Rating: very G Pairing: none really. Fye-Kuro interaction written with future falling-in-love in mind.

Black colored things.

In this strange country there is no tea. We're offered something called "coffee" instead. Mokona reassures us that coffee tastes good, so we order.

The drink is black in color, and Kuro's mouth twists into a slight grin when he sees it. Mokona says we can add sugar and milk to it if we don't like the taste.

I try it first and smile at everyone. I do not show my surprise at the biting taste; it'll be fun to see their reactions.

Sakura-chan widens her eyes and almost spits the coffee out; then she pours milk and sugar into her cup until there is more milk than coffee left. Shaoran-kun doesn't flinch and stoically drinks his coffee unsweetened, with just some milk in it.

Kuro scowls at the bitter taste. Then he glances at the sugar bowl and quickly looks away, his expression turning even more morose. Mokona looks at me mischievously and I nod, my smile widening. While Kuro isn't looking, I quickly add some sugar into his cup. He takes the next sip reluctantly and looks surprised, then relaxes marginally. He looks at me, then at Mokona, but not with the usual malice: there is almost something like thankfulness in his eyes.

And I celebrate another small victory.