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15 Something, Chapter 10

"Thanks for your help with the spell!" Willow said, happy to get home to Tara! She was already packed up and ready to vamoose!

"I assure you, it was no trouble," Wesley said, smiling politely. "Mr. Giles" "Wesley" the two shook, showing a mere respect for another.

"Well I won't lie. It was ok having you guys here" Cordelia smiled at Xander, and Anya. "Yeah, it was ok on this front too" Xander said, hugging his one time girlfriend. He looked over to his current girlfriend, and frowned.

"Get offa me ya crazy chick!" Gunn said, pushing Anya away. "Harris, please pull your ex-demon of my boyfriend, and NOW!" Cordelia said, though there was no malice in her voice. 'Not so cocky now, huh?' she thought evilly.

"Spike! I'll miss you SO much!" Dawn said, hugging her blonde vampire. "I'll miss ya too! Don't forget to visit." He grinned back.

"So, it was really pointless for me coming here, wasn't it?" asked Buffy. "Yeah, I guess you could say it was" Angel said, hands in his pockets. "I just thought, I, that Spike and I." She looked down. Then looked up. "I thought we had a thing." She said. "If it's any constellation, you did. And besides, Spike and I were gonna ya know sooner or later" Angel said. Buffy nodded. "I know, I was just hoping that I could get at him, then when I died, you could have him" She smiled sheepishly.

"I'm not a bloody sheep ya know!" Spike scowled at them. Buffy walked over to him, and gave him one last kiss. "See, ya. Sweet cheeks." She said, and then turned. Soon the whole Sunnydale gang was gone…

"Sweet cheeks?" Gunn said, chuckling. Cordelia snickered. Wesley tried to cover it with his hand. Angel didn't. "OMG!" he said, laughing. Even Fred, who was hiding under a table, giggled some.

"No fair! 'S not my fault I got the best looking bum ever." he smiled, bravado leaking everywhere.

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