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Summary: In order to participate in the upcoming tournament, the BladeBreakers must get a diploma from a university as their application form. In other words, they have to go to school. And in Fukairi High, too. That proves just how unlucky they are, when they get stuck with a class that wants every teacher to perish. "STUDENT'S RULES!" OC fic

This is about the BladeBreakers going to school, and they get stuck with the most known and most feared class. Oh no, they weren't bullies. They were feared because of their ability to make their teachers run from the school as if the devil himself was chasing them. The BladeBreakers would have the most fun of their lives.

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Academically Insane
- chapter 10 -

"What!" Tyson's jaw dropped to the ground as he eyed the girl in Enrique's arms. "In just one day? I can't believe it! He managed to get a girl in just one day!"

"Well..." Max sweat dropped with a shrug, "That's Enrique for you. Oh, and that girl's in our class, right? She sits at the front row, I think..."

"So uncouth." Robert scoffed, "Girls are a waste of time and I simply cannot understand why Enrique insists to spend his time with them." Of course, that was spoken quietly, to himself even.

"Not to mention really slutty ones." Johnny muttered under his breath so that he could only hear it and snickered, just as Enrique and the girl arrived sat at their table.

It was already nighttime and the teams decided to celebrate for Ray's release from the hospital, and that was the time Enrique chose to introduce his new girlfriend. The girl was from their class, if Ray remembered correctly. She wasn't ugly, just a bit... improper. Well, she was better than what that Meyers looked like and that suited Ray just fine. The girl had waist-length navy blue hair and wonderful cerulean eyes, but the short leather skirt she wore revealed too much for any of the boy's liking. Other than that, she was fine except she clung too much for Enrique's liking. Either she was just undeniably horny or she was shy and wanted some social comfort.

"Hey, Aizawa-san, what would you like to drink? Coke? Iced Tea? Anything?"

"Coke is fine, thank you." Aizawa blushed and fumbled with her hands,

"Come on, I honestly don't understand why the hell you're so fidgety." Tyson grinned, "Though I can understand that being with Enrique must be so stressful. That guy's just a jerk, can't even make a girl-"

A cracking of bones was heard as a bottle of pepper hit Tyson squarely in the nose. Enrique grinned in triumph, "Score one!"

"A-anou..." Aizawa blushed again, "I don't mind Enrique that much, I think he's pretty sweet."

"What did he do this time?" Johnny laid back boredly,

"Uhm, well... he gave me roses, chocolate and a necklace... I think that it was nice of him to spend that much for me."

"Well, Aizawa-san, you must really like spending time with him." Ray offered a reply before Tyson or Johnny could retort one that would probably make the girl wince.

"A-ah, well, I do." If possible, Aizawa blushed even harder and Enrique's grin just seemed to keep on getting wider.

"There's really no need to be shy!" Max chirped, "I assure you, we'll have you laughing like an idiot in no time!"

"Ah! What the hell! Let go of me!"

Heads shot up and eyes darted to the side as a girl screamed her lungs out, taking back her hand that had just so carelessly made contact with a groggy fat old man's cheek. The man obviously managed to touch the girls bottom and thus resulted his throbbing cheek. He gave a lecherously disgusting smile, "Come on, babe, just one touch?"

"In your face!"

"Hey!" Tyson stood up, "That's no way to treat a lady!"

The man hung his head to the side and gave Tyson a scowl. "And who are you, punk? This girl has nothing to do with you!"

Max's eyes widened when he saw the girl and immediately leapt to his feet and ran to the girl's side, "Kyoko! What are you doing here?"

"We..." Kyoko stopped herself from spitting at the old and obviously drunk guy in front of her and turned to Max, "We just wanted to eat dinner. And this... this bastard had the nerve to even come close within five meters of me!"

When the drunkard stopped trading insults with Tyson, he eyed Max with remorse and sneered, "And who are you?"

Max turned and scowled at him, "I'm afraid I should be asking you that question. Who do you think you are touching my friend like that?"

