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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart." Helen Keller


The day was bright and warm with sunlight. There was a welcomed breeze that stirred the leaves on the trees and brought the long, wild grass to life. The trees that had once looked so frightening in the dark looked happy and inviting. The small homes that dotted the rolling green hills looked cozy and quaint. There were flowers of all different colors dotting the grass and adding to the overall feeling of the coming spring. The air, though warm and cheering, was lifted with the cool breeze, making the morning crisp. When one breathed, the feel and smell of the air was capable of making one feel truly alive. Especially on this day, for this was the day of the wedding of Ivy Walker and Lucius Hunt.

The late morning sunlight was streaming through the windows in the Hunt house, casting rays across the wooden planks of the floor, the rays that Lucius Hunt was upsetting by doing something very uncharacteristic of his nature. He was pacing back and forth in the front room with shuffling steps, deep in thought. Alice Hunt was leaning in the doorway and watching her son with a lingering smile on her lips.

"Lucius," she called. He didn't respond. She tried again, holding back her laughter. "Lucius Hunt."

He turned to her, startled from his reverie. It took him a short moment to respond. "Yes, Mother?"

She smiled at him knowingly. "Are you feeling nervous, My Son?"

He looked down a little sheepishly and fumbled with the cuffs of his shirt. "Yes… Quite." His mother smiled a little wider and came to stand next to him. She was overwhelmed by emotion again just by looking at him. "I cannot believe my only son is going to get married today. It seems like only yesterday that I was getting ready for my own wedding." She repeated for what seemed the millionth time that week and regarded him with unshed tears and a wistful look in her eye. "You and Ivy are going to be so happy together."

Lucius nodded and looked at his mother, feeling wistful himself. He was going to be leaving this house and his mother alone here and moving into a new home with his new wife and starting a brand new life with her. He was excited and nervous all at once, which created quite an odd feeling. His stomach was clenched in sickening anxiousness yet he felt like smiling all the time.

"Anyway…" Alice smiled and wiped at her eyes. "Here I am carrying on and there is much still to do. Are all your belongings packed and ready to be taken to the cottage?" She changed subjects quickly, taking her mind off the sad subject for the time being.

Lucius nodded again. They had spent a better part of last evening packing all his belongings into an old trunk and talking, well mostly Alice did the talking, about Lucius's life changing now and reminiscing about his childhood. It had been a wonderful moment between them, but it left Lucius feeling slightly empty and sad. Though that part of him was warmed and overcome by the unrelenting happiness of the impending wedding.

"Lucius, Perhaps you should go check on your new house, you can leave your things there and make sure everything is as it should be." Alice suggested grasping his shoulder. "I will get ready and meet you down at the wedding canopy and we can help set up."

"Thank you, Mother." Lucius took his mother's hand. "For everything."

She smiled a watery smile and promised herself not to cry until the wedding commenced. "You're welcome, Son. Now go on."

Lucius nodded and left his mother in the front room briefly to go retrieve his belongings and take one last look at what he was leaving behind. He kissed his mother on the cheek and told her he would meet her soon and then he left the house he grew up in and closed the door firmly behind him.


The Walker household was much more chaotic. Mr. and Mrs. Walker were bustling around the house in confusion making sure that things were done that needed to be and looking for things that needed doing. Other members of the village were walking in and out constantly of the opened door of the Walkers' cottage and showing Mrs. Walker flower decorations for approval, going over the plans, discussing last minute dinner menu changes, and the like. Kitty came into the house just as one of the women decorating left with trailing streams of papers flowing after her.

"Papa, where is Ivy?" She asked, stopping her father as he was about to walk out the door after the woman.

He smiled joyfully at his oldest daughter. "She went frolicking out of the house early this morning." He chuckled remembering the manner in which Ivy had woken them that morning, dancing around their room and singing, and how she had very impatiently moved about the house for a very short time, refusing to eat breakfast for her happy anxiousness and then nearly skipped out of the house.

