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Author Notes: Well, I had this idea after watching the movie, when they all split up. They just kinda left Shaggy and Scooby standing there, and I thought, well what if someone came back? So this is my attempt at it. I hope its not to bad.

Drift Apart

I really had no intention on coming back here. I had stormed off, as had Velma and Daphne, but I glanced back in my rearview mirror and saw Shaggy standing there with Scooby. Scooby had dropped downwards, laying at Shaggy's feet. Shaggy's arms had dropped limply, hanging helplessly at his side, and his shoulders slumped as he had watched us drive away. The last thing I saw was Scooby nudge his hand and the two headed towards the van.

It was that last image of Shaggy that brought me back here. As I had suspected, the van was still there. Which meant they had to be close by. I crept up to the van, and peered in one of the side windows. Shaggy was sitting at the wheel, his arms folded across it and his head cushioned in them. His shoulders shook, and Scooby had his head sitting on his leg, he was whimpering along with him. I felt my chest constrict when I heard the muffled cries. I sighed, knowing what I had to do. I pulled open the passenger side door and slide in. Scooby turned to look at me, but Shaggy didn't move. Hesitantly I put my hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sorry Shaggy." His muffled sobs didn't ease, and I suddenly felt the need to justify why we left.

"You'll be happier on your own, with Scoob. We all will. No more ghost hunting, you hated that. Now without us, No one will make you." He didn't seem appeased. "You can do what makes you happy."

"Being with my friends makes me happy." His voice is muffled and choked.

It occurs to me then, while Daphne, Velma and I bickered and exchanged harsh words, he was taking all the blows. He was watching his best friends rip each other apart, and despite his pleas for peace, we had left each other for good. I hadn't seen him this upset since his dad died when we were thirteen. It was the kind of crying someone did when they lost someone they couldn't get back.

"I'm so sorry. We just grew apart." I say, thinking that there was nothing else to say. He finally raises his head. He wipes a shaking hand across his face, but it does not erase the evidence of his tears. His eyes are red and swollen, his face shines slightly in the dim light and tear tracks are visiable on his cheeks, his face is slightly puffy and red. Even his hair is more dishelved than usual.

"Grew apart?" He echos, disbelief shinning in his eyes. "No one grew apart, ego's got in the way, feelings got hurt. The group was ripped apart by each other." The wild look in his eyes had faded a bit, only to be replaced with a deep sadness. "I couldn't stop it. I tried, God knows I tried, but we self-destructed." Scooby nudges him, looking up with big wet eyes. Shaggy's hand graces his back, and it appeases the Great Dane. He knew Shaggy wouldn't leave him, wouldn't abandon him like we had. Shaggy wouldn't leave any of us. Not by choice. I hate life at this moment. That it would deal us this cruel hand. I can't stay here any longer.

"It was for the best." I repeat, no longer being able to believe my own words.

"The best for who?" He asks softly,and that pushes me over the edge. I can't be here any longer, can't be witness to his pain.

"I'll write to you." I say, feeling stupid, like a letter would take away this hurt. "I'll miss you. You too Scooby." I don't wait for an answer. I slide out the way I came and bolt into the night. Shaggy would be ok, he had Scooby and he adapted easily enough. I got into my car, and started the engine, trying to erase the image of his tear stained face and muffled cries.

It didn't work.