The story you have just read is true. The names were changed to protect the innocent.

On June 24, a hearing was held in Juvenile Court, for the County of Los Angeles. In a moment, the results of that hearing.

Muffy Winters maintained at her hearing that vampires were responsible for the fire at the Hemery High prom. She was required to enter the Hill Psychiatric Clinic for evaluation. She was diagnosed as suffering from a secondary case of a shared psychotic disorder: the primary being her friend Mr. Bass. Removed from his influence, and after two weeks of therapy, her delusions about vampires had ceased, and she was released back into the custody of her parents. Her parents were divorced shortly after she was released, and she, her mother, and younger sister Dusk, moved to Sunnydale California, to start over.

Bass evaded custody. He is still wanted for questioning about the death of Alexandra Clarke, the other Slasher victims, and the fire at Hemery High. There were no more Slasher murders in Los Angeles.

The murder of Alexandra Clarke remains unsolved.

End Notes:

1) The changed names:
..Buffy Summers --> Muffy Winters
..Joyce Summers --> Mrs. Winters
..Dawn Summers --> Dusk Winters
..Cassandra --> Alexandra Clarke
..Gary Murray --> Murray Gary
..Pike --> Bass
..Kimberly --> Diamond
..Grueller --> Tony Groater
..Kate Lockley --> Jan Keyley

2) Guest appearances from other Jack Webb shows:
..From Adam 12:
...Sergeant MacDonald
...Officer Pete Malloy
...Officer Jim Reed

..From Emergency!:
...Paramedic Roy DeSoto
...Paramedic John Gage