"She left? Papa, she cannot wander about the village. Lucius cannot see her before the wedding." Kitty demanded in mild anger. Her father smiled and put his arm on her shoulder. "I believe she is at resting rock at the moment." He hinted and then left, saying how he needed to go check on the wedding area.

Kitty sighed and turned back, making her way quickly across the grass to the edge of the forest. She was so excited for Ivy, but she wanted the day to be perfect too, and for the wedding to go on without a hitch. With so much to do, she had to responsible for Ivy and for getting her ready for the momentous event.

She couldn't help smiling to herself as she eased her way through the waist high grass to the resting rock. Once she made it to the clearing she found Ivy sitting on the rock, tapping her cane impatiently on the ground with a bright smile already on her face.

"Who is it?" Ivy asked when she heard the rustling. She had been afraid it was Lucius, having the same idea to get away for a little while, but then she could not see his color anywhere.

"It is me," her sister answered.

"Oh, Kitty," Ivy stood and her smile grew. "Kitty, I'm getting married today." She said it as if it were something unknown.

Kitty laughed and took Ivy's hands. "I know, Ivy. I am so happy for you."

They sat back down on the rock and spoke excitedly about the wedding to come. They were discussing her lovely dress when Ivy's attention was diverted. "Oh, Kitty, look. There's Lucius."

She could see his color as it moved, far away, through the grass that framed the clearing. Kitty watched the form that could have been any man wandering across the grass towards a cluster of homes. She had always thought it odd that Ivy saw certain people in colors and everyone else, including herself, she saw nothing of, but Ivy had explained it to her long ago.

Ivy giggled. "He's going to be my husband, Kitty."

Her sister smiled and shook her head. "I know, Ivy, 'finally' right?"

"Yes," Ivy insisted. She had dreamed about this day forever it seemed, ever since she was a little girl she had loved Lucius. And now, finally, she was going to marry him and be with him forever. Ivy laughed in pure happiness.

"All Right, Ivy, Hurry, we will take the back way to our house so Lucius does not see us and so you can start to get ready. Everything must be ready by dusk. Let us go." Kitty insisted, grabbing her sister's hand and pulling her to her feet with purposeful haste.


Lucius stood outside the house for a moment admiring it before he went in. The house had just been finished yesterday. Earlier Lucius had been worried that the men would finish the house before he could take any part in building it but he had felt well enough in the last week or so to help finish up the work. He could barely believe that the house was going to be his and Ivy's now.

He dragged his trunk across the porch and across the planked floor of the new house. It was wonderfully cozy inside. All of the newly made furniture still smelled of freshly cut wood and polish. The fabrics looked vibrant and soft to the touch. The aroma of fresh cut flowers that had been placed in decorative vases around the house filled the space pleasantly.

Lucius dragged his things into the bedroom that had been made up for them. All of Ivy's things had already been put away in the wardrobe by her mother. He took his time hanging his clothes next to all of Ivy's dresses and then he slid his trunk under the big, high bed that stood in the middle of the room.

It was after lingering in the house for a quarter of an hour that Lucius left for the time being and made his way down to the wood and glass structure that would house the wedding reception. It looked wonderful already even though it wasn't finished. There were several members of the village working on the unfinished half of the building, Alice Hunt being one of them. Mr. Walker was standing in the middle talking to a woman holding a bouquet of flowers and ribbons when Lucius arrived.

"Lucius, My Boy, how are you?" Mr. Walker smiled brightly and clapped him on the back.

"Nervous." He answered truthfully, looking down slightly. Edward laughed.

"Yes, I know how that is. It will go away once you see her," he assured with a wink. Lucius nodded in response and Edward leaned in a little closer to talk in Lucius's ear.

"Did you and Ivy decide on when you will be going to the towns?" His voice was low in conspiring.