Akari stepped up from behind Kyoko and pointed a finger at the beast, "Hey, you good-for-nothing, perverted, idiotic, stupid, bastardized, pig-headed, smelly freak with rotten teeth and wearing an obviously fake purple wig." She gave a smug grin, before quickly delivering a sharp jab on the man's jaw with her elbow, "Nobody messes with my friends when I'm around."

The man was obviously seething by now. "Why you, little brat!" He gave a shout and a hiss of air, raising his fist. Time stopped as the fist drew nearer to Akari's face and just as it reached it's destination, all eyes widened as a blur of black passed through their eyes and a young man, no older than the age of 20 came into the scene, stopping the fist with most unlikely instrument.


The boy rubbed his temples with the other hand and sighed heavily, "I'm quite broke right now and I really need a good pay, so I won't settle for the boss screaming saliva on my face again once he found out that I let a fight happen in his restaurant. Now please, pay for what you have just eaten and leave immediately."

"Oh yeah?" The guy sneered, "Well, who do you-" He stopped short when he felt a small tug at his pocket and before he knew it, a pair of chopsticks gave the boy a few rectangular paper, and the boy immediately flipped through a couple of bills.

"This would most likely do it." The boy shrugged, "Now all that's left is for you to leave."

Biting his lip in anger, he glared at the waiter and stomped out of the restaurant. The boy turned to Kyoko, Akari and Max with an apologetic expression, "I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Please forget what just happened."

"Aw, man, you seriously kicked some butt!" Tyson cheered, ignoring the crooked stares he received from other people at the restaurant for using such language,

"You think so?" The boy offered a small grin, "Good to know someone approves of my skills." He grinned wider this time, before turning to Kyoko and Akari, "Now ladies, may I get you two your seats?"

"No, don't bother." Max chirped up, beaming at the waiter, "They're with us."

Kyoko and Akari stared at Max as if he had just grown a second head, "We are?"


The boy chuckled, "Very well, then." He followed them to their table and took out a pad and a pen. "What shall be your orders?"

As the group finished telling their orders, Tyson spoke up again with the same incredulous tone, "Hey, dude, you've got serious skills. Care to teach me some?"

"Maybe." The boy winked, "Hey, kid, what's your name?"

"Me? Tyson Granger!" Tyson pumped a fist in the air and huffed as the boy's eyes widened,

"The Tyson Granger? Man, things are popping up now! And to think I even considered going half-day today!" The boy grinned,

"Good to know someone knows me for my greatness!"

As Tyson rambled on about his oh-so-powerful self that ended with Akari, Kyoko and Max all elbowing him in the head, Ray turned to the boy and let out a small grin, "What's your name, then?"

"My name?" The boy shrugged, and turned to return to the kitchen, leaving only one reply and a wink. "My name's Shiva."

"Here. Put our bill to this man." Charlize yawned boredly as she handed the waitress a picture, a slip of paper and their bill back.

As Ruth and Toni watched the waitress walk away, they both had the same look of surprise. Toni turned to Charlize with a worried expression, "That's not Principal Pakunoda again, right? You know the last time we sent our bill to her, we had to endure 2 hours of one helluva lecture about respect and yada yada!"

"I said man, Toni. Pakunoda is a woman. A woman who wears too much make up at that one and thinks too much for our class." Charlize grinned,

Ruth slammed her right fist to an open palm with a knowingly expression, "Charlize, you never stop, do you? Akira Hatake! Am I right?"

"Yep." Charlize prepared to stand up, "Now let's go back to the hospital. Riku must be out by now."

"Of course I am!"

All three heads turned upwards and Toni almost fell back when Riku clumsily slipped and doubled over, Toni stopping her fall. "Really, Riku, you should learn to take it easy."

Riku huffed and pouted upwards at her friend, and stood up by herself, "And you think you're doing anything better?"

"I never said it was a bad thing." Toni grinned and gave out a peace sign,

"Riku!" Ruth smiled warmly, "It's good to know you're still up and jumping."

