed her.


Five Years Later in a Manhattan studio…

Maureen sat their daughter, Ava, on the floor as she and Coop set to work opening the studio for practice that day. Ava was almost twenty two months, and had been born two years after Coop, and Maureen were married.

Ava toddled over to her usual spot in the corner where sometimes she would play with her toys, but mostly she loved to just sit and watch them practice.

Jody was the first one as usual to arrive at practice. This time Eva trailed right behind her. Eva had come running to Cooper after she had mouthed off to Jonathan one too many times. Cooper was reluctant at first, but Eva thrived, once away from the culture of ABA, and Cooper's company gained another amazing dancer.

Jody and Charlie had gotten married a few months before Maureen and Cooper had, while Eva was still single. A reality T.V star with an attitude to match Eva's had been dating her, and things seemed to be going really well for them for the time being.

The other dancers arrived, and they spent two hours going over a number for the spring show. As they took a water break, Maureen looked over at the corner.
"Honey, look," she said nudging her husband.
In the corner their daughter was trying to do the same moves she had just seen the dancers do. They laughed, knowing they could expect little else. After all, her parents were both true dancers.