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Chapter 1: Raven's Burning Up!

A swirling vortex filled Raven's mind as she was sucked into it, plunging towards a black hole. Screaming for mercy, she found herself getting very, very, very warm. Until suddenly she fell through that hole of doom.

Raven's eyes shot open. She was breathing hard, and looked around her. Objects were floating around the room randomly.

"Not another nightmare..." she whispered, her voice was hoarse and her throat felt like someone stabbed it, whenever she swallowed.

She tried moving her legs, they were numb and weak-feeling.

"I just need water...then I'll be okay...that was a pretty intense dream..." Raven assured herself. Her head was pounding, so she thought she'd take some Tylenol as well.

But as soon as she slowly and carefully planted her legs on the ground, and very slowly stood up, gripping her dresser, Raven found that there was much more to what was going on.

Her stomach churned, giving her jaw that painfully numb, yet seemingly familiar, feeling. Her legs wobbled and her knees buckled beneath her like rubber.

Nausea overcame her deeply, sending Raven sliding to the floor with her weak legs sprawled out. She let out a soft moan, and rubbed her aching head.

"What's wrong with me? It was just a dream!" Raven exclaimed, yet her voice was going away, making it no more than a whisper.

It hurt to open her eyes, the pain was so bad. She tried reaching for her laundry basket, but it was about 3 feet away, and Raven did NOT feel like stretching her sensitive stomach.

"Grr...I hate being sick!"

She leaned against the side of her bed, moaning. Too weak to get back in.

Although Raven did not want to admit it, she needed help.

Her neck and face were covered with tiny beads of sweat, and her jumpsuit was soaked. She felt really, really hot in her head and body.

"How long do I have to stay here like this?" Raven whispered.

Meanwhile, a certain green changeling was lying awake in bed, after also suffering a nightmare. A recurring one about Terra. Beast Boy groaned and sat up.

"Must...have....water...." he muttered, and stood up, walking down the hall.

He passed Raven's door and stopped. He heard crashes coming from inside her room, and confused, opened her door.

Inside lay a passed out Raven lying against her bed, and objects floating around her room. Beast Boy slowly and carefully went to Raven's side, afraid of getting thrown out of a window or something.

"Raven? Raaaven?" He jabbed her in the arm.

Raven mumbled something and her head rolled to the other side, eyes still closed.

Beast Boy sighed and tried again. "Raven? Wake up!"

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

Raven's eyes opened slowly, and she groaned in pain. "What happened? Where am I?" she whispered.

"In your room...and I dunno what happened. I just decided to come in and check on you because I heard crashes," Beast Boy replied, examining her face.

All around them, objects had finally landed. Making Raven's room a black wasteland.

"Raven, are you okay?" he asked.

Raven sighed. "I'm fine..." then she went into a coughing fit. It was very painful, and blood spattered on her hand.

She gasped.

Beast Boy did as well. "Oh my God, Rae..." He put his hand to her forehead out of curiousity, then quickly withdrew it, for it was burning hot.

"You're burning up!" he exclaimed, and felt her cheeks and neck as well. Then winced at the feeling of her sweat on him.

Raven groaned. "I. Am. Fine. Please. Leave."

Beast Boy shook his head. "No, you're not fine. Can you stand up?"

She shook her head.

"Did you fall out of bed?"

She shook her head.

"Okay, then explain how you ended up on the floor."

Raven sighed, and whispered "I had a nightmare, and when I woke up, I was feeling like this. I tried to stand up, then I got nauseous and I just fell to the floor."

Beast Boy sighed also. "Let me get you some water."

He left, then returned a few minutes later, putting a glass of water to her lips.

Raven glared at him. "I can do it myself."

He laughed nervously. "Heh-heh...right..." Beast Boy held it out for her to take.

One of Raven's arms reached for the glass, but was too weak to reach it, and fell back to the floor. "Okay, maybe I can't do it," she muttered.

He smiled and pressed it to her lips once more, and her mouth opened, as he slowly poured in the cool liquid that the introvert drank greedily.

"Beast Boy..." Raven whispered when she was done.

"Yea?" Beast Boy replied.

"Why are you helping me?"

"Because you're my friend...and you need help..."

Raven stifled a small smile. "Thanks. Are you going to remind me that I owe you big time?"

"Nah..." he laughed. "That'd be stupid of me."

"Beast Boy?"

"Yea, Rae?"

"You ARE stupid."

"Oh gee thanks"

Raven shrugged. "Sorry, but it IS true..."

He sighed. "I had a nightmare tonight too."


"One word. Terra."

Raven winced. "Again?!"

He nodded. "She just won't leave my mind. Even though I've never been drunk, it's kinda like a hangover, ya know? It just hurts real bad."

"Beast Boy?"

"Yea, Rae?"

"Please don't start drinking just to know what a hangover feels like."

"Okay, I wont."

"Can you help me get back in my bed?"

He nodded, and gripped her arms, slowly pulling her up. In a strained voice he said "You need to lose weight, girl!"

Raven growled. "Don't push it"

He laughed nervously. "Erm...didn't mean to have you take it personally..."

Raven rolled her eyes as Beast Boy laid her on her bed.

"If you need anything, just shout," Beast Boy said.

"Beast Boy?" Raven asked.


"I can't shout. I'm losing my voice so it's kinda cracking."


He pulled the covers up to her chin, and looked at her.

"You know you're really pretty when the moonlight touches your face" he whispered.



She raised an eyebrow. "Okay...don't wake the others..."

He sighed. "Well, g'night, Rae."

"Night Beast Boy. And thanks. A lot."

"No problem"

He slowly exited her room, and pulled the door closed until it was open just a crack. Raven rolled over and went back to sleep.

Beast Boy sighed and looked at her, then shook his head. "This is pointless, Beast Boy. She has no reason to like you," he whispered to himself, then went back to his room, thinking 'But there's no reason not to try...'

He went back to lying on his bed, hopelessly wide awake.

Raven really confused him. She could suddenly be your best friend and like you, then suddenly hate you and make fun of you with her sarcastic insults.

Every one of the titans assumed, and, well, kind of KNEW that Raven's past was dark and mysterious. How could you have a 20 foot evil demon father and NOT have a bad past?

He was determined to find out what exactly happened to Raven as a child.

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