Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing in this world. Because I certainly don't have a good life. I think that someone up there must think it's funny to mess with me. There's only one thing that makes my life worth living. I have a 5-year-old son. Jared. He's the only reason I get up every morning to face the world. I'd die if something happened to him. That's why I was afraid to leave my husband. He can ask for Jared's custody at any moment. And I know I can't live without my little boy.

My marriage. The biggest, stupidest mistake of my life. I met Richard in a party and I totally fell for him. Or at least that' s what I made myself believe in. But after all these years, I see he's a worthless, good for nothing asshole. He's probably been cheating on me since day one. I thought that maybe with Jared in our lives, things would finally get on the right track. That maybe we would grow closer together and be a happy little family. But I should've known better. There's no such thing as happily ever after. I should've learned that by now.

So I left my husband and took Jared with me. I finally burst the bubble that surrounded me and made everyone think I had the perfect life. I came to Chicago and that's where home has been to me and my little boy for the past two weeks. We pretty much stayed home and got settled. I found a nice school for Jared and I found a job near it, at Cook County General Hospital.

Medicine. It's the only thing I love almost as much as I love my son. I save people's lives. I can make a difference. And I'm so proud of that. I am an ER doctor. It's a stressful job and I get a really crappy pay but I love it. Being a doctor is the only thing I'm really good at. I wouldn't trade it for any other career.

Today is Jared's first day at school. I wake up early, take a quick shower, get dressed and head off to the kitchen to make our breakfast. Then I check his backpack to make sure he's got everything he might need before I wake him.

I enter his room and lean against the doorframe watching my little angel sleep. He looks so peaceful with his brown hair falling over his eyes. I go up to him and sit on the edge of his bed.

"Angel, it's time to wake up." I say brushing his hair out of his eyes. He mumbles something but doesn't wake up. "C'mon, Jared. If you don't wake up now you're going to be late for school." This time he wakes up and yawns.

"Do I have to go to school today, mommy?" he asks looking up at me.

"Yes, honey."

"But I wanna stay with you. I don't wanna go to this new school." He says looking down and his little hands.

"You'll like your new school, Jared. You're going to make lots of new friends and play a lot. And I have to go to work." I say kissing his forehead.

"Ok." He says defeated. "Can we go to McDonald's after school then?" he asks excited. I smile at him and ruffle his hair.

"We'll see, angel. Now get up." I say pulling his blanket.

"Mom!" he protests.

"What?" I reply in the same tone. "Go! Shower!" I say shooing him to the bathroom.

I just dropped Jared off at school. He was pretty scared of having to face this new school alone. He begged me to stay but his teacher finally convinced him to enter the classroom and meet his classmates. It broke my heart to see him so scared but he has to get used to his school and he has to do it on his own.

So here I am standing right in front of Cook County General Hospital. Today's my first day. And I have to admit I'm a little nervous. What if they don't like me here? It takes me a few seconds to realize I've been standing in the same spot for the past five minutes, just staring at the building. I finally pull myself together, take a deep breath and go in.

Once I'm inside the hospital, my eyes meet a flurry of activity. Doctors and nurses working, patients complaining, kids crying. The usual for an Emergency Department. I go to the front desk where a blonde woman is. From the blue coat she's wearing I guess she's either a nurse or a desk clerk.

"Excuse me." I say when I approach the desk. She looks up at me.

"How can I help you?" she says writing something on a chart.

"I'm looking for the Chief of the ER. My name's Abby Lockhart. I'm supposed to start today." I say.

"Oh, you're the new attending?" she asks with a friendly smile. I nod. "Nice to meet you." She says pushing the button to let me in. "I'm Sam." We shake hands.

"Nice to meet you too, Sam." I say smiling.

"Let's go find Dr Lewis. She's the chief of the ER."

"What's she like? Is she strict or something?" I ask. It'd be nice to have a heads up about my new boss.

"Oh, no. Susan's great. You'll like her." She says. "Hey, Jerry! Have you seen Dr Lewis?" she calls out to a guy.

"Try Trauma 2!" he calls back.

"Ok, thanks." She calls then turns to me. "That's Jerry, by the way. He's one of the desk clerks. I'll introduce you to everyone after you talk to Susan."

"Ok, great." I say.

"So where were you working before?"

"Oh, I lived in Minnesota. We just moved here a couple of weeks ago."

"Welcome to Chicago." She says with a smile. "Are you liking it here so far?"

"Yeah, it's a great city."

"There she is." Sam says as we enter a room. A patient is being wheeled out. A blonde doctor is taking off her dirty gloves and gown. "Susan." She calls making the doctor look at us. "This is Dr Lockhart, the new attending."

"Please, call me Abby." I say. Dr Lewis hands out her hand and I shake it.

"Hi, I'm Susan Lewis. Welcome to the County staff." She says smiling. "Has Sam given you the ER tour yet?" she asks.

"Nope." I say.

"We were looking for you." Sam explains.

"Then what are we waiting for? First let's drop your things off in the lounge, then..."

And that's the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I like it here already. Let my life at County General begin!

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