"In a week. We think it best to go soon considering there are no medicines left." Lucius answered in a whisper. At the last meeting with the Elders they had discussed Ivy and Lucius's planned trip to the towns to gather more medicines and health care supplies. The original Elders had told the new elders to think on when they would go.

Mr. Walker nodded. "That is fine. We will discuss final arrangements at the next meeting."

Before Lucius could even reply a familiar young woman came hurrying up to Mr. Walker and begged for his opinion on the colors of flowers the group of girls were arguing over using in the corner of the structure. Edward excused himself to go sort out the issue and the young woman lingered by Lucius.

"I am so glad for you and Ivy, Lucius. It is a blessing that you two have fallen in love. It is such a beautiful thing-love." She insisted with a warm smile, placing her hand on his arm. Lucius was not sure what to say so he nodded and quietly thanked her. When she left him he went to go help his mother, hoping it would help to calm his nerves.


Ivy was laying back in the bath, trying to relax while Kitty and her mother fussed over Ivy's newly-made wedding dress. Her mind had been wandering and she had thought of Noah. She wished he was here now for her wedding. She remembered at Kitty's wedding when he was messing about with all the decorations and having his usual fun. She wished he was here to do the same at her wedding…

"I need just to reinforce this seam. It looks like it might give way during the ceremony. Have you washed your hair, Ivy?" Her mother's voice assaulted her ears and brought her from her thoughts.

"Yes, Mother." She sighed, feeling glad at the moment that she would from now on be living alone with Lucius.

"Okay then, you can stay in there a few moments longer until you will need to start getting ready." And with that her mother left the room to get her sewing kit. Kitty knelt next to the tub and Ivy could feel the tension of excitement around her and she couldn't help but smile brilliantly with happiness.

"I'm getting married, Kitty." Ivy whispered yet again. Kitty laughed and nodded. "I know, Ivy."

Ivy laid her head back against the tub and let out a breath. "Speaking of which, how is your marriage to Christop?" With all the fussing over her wedding to Lucius and about the two of them trying to uncover the secrets of the village she had not had time to really talk with Kitty lately.

"Oh, it is wonderful," Kitty responded with a dreamy sigh, folding her arms and leaning on the rim on the bath. "He is so excited for the arrival of our child."

"As we all are," Ivy added, feeling the pang of excitement and hope in her chest of wanting to have Lucius's children. She wondered what they would be like, their children. If they would be strong and silent like Lucius or stubborn and adventurous like herself.

She was broken out of her thinking by her mother who had apparently bustled back into the room with the improved dress and was telling Ivy to get out of the bath. She obeyed and Kitty handed her a towel to dry off with. She dried herself and ran it through her hair to stop it from dripping water onto the floor as Kitty helped her into her more formal underclothes. And at last, carefully, she stepped into her dress as Kitty buttoned up the back. She really was a vision, as Kitty insisted. Her dress was white silk-like material underneath that formed a long skirt and a sleeveless bodice, and it was covered in layers of sheer white fabric. The gauzy material formed a very full skirt and covered the bodice up to form a high ruffled collar. Then it stretched out along the arms to end in ruffled cuffs at the wrists. Just wearing it Ivy felt beautiful.

"Oh, Mama, are these vines of ivy?" Kitty exclaimed fingering the white sewn embroidery.

"Oh, yes, the seamstress finished the dress early and decided that would be a charming addition. Do you like it, Ivy?" Her mother questioned, taking Ivy's hand so she could feel the craftsmanship.

"Oh, yes," Ivy assured her mother, "I think it's wonderful, I will have to thank Mrs. Sawyer again." Her mother agreed and handed Ivy her stockings and veil and insisted she had to leave to check on the preparations but would be right back and for Kitty to 'fix Ivy's hair'.

When her mother left Ivy let out a breath she had been holding. She knew her mother had…good intentions, but her high-strung nature was getting to Ivy. She tried to get herself to relax more and she sat down to put on her stockings and shoes as Kitty combed her hair and as she waited for her Ivy's hair to dry, she went about making the band of white and pink flowers to go in Ivy's hair.

