Chapter one: Ginny Weasley

Ginny sat bolt upright in her bed. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She looked around. She didn't know the room she was in, she didn't recognize it. She looked down. She was naked. She never slept naked. Not with six older brothers in the house. Who knew what they would do if they laid eyes on her now matured body.

Then she looked to her right. In shock she put her hand before her mouth. She wasn't the only one that was naked in the bed. She first recognized her great love, Harry, but who was lying next to Harry on his other side. The boy turned its head. Luckily Ginny's hand was still covering her mouth otherwise she would have screamed. It was no body else than Draco Malfoy.

But Ginny wasn't shocked enough. She hadn't looked to her left. There he lay, also naked. Professor Remus Lupin. What did that make her? A slut, a whore? Ginny didn't want to know.

Ginny slid out of the bed; her head was hurting like mad. The effects of the amount of Firewhiskey they had consumed the previous night.

Slowly it all started to come back to her. Draco, Lupin, Harry and herself had been celebrating. Together they had found a cure for Professor Lupin's lycanthropy. They amounts of Firewhiskey they had consumed was enormous. Draco had let them to this place. She remembered it being in a dark alley. Not as obscure as Knockturn Alley, but still…

Only one room had been available. One room with one bed. It all could have gone ok, it they just hadn't consumed so much Firewhiskey. Now with their lowered inhibitions they where acting like a couple of love crazed teenagers.

Harry had been the first to touch her. And as always she melted with his touch. She loved him; she had loved him since she was little. And now that she finally had him, she had to share him with two others. True everyone shared each other. Where Harry's touch was soft and gentle, Draco's touch was fiery and passionate, and Lupin's had been… tender but still full of passion.

She couldn't believe her mind when those memories came back. Her eyes widened. She didn't notice Harry had woken up and was looking at her gorgeous body. She put her hands before her eyes. She didn't want to remember. But it was no use shutting out the world, because the film continued in her head with an even greater velocity and quality of pictures. The movie in her head became much more graphic then she was used too. She saw her arch her back as she came to her release. She felt hands ferociously exploring her body from top to bottom, both outside as inside, leaving no stone unturned.

She was swept away in her mental journey through the pleasures the previous night had brought. Watching it, reliving it made her horny again.

As in a haze Ginny walked over to the bed and straddled over Harry. His hands were again massaging her breasts. She was stroking herself as they moved in an ever increasing pace.