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"C-can you rephrase that?" Ryang asked.

Shoko rolled her eyes. She turned to Ryang with a look of ferocity in her eyes. She poked him in the chest before smirking.

"Look, I'm not Shoko. I'm her other half, Sakura. Now if you don't mind can you shut up!" she yelled.

Ryang stared again. He then noticed that instead of his sisters aquamarine eyes they were blood red. She smirked showing a set of small fangs.

"Now follow me," she said forcefully.

The others had no choice to comply with the psycho. Tae Wong laughed.

"I'm guessing you didn't know she had split personalities," she said.

"No…no I didn't," Ryang said.

They walked a bit until they were at an old abandoned warehouse. The sides were falling apart and the windows were broken. Sakura, or Shoko, walked into the warehouse with the others behind. It smelt of dirt and musk. It wasn't too pleasant. They covered their noses just to breathe better.

"Why are we here?" Fanta asked.

"Hell if I know," said Ryang.

"Will you shut up?" Sakura yelled.

They walked past a few chains that were hanging on the wall. They saw small red blotches on the ground.

"…who died in this place?" Medea asked, half joking.

"Many," Sakura said walking forward.

Medea shivered.

They walked a little further until Sakura stopped. She got on one knee and bowed her head.

"I brought them, boss," she said in Japanese.

A girl stepped out of the shadows….