There came a knock on the door and Kitty told whoever it was to come in. Ivy recognized the color emanating from the person as her father and she smiled. "Hello, Papa."

He smiled back as he shut the door behind him and took in the scene of his little girl in her pristine wedding dress. "Kitty, could you go finish that up in the living room?" He requested softly.

Kitty complied and left the two alone. Edward sat down on the bed next to his daughter and took her hand in his. "It is almost time, Ivy."

"Yes, Papa, I know." She just couldn't keep the smile off of her face. He just looked at her for a moment and then took a small box out of his coat pocket and gently placed it in Ivy's hand.

"What is this?" She asked and he told her to open it. Inside was a gold chain and when she lifted it out of the box a heart-shaped locket swung from side to side.

"This," her father started, taking a hold of the locket, "is a necklace that belonged to my mother before she passed away. Kitty was given a ring from of your mother's mother, as you know, and I wanted you to have this."

"Oh, Papa," Ivy whispered, pressing her fingers against the cool metal of the heart. "I love it, Papa, thank you so much." And with that she reached out and hugged her father tightly, for some reason feeling as though she may start to cry.

"You are welcome." He wiped an escaped tear from her cheek and placed a kiss on her forehead, and then he took the necklace from her and secured it around her neck. "You look beautiful."

Ivy blushed a little. "Thank you."

Mr. Walker nodded and squeezed her arm and took to leave. "Now, I must get back and you must get ready. I love you, Ivy."

"I love you also, Papa." Ivy smiled and wiped away the dampness from her sightless eyes.

"I will see you at the wedding." He kissed her again and quietly left. Kitty came in moments later with the finished flower wreath and placed it on Ivy's head, leaving her strawberry blond curls free. Then she carefully placed the long veil in her hair and let it fall forward, shrouding the happy tears that were already slipping down Ivy's smiling face.


Alice Hunt tried to hold back her smile as she stepped forward to help Lucius tie his tie as he was having trouble with his trembling fingers.

They were standing in the master bedroom of Lucius and Ivy's new house as Lucius put on his new suit that was made especially for the wedding. The trousers, coat, and tie were rich brown His shirt a clean white, and his vest was off-white with a brown floral pattern. It fit him perfectly.

"Do not laugh at me." Lucius requested, lifting his chin to make his neck accessible for his mother to take the strip of fabric between her fingers.

"I am not laughing." Alice insisted, hiding her smile by ducking her head slightly, but she could not hide it in her voice.

Lucius huffed silently and then buttoned his vest before sliding on his new jacket and straightening it nervously.

Alice stood by silently and watched as her son adjusted the sleeves of his coat in the mirror. She tried not to let her thoughts become too sentimental but she just couldn't help it as she saw him in his wedding suit. She couldn't help the thoughts from coming but this time she didn't voice them, she simply smiled, albeit a bit sadly, and told her only son that if he did not hurry he would be late for his own wedding.


The sky was a watercolor meld of vibrant red, flaming orange and deep, heartbreaking purple. The large, bright ball of sun hung so low on the horizon that it was a wonder there was still any light at all in the sky. The clouds were stretched across the heavens like a web of pastel colored cotton, diluting the fiery colors of the sky, trying to turn it into an inky grey that had already started to creep into the colors from the very air farthest from the sun. Even though the world had not succumb to darkness yet, the lanterns of the village had all been lit and they swung imperceptibly in the light breeze that incited the flames into dancing. The large glass canopy sparkled magnificently in the late evening light and stood invitingly, waiting to be filled with the numerous attendees of the wedding. It was decorated to the hilt with bouquets of pink, violet, and yellow wild flowers, streaming paper chains of all colors, and hanging jars with homemade candles and flitting flames in them. The fresh picked flowers gave off a sweet, airy aroma that tickled one's nose pleasantly as it was carried through the crisp breath of night. It mixed with the smoky scent given off by the lanterns and candles and created the smell of celebration. Crickets had just started to come awake and make the beautiful noise of darkness to accompany August Nicholson's rough voice reciting the words of wedded union to Ivy and Lucius, who stood directly before him, and the rest of the village, who sat comfortably in the floating green grass.

