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Beast Boy wants to impress Raven, but what's something he can do to impress her? Well, maybe listening to her listening to some Nirvana could help. He gets an idea: To join a real punk rock band. But he finds out Raven's not impressed with him, she's WORRIED ABOUT HIM. Especially when he's kidnapped by a bunch of fangirls.

Will Raven be able to save her beau? OF COURSE!...unless we decide to become evil...lol

Chapter 11: I know why the caged bird sings

Beast Boy gasped.

Raven had just said 'yes.'


He was the key to her future and past! Oh how SPECIAL HE FELT!!! He tried not to do a happy yet dumb looking dance.

And another thing that was magical happened. A white aura surrounded the box, as it floated in the air, and a golden key appeared in Beast Boy's hand.

Also, suddenly, a key hole emerged on the box.

"Place the key inside..." The Ravens whispered.


Beast Boy's hand shook as he carefully reached to slide the key inside of the hole.

But the magical bliss wouldn't last. For Rage suddenly snapped to life, eyes glowing, and had one soul sense.

To kill.

The red-cloaked Raven surrounded herself around Beast Boy, snarling "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?"

Beast Boy's eyes widened, and he took a big step back.

Inside of the box, Raven growled "She wont get away with this." And lifted her arms.

Beast Boy shielded his face, praying.

"Oh Dear Lord, I know I haven't talked to you lately but PLEASE! If you could please just do this I'd-"

He blinked.

There was no power attacking him....

He was....safe? But how?

A black aura had surrounded him.

"BEAST BOY, NOW!" Raven shouted from inside the box.

"NO!!" Rage hissed.

But Beast Boy quickly put the key inside and turned it to the left.

The lid opened, and the blinding white lights shot out from all of the corners.

The changeling gaped in awe.

As one, single figure emerged.

Raising a hand, the bright figure, (He couldn't really define the features, as all it was was a really bright lighted figure) sucked Rage inside of her.

And the light receded, leaving a beautiful girl standing there.

It was Raven, clad in a lovely white leotard and cape.

Folding her hood down, she smiled a beautiful smile, with bright skin, and her eyes shining. "Thanks, Beast Boy" she said.

Beast Boy's jaw was already way passed dropped. "R-R-Raven?"

She smiled "Yea?"

He blushed a dark crimson. "Umm...you look pretty..." he murmured.

Raven blushed "Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself."

This caused an even darker blush to tint the Changeling's face.

"Now, let's go defeat my dad! Once and for all!" Raven said, her bravery showing.

And she grabbed BB by the color, flying across her mind.

------ --- -- --- --- --- --

In a more familiar area of her mind, Raven dropped BB. She gulped, looking up at her humongous dad.

Trigon turned around, and glared at his daughter. "How did you escape!?"

Raven smirked "With a little help from my friend."

Trigon looked a little surprised, but it didn't last for long.

Raven lifted her arms at the ready.

He did the same.

Both glaring at one another, it was almost a reminder of what could happen if a father-daughter relationship is properly nurtured. But this relationship REFUSED to be nurtured! SO WHAT THE HECK AM I TALKING ABOUT!?

And at the same time, their powers shot out from their hands, immediately clashing together as yellow met black.

Beast Boy watched this shocked, and sat on a rock a good distance away.

Raven strained to have her power overcome his, and she soon found herself becoming extremely weak.

Trigon used this to his advantage.

His power slowly over came Raven's, until it immediately devoured her's, become double stronger. Raven was shot with this powerful power of doom, and sent flying back to the ground.

Beast Boy gasped and ran to Raven's side.

A few tears were rolling down her cheeks from the pain, and bloody scratches marked her body. Beast Boy propped her up, arms around her.

"Shh, Rae, it's okay..." he said soothingly

Raven found herself adoring this attention, and resting her head on his chest.

In doing this, some of the pain receded, but not much. For affection cannot heal all wounds.

Trigon had turned away once again, attempting to destroy Raven's mind.

Beast Boy, who was still cuddling the girl of his dreams, found himself letting out a tear at seeing this beautiful girl in such horrible pain.

Raven empathetically sensed this with her sensitive powers, and realized just how much her love cared for her. She sat up.

"Beast Boy, I must fight!" she said, voice hoarse and a tad raspy.

Beast Boy looked at her, eyes pleading her to just stay and relax.

"I must! I cant let this happen!"

Beast Boy's eyes narrowed. "Then I'll help."

