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A/N: Been a while huh? Anyway, this story is not really humorous - it's more just a kind of regular event that might happen at any time. This collection was after all, originally meant for random, relatively normal and believable events that happened with the Digi group. It's just that most of the stories have come out fairly humorous.

This was actually based off of something that actually happened. It really is just completely normal, compared with some of the other ones...

I also want to make a clarification regarding the Digi Inquisition chapter. I hope I didn't offend any one about the tea. I actually drink a lot of green tea and like it quite a bit. Obviously, Tai does not.

Okay, enough of me talking.

Rolling Down Hills

Most of the time, Ken trusted all of Davis' plans. As outrageous as they could be, they tended to be based upon good judgment and thus worked out well. Sometimes though, it was only through Ken's gift of logic that Davis escaped any harm due to his ideas.

At the moment, walking across a huge green field, he had no idea what Davis was thinking... but if it had anything to do with fire, Ken would be out immediately.

Davis led the still somewhat confused Ken, plus Wormmon and Veemon, who were equally confused, up to the end of the field, straight up to the top of a mini hill that the filed led to. Then he turned to grin proudly down over the huge expanse of green.

Finally, with an exasperated sigh, Ken asked, "Davis, what exactly is it that you dragged us here for?"

Davis' grin only grew wider. "Well Ken, have you ever rolled down a hill before?"

A distant memory played itself in Ken's mind, one from a time many years earlier. He smiled in remembrance as he looked to Davis. "Once," he answered, "A really long time ago."

Davis crossed his arms and gave Ken a challenging look. "I think someone needs to roll down hills more often."

Ken had to smile back as he retorted, "I think someone needs to start or they won't catch up!"

With that, Ken threw himself down the hill, letting his momentum and the decline of the hill take over. He barely heard Davis' cry of indignation as he rolled down, just feeling instead carefree and lighthearted, without any worries or concerns about the world.

The dizziness caught up to him the moment his rolling began to slow. When he had come to a stop, he sat up and held his head for a bit, watching in amusement as Davis, followed by Veemon and Wormmon, came down the hill as well. However, he found himself unable to move as the three came rolling directly into him.


Ken just laughed, gently pushing Davis off and retrieving a wobbling Wormmon. As he sat holding his partner, Davis sat up quickly and playfully whacked his shoulder. "Thanks for waiting," he commented as Veemon crawled into his lap.

Ken shrugged. "It's just been so long since I've really done anything like this..."

Davis jumped to his feet, hugging Veemon to his chest. "Race you back to the top," he countered, starting up.


Ken won of course, as he was the Rocket, but they still had a good laugh as they came up to the top. Within moments, the two humans and two digimon were rolling back down, whooping and shouting with excitement.

Davis' idea had been a good one; Ken couldn't remember having had such a fun time in his life for a while. Over and over, he found himself running up to the top of the hill, only to roll back down. Occasionally, he would pass by one of the others going either up or down, but the only emotion in him, Davis, Wormmon, and Veemon was childish excitement and happiness.

Quickly, he came back to the top, and moving off to one side so as not to roll into anyone else, he hit the ground and started down. He let the exhilaration of the moment take over, as he let his momentum speed him up... but then he felt something wet and squishy instead of the pure, clean grass.

However, Ken was going too quickly to stop. In resignation, he decided to enjoy the rest of the trip down, and smiled inwardly as his body continued to roll.

The moment he had slowed enough at the bottom of the hill, he sat up and surveyed what he had just rolled down. There was now a long brown track of mud that had been invisible under the grass until pressure, or Ken, had pushed down on it. In response, Ken glanced at himself and winced slightly.

His whitish grey clothes were now a murky shade of brown, coated in mud. Every now and then, strips of green came up, the grass of the hill. Ken reached up and felt his hair – it was equally muddy, with grass sticking out everywhere and making interesting highlights.

Davis, followed by Wormmon and Veemon, ran over and eyed his mud covered friend. "Man, sorry 'bout that. You're really coated."

Ken however, smiled. No matter that he was now rather dirty – in fact, it was a nice feeling, to have had much fun and have something that showed it. "It's okay Davis," he answered, "I'll just jump in a lake later. Thanks for this entire rolling down hills thing though, I really like it." Then he grinned almost uncharacteristically. "The mud is worth it."