The day that Ivy, Lucius, and most of the village had waited so long for had finally arrived. And there was no one in the village who wasn't giddily happy for the couple. But, no one was as happy as the couple in question. No one could have been. Ivy was certain that to be filled with anymore happiness than what she felt at that very moment. And Lucius was in concurrence.

When he had first seen Ivy in her beautifully pure white wedding dress he had forgotten how to breathe, remembering only when the low supply of oxygen caused him to feel terribly light headed. Or maybe that was just Ivy. He was sure he had never seen anything or anyone as beauteous or awe-inducing as Ivy Walker. He asked himself many times over in his head why she would want to spend the rest of her life with someone like him as he took her hand in his trembling one. His whole body was shaking, he then realized, and he wondered if anyone else noticed. He wondered why, though he was shivering more than ever, that as soon as he had seen Ivy all the tightness in his chest had disappeared and he no longer felt any frightfulness, only peacefulness and the warm, tingly feeling of undying love for the person standing in front of him. He panicked for a short moment when he realized he hadn't been listening to Mr. Nicholson, but once he realized that he was speaking still of the very love he was feeling at that moment he calmed again. Lucius pulled his gaze back to look into Ivy's intense, unseeing eyes and he was in reverence. Mr. Nicholson's well-worded speech of love and faith started to penetrate Lucius's clouded mind and for some indiscernible reason he felt like crying and his throat started to close around his breath and his eyes began to tingle unpleasantly with unwashed tears.

Ivy stood at the same moment, thinking quite the same way. Her hands were held fast in Lucius's warm, slightly shaking, hold. Even though they had kissed many times before, simply holding hands now felt like the most intimate of touches. She was being joined forever to the man in front of her, the man she loved with all her heart. And their hands would be joined forever. Their bodies, their souls, would be joined forever. She had dreamt of this for as long as she could remember and now she couldn't believe it was actually happening. She was crying already, she had been from the very start and she continued to now. She was overcome by so many emotions it was hard to breathe and she had to force her mind to stay listening to Mr. Nicholson performing the ceremony as she felt the love radiating from Lucius.

Finally, Mr. Nicholson started to recite the vows of holy matrimony to the couple and the crowd. When Lucius recited the words he was told, his voice was even quieter than usual and rough around the edges from his restricted throat, but it was softened with love. Ivy's voice was shaky and temperamental, but confident with feeling. When they had both uttered the final words of union, they exchanged the fire-forged rings to represent their unending love for one another. It was only then that Mr. Nicholson spoke the most beautiful words either had ever heard.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

It took half a second for Lucius to realize exactly what he had said and when he did, his shaking, although he had anticipated the opposite reaction, stopped altogether. Time seemed to suspend in the air around the two of them as Lucius lifted the white, gauzy veil that partially hid Ivy's delicate face. He looked into her eyes and it seemed she was staring straight into the depths of his soul. Unconsciously, Lucius's rough fingers wiped away the wet tears on Ivy's cheeks and cupped her face with one hand, letting the other fall to grasp her arm just above the elbow. He couldn't remember ever feeling so light as he leaned in closer to his wife. His wife. After what seemed an eternity to Ivy, Lucius's lips joined with hers in the most warm, soft, and loving kiss she had ever felt.


It was shortly after the ending of the ceremony and after Lucius, Ivy, and the family of both had received members of the village for congratulatory words and hand clasps, that the music had started. The piano that had been carefully placed in the corner of the wedding canopy had been brought to life and a lively tune was now floating through the air though not many were dancing for most were still mingling in the wedding afterglow of festivities.

