No I wasn't on crack when I wrote this, I was just feeling rather goofy. I hope you people like it.

I sit around and think of things,
Like Coney Hunting in July,

when I hear the footsteps,
they're coming for me,

oh dear god please help me,

Am I going crazy,
Or is it the pennyroyal tea,
thats making see and hear all these wild things,

I don't understand, whats going on,
why is dear Sam crawling up the wall

Oh Merry and Pippen please wait for me,
There is still alot of things I want to see,

Legolas and Gimli please wait up,
I can't understand why I'm so fucked up,

Aragorn, I'm sorry I can't continue on,

Good night, gollum, sweet dreams, its of to fight the orcs for me.

So long, Farewell, to the great mind I have lost. Which is my own.