Caz Klein impatiently paced in her room, every now and then glancing at her clock that seemed to be moving so slowly. Caz was very excited, but anxious at the same time, for today was the day that her best friend, Simon, came through the portal to Morphea. Fifteen minutes later, although to Caz it seemed like hours, a voice called Caz's name. It was her mother.

"Come down. They should be here soon" Caz smiled and started descending the stairs, just in time to see the all too familiar portal in the doorway and Simon and her father step through. Caz's heart jumped as she saw Simon and realised just how much she had missed him. She raced down the rest of the stairs and engulfed Simon in a warm hug, who hugged her fiercely in return. Simon then greeted everyone else, while Caz watched him, a happiness that she had never known creeping over her.

"Come on everyone," Oma said. "There's food is in the dining room"

For the next two weeks Caz and Simon talked for hours and hours, exploring more of Atlantis and Morphea, visiting the Graces, Rapture and all the other friends they had met on their adventures. Caz had never been happier. Finally only one day remained until Simon had to leave and go back to Doldreada. A huge party was held, to celebrate his time in Morphea. Caz tried to enjoy herself, but couldn't, knowing that Simon was leaving tomorrow. Sighing Caz slowly got up and walked onto the balcony. Leaning against the railing, she picked a star and wished he didn't have to leave. A pair of arms came into view and Caz looked into Simon's dark green eyes. Her heart jumped, spreading such happiness and sadness through her, as well as a feeling she had felt for the past fortnight, after looking into Simon's eyes. She gave him a weak smile and turned her head to look at the sky again.

"Caz what's wrong?" Simon asked, concern spreading across his face. "You've been really down all day."

"It's nothing" Caz replied, trying to think of an excuse, but lying to Simon took too much effort. "I'm just really going to miss you, when you leave tomorrow."

"I'm going to come back, in a couple of months" he said, putting a comforting arm around her shoulders.

"That doesn't mean I'm not going to miss you" Caz said sadly, as a single tear fell onto her cheek.

Simon put his hand under her chin, forcing her to look at him and gently wiped the tear off her cheek, his other hand now rubbing Caz's hair. He looked deep into her eyes, slowly raised her lips to meet his and then wrapped his arms around her waist. Caz shocked at first, soon relaxed into the kiss and put her arms around his neck. Once they came up for air, they looked into each other's eyes and kissed again, this time much more passionately.

Caz closing her eyes and rested her head on Simon's shoulder, relaxing into his strong arms.

"I love you Caz." Simon murmured into her hair.

"I love you too." Caz replied. And suddenly, nothing else mattered.


A fanfic I wrote for me and my friend because two of the main characters in this series didn't get together and we thought they should. I figured I might as well post it. I haven't really explained any of the characters or anything, coz I couldn't be bothered. Enjoy.