"But there's no way!"

He stood up. "Raven, I know this might sound weird but could you try to maybe I dunno...take my powers for a bit?"

Raven blinked her large eyes, and sighed. "Worth a try." And she pressed a hand to Beast Boy's forehead, eyes glowing an albino white, as she slowly but surely said "Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

With full concentration, and a bit of luck, a green mist emerged from Beast Boy's mind, and was almost inhaled by Raven's chakra, which glowed green for a moment.

Beast Boy, who had had his eyes closed, opened them, looking at Raven, who's eyes were still shut.

"Did it work?" he whispered.

Raven nodded, without opening her eyes. But when she did, she was smirking. "Let's finish him off."

Transforming into a hawk, she flew up in front of Trigon. "What do you think you're doing?"

Trigon turned around, smirking. "A fight is what you desire?"

Raven smirked back, and changed into err a snake or spider or a scorpion or kller bee or some deadly animal, and bit or stung her father in the foot.

Trigon cried out, as the venom rushed into his blood stream.

Raven lifted her arms after changing back into human, and shot at her father.

But Trigon was quick. He lifted his arms in defense, power shooting from his.

Once again, yellow met black.

But this time was different.

This time, luck was on Raven's side.

She had been hoping that the venom injected in Trigon's bloodstream would weaken him a tad, and she was right.

Human or demon, a deadly animal's poison affected him. The pain was still pain, and pain was still weakness.

Trigon's power wasn't as strong, but it was still strong. And it still strained Raven to push to her limit to try and beat him.

And black sparks flew deeper into the yellow, as patience and power were slowly winning.

Trigon was shocked by this. He would NOT lose to his daughter again! He had done so so many times, he wouldn't fall for it. He just wouldn't.

But somehow he did.

Raven continued pushing to her limit, and gradually, her limit became stronger and farther. Slowly, she and Trigon both realized who was the real winner. In the end, good can overcome evil like peanut butter can overcome jelly.(YES I MAKE UP MEH OWN LIKE PHRASES!!)

Raven's power overcame Trigon's entirely, engulfing the demon in the black aura as it tore at his insides and outsides like Slade's probes in the excellent Eppy 'Apprentice'

The demon roared in pain, and shrunk in size.

He fell down a cliff in his daughter's mind.



Raven stood there, catching her breath for a moment, then collapsed onto the ground. Beast Boy went over, and held her across his lap.

"You did great, Rae" he murmured, brushing the hair out of her eyes.

Raven smiled a small smile, and she used her last bit of strength to give Beast Boy his powers back.

"Raven?" he asked.

"Hmm?" she replied dreamily.

"You're my hero."

She smiled even wider. "You're mine."

This shocked our changeling a little bit, but he kissed Raven's chakra.

It glowed a pale pink.

"Beast Boy?" she asked.


"I...I...I'm free to feel now..." Raven said in a shy voice, a blush tinting her face.

Beast Boy smiled. "That's awesome, Raven."

Raven smiled. "And...I think it's time I admit something."


"I...I think you've become more than a friend to me...."

Beast Boy's entire body went completely numb.


Raven blushed darker "I love you" she whispered.

Beast Boy, still shocked and at a loss of words, nodded, and squeaked "I love you too, Rae."

And he bent in and did something he had longed to do for so long, which could be considered 10 years seeing as he did when Raven was five...

He kissed her on the lips gently, and waited for Raven to get her strength back.

---a few hours later---

After the evil Raven had suddenly disappeared in a black fog, the 3 remaining titans were crashing on the couch, watching bad movies and indulging in popcorn.

Raven and Beast Boy came into the main room together holding hands, both smiling in a daze.

The new couple went over and sat on the couch side-by-side, as close as possible without being on top of one another.

Of course, the other titans noticed this right away.


Robin and Cyborg's jaws were dropped, but the two boys went over to BB and patted him on the back, both smirking "Nice job, dude!" and "Name the kid after me!"

Raven and BB didn't seem to mind. Unknown to the others, they were communicating telekinetically.

'So, Raven, err official girlfriend Raven! Guess what!'

'Yes, official boyfriend Beast Boy?'

'I think our love is so strong, it might just last forever.'

And they shared a large smile, and a small kiss, causing the boys to whistle, and Starfire to shed a tear upon.

Yes, Raven and Beast Boy were together at last.

And Beast Boy finally knew just why the caged bird sings.

The End.

--- --- --- --- --- --

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