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A/N: All the following stories are meant to take place either close to the end of 02 or soon after it. I'll let you decide how old the characters are. However, I go by a few of the Japanese original ideas from the anime, such as using Digimentals, and it having been three years instead of four between 01 and 02. Enough of me talking - enjoy!

A Two Fingered Game

Izzy tapped madly on his laptop. He always did this, pleasantly listening to the peaceful sounding of light taps and clicks as he typed, whether it was notes on new research, new ideas, or a program he was working on. Most of the time, it was almost calming, the sort of thing that he could meditate to (if he ever wanted to).

But he wasn't paying attention to the fact that the tapping had turned into a fast, frenzied, and somewhat panicked march.

Ken, who was sitting in the same room, noticed the abrupt change, and lifted an eyebrow. It didn't seem logical for Izzy to break his normal rhythm and suddenly sound like he was typing for his life. He looked up from his book and glanced at the back of the laptop sitting on a nearby table. Izzy's head was simply buried behind it.

Sighing, Ken closed the book he'd just finished and got up off the floor where he'd been lounging the past half hour. He walked over to Izzy, and immediately noticed that Izzy was only tapping on two keys. Blinking, he brought his head around to the front of the laptop to see what was going on.

A little penguin was waddling madly toward the end of along course, while racing against it was a large, proud looking cheetah. The penguin was winning, and as Ken figured out by looking at Izzy's concentrated face, the penguin's speed was controlled by how quickly the two buttons were pressed. As he watched, the penguin suddenly lost speed as Izzy released his aching hands, and a fat red "Game Over" read as the cheetah sped up and won.

"What's this about?" Ken asked the older boy.

"A game I wrote to protect your codes," Izzy answered. "It works well, I just don't know if it will work if someone actually beats all 100 levels."

Ken only nodded. He knew what codes Izzy was talking aout, and was a little curious as to how Izzy was protecting the codes. "and what happens if all the levels are beaten?"

Izzy shrugged. "It shows a coded message with all the codes in it. Right now, I just wrote them in Spanish, so it'll work for a while."

"Then should we test something?"

Izzy pressed in some more commands, and Ken saw the penguin and cheetah start up again. Izzy began to tap alternately on the "a" and "s" keys, quickly, and as Ken watched, the penguin easily got to the finish line, with bright red letters popping up showing, "Level 1 Complete!"

"Your turn!" Izzy grinned, scooting over a little on his chair to let Ken sit.

Ken grinned back as he set his book down and sat slightly on the chair.

One hour later, Cody walked in with Armadillomon and stared for a moment at the two boys on the same chain, red in the face, both tapping looked like 1 key each, or sometimes one would take over while the other rested his hands.

"Uh...guys?" Armadillomon asked, as Cody stood speechless.

"Can't talk. Gotta tap," was Izzy's response.

Cody peered at the laptop screen. He saw the penguin barely beating the cheetah, and then, a giant red "Level 100 Complete! Congratulations!"

Ken and Izzy both sat back in unison, sweaty, tired, and victorious. They grinned at each other as many things began appearing, among them some phrases in Spanish.

Cody looked closely at them.

"Why the Spanish?"

Izzy waved a hand dismissively, while Ken shrugged.

Cody only shook his head. "If you really like someone Ken, why don't you just tell them, instead of hiding everything in a game?"

Ken only blushed and grinned.