It was then that Alice Hunt found herself standing next to Edward Walker after the couple that had been making conversation with them had excused themselves. The silence was awkward and Alice twisted her skirts in her hands as she tried to find excuse to leave. Instead she told herself to be brave and she looked straight at Edward. "It was very dusty outside during the ceremony, was it not?"

Edward looked at her for a moment. "Excuse me?"

Alice smiled, "I only mention it because I saw it was affecting your eyes during the wedding." She brought her hand to her eyes in a mime of wiping away tears.

Edward smiled back remembering the conversation at Kitty's wedding. "Ah, Yes, It was quite dusty."

Then the silence ensued again. And as Alice wracked her mind for something else to say, for they had exhausted the talk of how wonderful a couple Ivy and Lucius were when they were talking with the others, she realized something. She still felt something for Edward. She still felt something for him and it was more than friendship. And she knew he felt it too, because if they were both nothing but friends they would not have so much trouble finding something to speak on, and it would not be so uncomfortable in the meanwhile. Right now there was still something wrong between the two. And to move on to just being friends was going to take time and probably some effort. They needed to acknowledge their feelings, which they already did, and now they needed to let them go. To get over those feelings for one another. To do that Alice thought that they would need to stay away from each other for awhile, to allow themselves to move on and not to dwell on their feelings or thoughts. And there was only one way to start down that long road.

Alice smiled genuinely at Edward Walker, her soon-to-be dear friend, and excused herself. Then she walked away.

And promptly walked into August Nicholson.

"Oh, I am terribly sorry," Alice apologized, her hand over her heart as August steadied her.

"It is quite alright," he insisted, and after a moment of looking at her carefully he did something very unusual. He asked her to dance.

Alice, though slightly surprised, agreed, of course, and without so much as a glance back at Edward Walker, followed Mr. Nicholson onto the dance floor where several members of the village had started dancing and they soon followed suit.


When Lucius had been pulled away into conversation by various members of the village, well, if you can consider a conversation as Lucius simply listening and nodding as others spoke, Ivy found it perfect opportunity to get away from the warmth and noise of the canopy and she departed to sit on a wonderfully cool rock not 20 yards from the festivities.

It was there that Lucius found her ten minutes later, after successfully evading those who tried to congratulate him for the third or fourth time. He crept up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Lucius," Ivy whispered and turned her face to his to receive a kiss. Which he readily gave.

"What ever are you doing out here?" He asked quietly, taking a seat next to her.

"I simply came out for a breath of fresh air, My Husband."

Lucius's lips twitched at her endearment and he looked down at his shoes. "It is very crowded in there; the fresh air is a welcome reprieve."

Ivy agreed and leaned into Lucius to gather his warmth. He placed an arm around her. "I told your father this morning that we will be going to the towns next week. He said it was fine."

"Oh, good. I was fearful they would retract their promise of letting us go." Ivy sighed.

"Yes, I must admit I am somewhat nervous to go to the towns, but I also cannot wait. I wonder what it will be like exactly."

Ivy answered, "I'm glad I will not be alone this time. It was quite frightful before I must say."

"Yes, I'm glad you will not be alone too, but we can make all the final arrangements at the next meeting."

Ivy nodded and sighed. "Well, I suppose we should go back now, it is our own party."

"One more thing before we go back," Lucius insisted. He stood up and held out his hand shyly to Ivy. "Ivy Hunt, will you do me the honor of this dance?"

She stared at him for a moment, a pleasant and loving smile on her face. "Of course, Lucius." She took his hand and stood up. Lucius hesitated a short while before pulling his wife close to his body.

Out in the cold night air the strains of the piano could be heard softly in the short distance. The breeze ruffled the grass around their feet and the lanterns cast faint, eerie, dancing light on the couple. Laughter and talking voices filtered through the night but the only thing Lucius and Ivy could hear was the music.

