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Inspired by Higgy, I love her writing! Though I didn't read her Spike story, honest! I didn't want to end up using her great plots, so no reading of Higgy's sure to be awesome story, "The Worst Days of Your Life".

Summary: Angel gets turned to a 15 teen year old, (yeah, please don't roll your eyes yet!), but he has Spike's influence on him, and of coarse, slash goodness! Buffy bashing? I'll try not to, but it shall be difficult!

Season 3, before Connor, After Buffy is brought back… (huh, just gave some of the story now, didn't I?)

Wesley walked through the hotel. Today was the day Angel was going to come back. He was anxious for two reasons. 1, Fred only seemed to emerge from her room when Angel was there, and 2, he was going to have a 'talk' with him… hopefully.

"Geeze Wes, all your bloody pacing is driving me outta my gourd!" Spike said, watching Wesley with indifference. He didn't really care for the watcher. Spike was only here because Buffy felt that they needed 'space', or they had broken up.

Spike pretended to be nonchalant about it, but it had hurt. He thought that Buffy and he, that they had connected on another level, and such. So much for that. Then Spike showed up here, having nothing better to do, or any place better to go. Surprisingly, his poofy sire hadn't tossed him on his butt. Not that he had what one would call a warm welcome, specially with the Watcher just waiting for him to slip up.

As time progressed, Spike just seemed to be an accessory to the group. Then Cordelia was sucked into Pylea, and Spike had really gotten the gas for the car. Now he was just as important as the hair to a dog was. He was quite happy with that, not to mention, how close he and his hair gel slave of a sire had gotten. Within no time, he'd ante up this story to R, easy!

Cordelia and Gunn just ignored the two, much too busy making out and cuddling. "Will you put a lid on it? We're busy here!" Cordelia said, not happy with the disruption of her touchy-feely time with her tough, sexy, and very cuddly, cuddle buddy.

"Yeah, go fight elsewhere's fore I kick both your butts!" Gunn said, his voice booming in the silent foyer.

"Tuh, like you could even get this much of my butt kicked!" Spike said, holding about an inch, between his fingers. Gunn got up from the couch.

"That a challenge, blood breath?" he asked, slamming one fist into another. Spike walked over to him, and looked up at him. "Well, little man?" asked Gunn. "Let's rumble Charlie" Spike said. Wesley and Cordelia rolled their eyes.

"What is it with men? Always gotta be the dominate or alpha of the house, you know what I mean, Wes?" asked Cordelia. He just glared at her. "Uh, no offense!" she quickly amended.

Wesley sighed as he sat down. It was about ½ an hour till Angel would get here, but at least he'd get to see Gunn and Spike beat the crap out of one another…

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