Chapter Two

Starfire glanced at surveillance camera's screen and spotted a green figure walking down the hallway, heading towards her room. She turned in the direction to the small child with the green skin and pointed ears and smiled.

"Time to play our game again," she said, "Quick, go."

The child smiled as well, "Yes, mommy," and he scampered away to the closet, closing the door behind him, and there he stood as quiet as he could manage.

There was a knock at the door and Starfire answered it, "Hey, Beast Boy," she said, "How may I help you?"

"I was going to ask if you wanted to watch Wicked Scary2 with us," he asked, "We're about to put it on."

She smiled, "Sorry, I've got some things to take care of, maybe next time."

He nodded, "Ok, then. Just thought maybe you'd want to come out of your room...for once."

"No, I like it here."

He shrugged, "Whatever, I'll see you."

She nodded, "Yeah," and closed the door. She turned back to the screen and waited until she saw Beast Boy walk completely out of sight, "Ok, can come out now."

The small boy with the green skin and pointed ears slid open the closet door and skipped out, "Did I do good?"

She smiled, "You get better everyday," Cody laughed, "Now I suppose you want your reward, don't you?"

Cody nodded in delight, "Yes, please!"

She pointed to the closet door, "You know the drill, don't answer the door unless..."

"Unless there's three knocks," Cody finished with a smile.

"Ok, you can keep the door open, that way it won't be so dark, but watch the TV, if you see someone coming up the stairs, close it and don't make a sound," he nodded and scampered into the closet. She turned quickly and locked the door on the inside, walked out, and closed the door behind her. She quickly ran to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator. She scanned the various foods inside before grabbing a small cup of ice cream and turning back in the direction of the room.

She was walking up the stairs when she suddenly heard a scream coming from her room. Her eyes went wide with fear and worry, "Cody..." she said. Dropping the cup of ice cream, she ran to the door, twisting the doorknob. It was still locked. She knocked three times, frantically. No one opened it.

"Mommy!" she heard Cody's frightened voice. She backed from the door and rammed it, but it merely bounced back to her and she fell back. She regained stand and rammed it again, this time, the door fell forward, along with she, and she fell to the ground. She looked up to see a cloaked figure move towards Cody, arms outstretched.

"Don't you touch him!" she screamed. The figured turned around and Starfire gasped in shock, "R-Raven?"

She smiled, "It's me," she said, "It's been so long," she reached out a hand.

"W-what are y-you doing here?" she asked, grabbing her hand and hoisting herself up to a standing position, "Where have you been?"

"Around," she turned back to Cody, "Is that him? Is that my baby boy?"

Starfire walked up to Cody, outstretching her arms so he could wrap himself in her arms, "I named him Cody," she said.

Raven smiled at the small child as she approached him. She touched his cheek, "Cody..." she said, her voice trailed off. He jerked away, wrapping his arms tightly around Starfire's neck.

"No, Cody," Starfire said, she placed him down on the floor, "Cody...this is your mother, your real mother, Cody."

Cody's eyes went wide as he backed away a little, "You're my mommy," he said to Starfire. She shook her head.

"No. I only told you that cause I couldn't tell you the truth," she said, "Give your mother a hug, she misses you."

Cody hesitantly approached Raven, with his arms stretched. Raven caught him in a hug and picked him up and held him. It felt good to be near her child again and she placed her chin on his shoulder, smiling.

There were footsteps heard and Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy walked into the room, "Starfire..." Robin said, "What happened here and...Raven, your back."

Raven turned around, revealing her and Cody in her arms. Her gaze immediately fell upon Beast Boy. He looked almost exactly the same as she last saw him, only his eyes were hard and piercing and his arms were more muscular then before.

"I am," she said. She bent down and allowed Cody to stand on the floor. Beast Boy's eyes turned to the kid. His green skin, small pointed ears. He knew exactly who he was.

"My baby boy..." he said, approaching Cody, a dazed smile on his face. Cody ran to Starfire, jumping into her arms and embracing her tightly.

"He doesn't know who you are," Starfire explained, "He's only seen you on the surveillance cameras, he knows nothing of you."

"Who is he, mommy?" Cody asked Starfire.

She rubbed his back, "It's your father, look...he has green skin and pointed ears, just like you do."

Cody slid down to the floor and slowly approached Beast Boy, "Daddy?" he said in an innocent voice.

"Yes, it's me," he knelt down to give Cody a hug.

"Stop it!" Raven said suddenly in a loud voice, "Don't touch him!" she stomped over to Cody and scooped him up from the floor, away from Beast Boy, "I came back here so I can get my kid and leave again, not to be reunited with the titans!"

"No, wait...stop..." Starfire protested, she placed a hand on Raven's shoulder, "Don't leave again...I'm too attached to Cody now."

"Why? He's not your child!"

"He has been at heart to me," she said. Her green eyes filled up with tears, "Please don't take him away from me...please."

Raven sat there, angered. She held tightly to Cody, the one thing she attempted to snatch and then leave once again. But now she was being forced to stay. She had no choice.

"Fine," she said in a hiss. She headed towards the door, "I'll be going to my room."

"Uh...Raven?" she turned back to face Starfire, "I think your room would kinda scare him, don't you think?"

She growled, "I guess he can stay here a little while longer," she pointed at Beast Boy, "And you listen to me...if you come within five feet near my kid I'll get a restraining order, I swear!"

Beast Boy turned red with anger, "Well geez, Raven, he's my kid too, you know. He's got the DNA to prove it."

"Did you hear me or not? Get...get out of this room, now!" using her powers, she snapped the door back onto it's hinges and closed it.