They swayed slowly. Lucius held Ivy against him by the small of her back and Ivy had one hand placed flat against Lucius's chest. She hummed along with the tune as they danced and then pressed her cheek against her husband's. "I love you, Lucius."

"I love you too." He whispered in her ear, making her shiver in delight. Ivy turned her head and pressed her lips to his in a kiss. They still swayed with their lips joined and Ivy deepened the kiss a little. Their dancing slowed and Lucius pulled Ivy closer. It was a few moments later when Ivy pulled away and suggested that maybe they should go back now.

Lucius insisted not yet and he started their dance again. He spun Ivy and she laughed mirthfully before spinning back into Lucius's arms.

"Ivy?" Lucius laid his cheek on the top of her head.

"Yes?" She whispered, letting one hand wander up to twirl his hair idly.

He let out a breath and cleared his throat slightly before whispering in her ear. "What is my color?"

Ivy giggled and pulled away to turn her unseeing gaze on Lucius's face.

"You promised." He persisted before she could say anything.

"I did promise." She agreed, smiling brilliantly. "Fine, I will tell you what your color is. You waited long enough, have you not?"

"I have."

Ivy leaned up so her lips just grazed his ear and she whispered very very quietly. "Your color is red." She waited for his reaction.

"The bad color?" was the first thing he said.

"No, not the bad color. Just red." Ivy insisted. "Only the very very brave wear red, Lucius. Am I right? It is the cowardice who wear yellow. The fearful. Those whose greatest concern is their own safety. That certainly is not you"

Lucius blushed and nodded ever slightly after absorbing what she had said. "I never thought I would be red."

"No?" Ivy questioned. "What color did you reckon you would be then?"

"I did not know…Red is just not a color that crossed my mind."

"Are you disappointed?" Ivy asked, still swaying with her husband.

"No." Lucius answered. "I am not disappointed at all. In fact, I am quite glad my color is red." He pulled his wife closer. "Thank you for telling me."

"Well, I think you deserve it after waiting for so long." Lucius's color flickered in agreement and they danced in silence for a moment more before Ivy spoke up again.

"My father's color is yellow."


It was hours after the couple's dance that they stood at the edge of the canopy. The elders had ended the festivities now that it was so late at night, the moon had risen high above them by now.

Lucius and Ivy had been told that they may leave to retire to their new home and were now saying goodnights and receiving final congratulations from the villagers. When the villagers finally stopped the queue and started to help to clean up the wilting decorations, Ivy whispered in Lucius's ear. "Let us go home."

Lucius gathered his wife's hand in his and slowly started to lead her to their new cottage.

"Oh, the wedding was so beautiful. It was just what I imagined." Ivy said emphatically as soon as they had gotten a fair distance away from the rest of the village.

"Yes," Lucius agreed wholeheartedly. It was exactly as he had imagined too.

"I cannot believe we are finally married!" Ivy broke away laughing from Lucius and started to dance around him in giddy happiness. Lucius couldn't help but smile at the sight. She looked magical in her flowing pure white gown, dancing in the middle of the dark night.

She almost fell over in her excitement and Lucius had to catch her from falling into the cold dewy grass. This only caused her to laugh more and Lucius had to support her as they made the last bit of distance to their new house.

"Oh, and our finished house! Lucius, Is it as beautiful as I imagine it?" Ivy asked gleefully, running her hand along the wood.

"More." He answered, placing a hand around Ivy's waist and stopping her from opening the door.

"What?" She asked, anxious to get inside.

Lucius stayed silent but he leaned down and placed one arm behind her knees and another behind her back and then tilted her into his arm and straightened up.

"Oh, Lucius." Ivy laughed. "You will hurt yourself."

"I must carry my new wife over the threshold to our new home." He insisted. Ivy did not answer but instead pressed her lips to his and Lucius nudged the door open before carrying his new wife not only into their new home, but into their new life of happiness. Together.


The real end.

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