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This is about the BladeBreakers going to school, and they get stuck with the most known -- and most feared -- class. Oh no, they weren't bullies. They were feared because of their ability to make their teachers run from the school as if the devil himself was chasing them. The BladeBreakers would have the most fun of their lives.

Summary: In order to participate in the upcoming tournament, the BladeBreakers must get a diploma from a university as their application form. In other words, they have to go to school. And in Fukairi High, too. That proves just how unlucky they are, when they get stuck with a class that wants every teacher to perish. "STUDENT'S RULES!!!" [OC fic]

Academically Insane
- prolouge -

Tyson groaned and plopped down the sofa of the room, "This is boring!"

Ray sighed, "Come on, Tyson, there must be a reason why we're called here."

You see, the day started out as normal. Everyone woke up early and Tyson was still busy snoring away. They tried drums, water, wooden swords, feathers but nothing could wake the boy up. Eventually, Tyson woke when Ray called for breakfast. After two hours of training, they received a call from Mr. Dickinson, who instructed them to visit the BBA, which is why they're in this room boring their minds out for the last thirty minutes.

But finally, the door opened and a jolly old man came in. One would mistake him for Santa Claus, if only the guy would lose the gray suit and grow a long beard. Mr. Dickinson smiled widely at the boys, "Ah, the BladeBreakers! Sorry for the delay, we weren't finished with the media."

"Media?" Max's eyebrow twitched up,

"And about that, I'm sure that you've heard of the upcoming tournament being held in Europe." Seeing everyone in the room nod, Mr. Dickinson continued, "You see, the tournament was made by the Majestic's families, and we all know how high their positions are. If you can win the European Tournament, then you can advance to the Asian Tournament, and so on, and so forth. There is one catch, though..."

Everyone listened intently, save for Kai who already knew what was coming.

"The Majestic's parents decided that every kid had been so caught with beyblading that they leave their studies alone. And so, it is decided that in order to qualify to battle in the European Tournament, you must get a high score at the final exam of any school. Show the certificate from the principal which is given only to beybladers, then show it to the administrators of the upcoming tournament. I know how much you want to enter, boys, but it has already been decided."

Silence. And then...

"WHAT?!?! SCHOOL?!?! CERTIFICATES?!?!" Tyson kicked the couch with a pout, "Aw, man! This is bogus!"

"I've already arranged a university for you. The question is... would you like me to enroll you or not? The money is not a problem, since the BBA will handle it. As for Max --" Mr. Dickinson looked at the blonde boy with a small laugh, "-- your mother volunteered to pay. I'm sure that she has no problems with the academic application."

Max pouted, "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

Mr. Dickinson continued, "You will be going to Hokkaido. It's a bit chilly there so I suggest you pack your thickest clothing. You're also going to have your own dorms. Max and Tyson in one, while Ray and Kai in the other. I thought that it would be a bad idea to pair Tyson with Kai."

As if on cue, Tyson and Kai glared at each other and both declared, "Damn right!"

"Well, what's your answer, guys?" Ignoring the two, Ray looked at his teammates.

"If it's the only way to enter..." Max sighed, "I can't believe I'm saying this, especially about school, but I'm in." The world is against me, I swear.

"ARGH!!! You think I have a choice?!" Tyson grabbed at his hair and groaned, At least no more Hillary for one whole year.

Kai sighed, "I'm going." Great, I'm stuck with these four.

"Well, I'm in if everyone is." Ray sweat dropped, I guess I should agree as well...

Mr. Dickinson grinned widely, "That's the spirit, boys! Trust me, you boys won't regret this!"

Oh, how wrong he was.

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2. Please submit only one OC.
3. No Mary-sue's, please!
4. Female OC's only.

Full Name: (first name and last name will do.)

Age (The BladeBreakers are 16 in the story):

Hair (color, appearance, length):
Eyes (color):
Clothes (at least give me two pairs... ;;):


Personality (how she acts):

Past (yes, this is needed.):

Talents (sing, dance, play an instrument, etc..):
Worst fear (what is she mostly afraid of?):
Goals (what does she want to do/be in her future?):

BeyBlade (appearance, color):
Bitbeast (appearance, color, name):


Any extraordinary traits (This is optional.):

Pairing (you can pick from any team, but in the BladeBreakers, Kai isn't allowed. Enrique, too.):

Average Grade (highest is A, lowest is F.):

Pass one like this:

Full Name: Riku Kurairi Fuchoin Azuki

Age (The BladeBreakers are 16 in the story): 15

Hair: waist-length black hair tied up into a high ponytail. The strands in that ponytail are separated into nine braids and her bangs are shoulder-length.
Eyes: a color of dark, bright purple
She wears white silk pants with a blue oriental shirt with white petals as design on the bottom left. Wears also blue slippers and a white wristband when she's battling. Also a dagger-like earring on her left ear.

2. She wears white silk pants and a plain blue sleeveless shirt with a black net-like jacket on top of it. Wears blue rubber shoes and the same earring.

General: about 5'4". Even though she likes to eat a lot, she's slim, and definitely not sexy. She has a bit of a tomboyish body and has a scar on the right side of her neck.

Personality: She's the cheerful type, bubbly and carefree. She may not be smart at school, but she's good at making strategies and making up pranks, which serves good for her classmates to torture the teachers more. She's a bit dense, but she's not stupid. She whines a lot and loves to annoy almost everyone, but if you insult any of her friends, then she'll torture you more than she tortures the teachers.

Past: She was born in a small tribe at the northern part of Hokkaido, the Kururu Tribe. That tribe is known for it's red eyes. However, a group of bandits attacked the tribe when she was 10, leaving her as the only survivor. The bandits took the red eyes from the corpses and sold them to the black market. She was forced to live alone in a small forest, going out to steal some money, which she used to buy food, and sometimes clothes. When she had enough stolen money, she took a part-time job at a small cafe while she studied in Fukairi High. At her first year, she was in a class with a great advisor. Being so close to the teacher, she told him her deepest secret [the red eyes]. She didn't know what happened, but after a few months of being friends with the teacher, the teacher told her secret to everyone in her class, and thus her hatred for everyone teaching started. Riku didn't go to school the rest of the year. But when she entered again the next year, the teacher already left the school.

Talents: can use any kind of leaves as a flute and is good at stitching. Is good at hacking computers, too.
Worst fear: cockroaches, any kind of bugs,
Goals: To become a doctor and to get the red eyes back.

BeyBlade: all light gray with a silver weight disk.
Bitbeast: Kura, a silver phoenix with white feathers under it's wings. A gold beak and piercing cerulean eyes.

Shadow Mist - Kura will flap her wings slowly, and the whole arena will slowly be filled with thick mist, so that no one is able to see. Kura has special eyes so she's the only one that can see to attack. Kura (the beyblade) attacks silently yet surely from all sides, not giving the opponent any chance to see her.

Black Ten -
Kura will shoot black light from her beak to hit the other opponent. It can only show the black light ten times, because it takes a lot of energy. It's very rare for her to do it more than ten, but she has done it before.

Any extraordinary traits: When she gets angry or if anybody mentions her tribe, her eyes always turns red.

Pairing: Enrique

Average Grade: B to F

KK: Well, that's about it... ;; You can add anything about your OC if you'd like. Oh, and would anyone be nice enough to give me some ideas for their uniforms? School uniforms and PE. I'm a bit empty right now... . Anywho, ja ne! !