Chapter 5

"So how was your bus trip. Miss me?" Elena walked into the room that her and John were going to share. "Get this, they want to give Rene and I a shot at the Tag team titles in a few weeks when they build it up more. Isn't that cool?"

"Bet it's pissing Kenzo off. It's great though. Just hope you know what you're in for. Playing with the big boys and all." John replied, pulling her onto their bed. "Not being sexist, just not wanting you to get hurt."

Elena sighed. "I know. Don't think Rene was too pleased about it. He feels I'm stealing his thunder. He didn't say it, but I knew what he was thinking."

"Well lets not worry about him. We have a couple of hours until the house show. What do you want to do?" John crawled on top of her, sliding his hand up her top.

Elena just kissed him in reply then slipped out of her clothes before tearing off his. Making love to him was very passionate. Niether of them could believe just how perfect it was. There was no doubt that both of them had had their fair share of partners, but both thought that the other was second to no-one.

Afterwards Elena rested her head on John's chest, feeling relaxed and satisfied. "That was really amazing." She cuddled up even closer to him.

John couldn't believe it. The way Elena had touched him had drove him wild. "Yes it was." All he could do was agree with her. He kissed her again passionately.

"Just don't stop touching me." Elena breathed out. She felt John's arms around her and she stroked his chest.

"I'm not going anywhere." He had said that to many girls before, but there was something different about Elena. She made him want to stay and talk, be vulnerable. He knew that he truely meant it.

Rene sat alone in his locker room, after his match. Elena came in a few minutes later with John by her side. "Great match, don't you think. Though it will be good when I stop being just an interrference." She looked at her boyfriend and her brother, staring at each other with mixed emotions. Elena knew exactely what Rene was thinking, so she could really feel the tension between the two.

"I better go, leave you two alone. I'll meet you in the parking lot. See ya Rene." With that John left.

Elena glared back at Rene. "Okay spill. What have you got against him. I can feel there's something you want to tell me you may aswell get it out."

Rene sighed. "I am happy that you're happy, really. Just not happy about the situation. I just think you're moving too fast with him."

"That's not the reason and you know it. You may aswell tell me the truth because I know when you're lying." Elena sat down beside him. "I know that through your eyes no guy is ever good enough for me. I know because I feel the same way about the girls you go out with. It's just because we're so close we want each other to have perfect lives and who can judge partners better than your twin right? I'm happy with John and I hope this relationship goes far and I want you to be happy for me."

"It's not that, really." Rene paused, wondering how his sister would react. "Do you know about John Cena's past history with girls?"

"Rumours say he's a bit of a commitment phobic. Then again, so was I. It's because you have to find the right person who doesn't judge you on how you're portrayed." Elena told him.

"He's a commitment phobic, yes. So much that he left a girl at the alter." Rene explained. "Serena, she was beautiful, witty and everything John wanted, or so he said."

Elena knew he was telling the truth. She just couldn't believe it. "There was probably something else to it. I mean, we weren't there. People change you know. Anyway, we're talking about a relationship in the very early stages here. Not a potential marriage."

Rene raised an eyebrow. "Come on, I know it has crossed your mind. He makes you feel good and I understand that. I just hope he doesn't do something like that to you that's all."

Elena could feel that there was more to the story. "Is there something else about this Serena girl that I should know about? There's something you're not telling me."

Rene couldn't tell Elena the truth. He didn't want her to know in case she thought he was being biased towards John. "Since you asked, I don't want you going out with him. Though I know it's not going to make a difference. So, I'll get over it and try my best to be happy for you."

Rene stared up at the ceiling of his hotel room. For the first time in months his mind was drifting to her. She was a journalist for Smackdown magazine, but she wasn't one of the biased media who tried to make everyone look bad or do anything to reveal shocking secrets. The beautiful, witty brunette with legs to rival Stacy Keibler that he had once loved.

He remembered it all so well, though he had tried to forget. Smackdown was touring Italy and he was walking to the elevator in his hotel when he saw her standing outside one of the rooms, obviously waiting for someone. He still remembered how gorgeous she looked.

"Serena." He walked up to her. "A little surprised to see you here. Though you're probably covering the tour for the magazine huh?"

She turned to face him. "Sort of. Actually, I'm here with someone so they figured that I may as well write a piece on the tour. It's really good to see you though. How have you been?"

"I've been well. Hopefully you get more time to sightsee with your friends than we have." Rene smiled at her, taking in her features.

Serena was about to correct him when the door in front of them opened. John Cena stepped out. Completely ignoring Rene he looked at Serena with love in his eyes, as though she was the only thing in the world. Rene knew at that moment just who Serena had come to Italy with. He watched them kiss and though it only lasted a second it felt like an eternity.

"Goodbye Rene. I'll see you later." Serena turned around and waved before walking off with John.

Rene sat up in his bed, trying to banish the thoughts from his mind. It had been hard to get over Serena. Especially after the whole wedding incident when they had shared many memorable moments, atleast to him they were unforgettable.

He couldn't help but hate John Cena because of what he had done. What was even worse was that when he held Serena for those few weeks, he never really had her. John had made her love him so much that no-one could ever compare. It should have been the happiest time of his life, but instead he broke it off because he knew Serena would never love him. All because of John Cena.

He didn't want to talk to Elena about it, probably the one thing he couldn't tell her about. Though he didn't want another person that he loved to be hurt and unable to trust men again. All he could do was prey that John would be good to his sister and not play her for a fool.