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"Is it true man?" asked a young man. He was 16 and had short black hair with brown eyes. He was wearing a white button up shirt with a black collar and cuffs and blue jeans.

"Is what true Mungyeong?" asked another boy. He was also 16 and had short black hair with brown eyes but there was a bandanna over his forehead. He had on the same outfit.

"You know what I'm talking about Ryang. Is that girl right over there really your sister?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, it's true why?"

"She doesn't look a thing like you."

They were talking about a young girl who was standing under a cherry tree. She had long silver hair with black and light blue highlights and aquamarine eyes. She was wearing a white button up shirt with black cuffs and a black collar and a plaid skirt.

"Well she died her hair when she was in Japan," said Ryang.

"She's hot!" Mungyeong said drooling.

"Hey, you want an early death wish I dare you to go talk to her."

"Uh...maybe later, the school bell is about to ring."


They both walked inside and took their seats.

"SETTLE DOWN CLASS!" yelled their teacher Jehui Yun. She had long black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a military dress.

Everyone was silent when she yelled.

"That's better, Class I would like you all to welcome Shoko, Shoko Jegal," she said.

The same girl that Mungyeong and Ryang were talking about was standing right in front of the class. Everyone stared at Shoko and then to Ryang.

"Young master is that really your sister?" asked a young girl. She had long blue hair and matching blue eyes. She was wearing the same outfit as Shoko.

Ryang nodded.

"Yes Fanta, that's my sister," he said.

"You may sit next Fanta, Fanta can you raise your hand," said Jehui.

Fanta happily raised her hand. Shoko walked over to her.

"Hi I'm Fanta," she said with a happy smile.

"Shoko," Shoko said with an equally happy smile.

They then turned to the teacher and listened to the lecture.

After a few classes it was lunch time. Fanta had invited Shoko to sit with them.

"So, you're really young master's sister?" asked Fanta.

"Young Master?" asked Shoko.

"Yes, Young master."

"So that's what you call my brother?"


"Well I am his sister."

Shoko and Fanta began drinking their strawberry milk. Ryang and Mungyeong stared at them.

"What?" they asked.

"Oh, nothing, nothing at all," said Ryang.

Fanta and Shoko shrugged and continued sipping their milk.

When school was over Fanta and Shoko were seen walking together.

"So, how'd you come to know my brother?" asked Shoko.

"Well he tore my feathered robes and now he's taking care of me," Fanta said.

"That's a fancy name for a robe, why'd he do that?"

"He was spying on me and the other faeries...I mean he was spying on me and my friends at the hot spring."

"Did you just say faeries?"

"N-No why would I say that? If I did it was probably because of the hit during dodge ball, you know they hit hard."


Fanta sighed; she knew what she had to do. When they god inside of the house they were greeted by Shoko's older brother and sister-in-law.

"Welcome back Shoko, I hope you don't mind sharing a room with Fanta and Medea," said her brother.

"Who's Medea?" Shoko asked.

"Why I'm Medea," said a girl. She had super long blonde hair and violet eyes. She had on a black skirt with a tight white blouse.

"Um, Ok, My name's Shoko."

"I already know who you are."


Shoko walked upstairs following Medea and Fanta. She didn't say anything.

"Why are you so quiet?" asked Fanta.

"No reason," Shoko said in a quiet voice.

Fanta just continued to show her to the room. When they reached it Medea opened the door. There were three beds and three dressers. It was enough room for them.

"You're bed will be in between Fanta and mine," said Medea.

They sat down on the beds and just began talking.

Later that Evening

Shoko had fallen asleep. Her head was on the opposite side of the pillows. Her hair was blanketing her face.

Outside it was a full moon. The rays shone brightly.

"I find this unacceptable. Fanta how could you say that?" asked a man. He had short unruly silver hair with light blue tips. He was wearing a formal robe but under that he had on a pair of silk pants and a matching silk shirt.

"I'm sorry Lord Charon, I didn't think," said Fanta bowing.

"OF COURSE YOU DIDN'T! Now she knows of the secret, have you erased her memories yet?"

"No...I'm sorry."

Charon sighed.

"I guess I'll have to do it myself," he said before walking into the house.

He walked upstairs and went to their room.

"Hey what are you going to do to my sister, Faerie boy," Ryang whispered harshly.

Charon looked at him blankly.

'Faerie...boy...' he repeated in his mind.

Charon then dismissed his comment and walked over to Shoko.

Charon began chanting a spell and in the middle of it Shoko woke up.

'Who...who is he? He's gorgeous...wait what is he doing?' she thought.

Before she could open her mouth to say anything her vision became white and she fell back asleep.

Charon then chanted another spell and disappeared.

So tell me how it is. It's my first time doing a Faeries Landing story.