"Yep!" Riku grinned then turned to Charlize to greet her as well, but before she even opened her mouth, an elbow collided at the back of her skull, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwch!"

"Serves you right for locking us out!" Charlize huffed, crossing her arms in front of her,

"But it wasn't my fault!" Riku whined, sniffling a bit,

"The doctor said you also agreed to the condition. Riku, what happened?" Ruth looked over the girl with a concerned expression,

"I was asleep the whole time!" Riku pouted, "The whole afternoon, I was asleep! Akira wanted to talk to Kai privately and used my room, and since he knew that if Kai came, you guys would come, too, so he requested the hospital to lock the door and call Kai in... I didn't even know what they were talking about!" She whined, flopping her arms up and down beside her, "They wouldn't tell me! They were so mean to me, and... and..."

Charlize, Ruth and Toni all twitched as they pictured Riku on the hospital bed, sleeping like a log with a bubble forming out of her nostril, with Akira and Kai beside her, with knives and nuclear bombs, dressed like mad scientists, plotting how to pull her intestines out.

Toni held Riku by the shoulders and practically shook her, "You had no idea what they were talking about! What if they were plotting something? What if they were discussing something really private?" She grinned wickedly and pulled out large, round glasses from out of nowhere, "It's gotta be hot news if they were taking desperate measures such as that!"

Charlize threw her up in the air for that, where she disappeared in the night sky before falling back down and landing flat on her face. "Ahem." She then fixed her eyes on Riku, "You really didn't know what they were talking about?"

"I heard a bit through my subconscious." Riku answered, feeling a bit goofy using such a long word, "Just a few words."


Riku hesitated. Silence. A moment passed.

Ruth smiled and put a hand on Riku's shoulder, "It's alright, Riku. We won't pressure you."

"Yep, that's right!" Toni appeared, faces full of bandages and band-aids. "So let's go on through more important matters! Where the hell did you get the necklace? It looks so cool!"

"That's not important! What is important is that you ate dinner without me!"

Charlize grinned, "Anyone ready for seconds?" Everyone answered enthusiastically. "Now, that's settled! Grandpa Granger will be treating us this time! Hohoho!"

"What? But Grandpa's not here..."

"You'll see, Riku, you'll see."

The next day, a boring lecture about the slope of a line greeted them all warmly, especially Ray. Akira -- now sporting a black eye, obviously from Grampa's stick that greeted him this morning -- raised an eyebrow at the class and put the book he was using down his desk, "Now that we're done and have nothing more intellectual to discuss, let me announce something before I give you your free time."

"Someone have obviously been putting their bills under my name." Akira grumbled, Good thing's Gramps isn't here. Hohoho. "But that is the least of my worries."

The class all stared at him boredly and Akira took that as the cue to continue. "About the bulletin board," He paused. No one reacted. "where my and Grandpa -- who is obviously not here -- pictures are seen... I won't point any finger to just anybody because I know that all of you are involved but I, however, would like to call one person." He scanned the class. No reaction. Grinning to himself for having such a wonderful class, he faced Riku, "Miss Azuki? If you would be so kind enough to step up in front of the classroom."

Riku raised a tired eyebrow at him and stood up wearily, yawning and stretching, apparently having just been woken from a nap. "Hai?" She walked across the classroom and stopped just in front of the guy,

"You were the ones who was in charge of replacing the originals with the fake through computer, am I correct?"

Riku slumped against the desk and yawned, staring at Akira through her eyelashes, "And what if I am?"

Some of the boys in the class stood up halfway in case Riku needed them in any way. Tyson and the others all looked up with surprised expressions, having no idea that the class was really this close that anyone would be ready to defend anyone.

Akira grinned, "I congratulate for making such a wonderfully made secondary photograph..." Now wearing a lecherous smile that meant only nothing but trouble, he sported out several pictures and posters and shoved them in Riku's hands. "Can you make me more? Yeah, yeah, place this picture over here, and make sure you get my good side. And this picture here. I want this poster like this. And-"

"Yo!" The syllable echoed through the halls and Grandpa raised an eyebrow at Akira and pointed his sword at the man, "You insolent young man!"

Time seemed to stop at Grandpa and Akira engaged in a staring contest. Finally, Grandpa sported out some pictures of his own and drooled, "Forgetting to calling Grandpa Granger for such a time like this! Riku, you're da girl I'm looking for! Think you can replace these ugly old men with my pikchazz? Gramps here is more deserving to these lovely women in these posters here than any of them rich posers! Hohoho!"

"GRANDPA!" Tyson erupted, turning red with embarrassment, "HAVE YOU NO SHAME?"

The boys who stood up all slumped back in their seats dumbfoundedly and as the class continued to stare at Akira and Grandpa as if they had just grown second heads right then and there, Riku was back in dreamland, sleeping while standing.

"I'll give you a week! 1,000 yen!"

"That's nothing, Gramps! 1,500 yen! Not enough? I'll give you two weeks! 2,000 yen!"

"Do mine first, lovely ladeh! 3 weeks! 3,000 yen!"

"Mine first! 3,500!"



By the time Riku woke up, the bidding already reached 10,000 and she grinned tiredly, "14,000 yen, it is! 14,000 from Hatake-sensei, 14,000 from Grandpa! I'll give you your pictures at the same time! For the amount of money, gimme just three days!"

"That's mah girl!" Grandpa laughed heartily like an insane lunatic, striding off through the halls and onto the food court of the school.

"Remember, Riku, three days! Hohoho!" Akira was practically drooling as he gave Riku a pat on the back and walked away as well, "Oh, and free time!"

As Riku plopped back in her seat, she was already intent on sleeping. She took out a calculator from her bag and now, pumping up a fist in the air, she broke the eerie silence of the room with a shout, "1,120 yen each for everyone!"

What followed next is a series of shouts and whistles.

But back in the classroom, not everyone was rejoicing. Max sweat dropped as he gave his buddy a comforting pat on the back, "There, there, Tyson." Tyson, was more than ever mortified and seemed to have been frozen solid on his spot.

Kyoko grinned, "Boys..." Charlize, who sat beside her, finished her sentence with a cheer. "Will be boys!"

"And in this case... it's definitely not a bad thing!" Toni winked,

"Somehow, I'm glad to be part of this class." Ruth grinned

"You should be!" Akari whistled and pranced around the classroom, much like what their other classmates were doing.

As class 4-9 cheered their lives away, Akira and Grandpa walked back to their room to the very top of the building, both with very satisfied faces. But then again, their happiness were always so short-lived that once they slid the door open, their jaws dropped to the floor and with very horrified faces, screamed at the top of their lungs and fled from the building.

Worms. Cockroaches. Ants. Spiders. Slugs. Snails.

Bugs. Were. In. Their. Room.

The cheerings stopped and the classroom was once again engulfed in an eerie silence as two ear-breaking screams echoed through the whole school and almost on instinct, every student in class 4-9 scurried across their classroom and to the window, where they watched with amused and knowing faces as two figures below ran for their lives.

"Should we pity them?" Aizawa smiled, having seemingly enjoyed the whole show. Despite her shyness and timidity, in this classroom, she felt like herself, and everyone was fine with it.

A boy grinned widely to himself and whistled, "First we get money and now we get this satisfying view of two old geezers running as if they just saw a ghost. Man, life is good!"

"I wonder what'll they do about the bugs? I mean, they don't have anywhere else but this building." A girl wondered out loud and the rest simply shrugged, not caring at all.

Back in the classroom, the BladeBreakers, Robert, Johnny and Enrique all raised their eyebrows, obviously having no idea of what was currently happening. Oh well, they still have the money, though. Though it didn't matter, really. Ah, the advantages of being a blader.

Seven hours later, Akira and Grandpa stormed into the school wearing ridiculous white suits, both holding huge hoses as they stomped their way up to the roof.

And Riku was still sleeping in the classroom.