Hacking In

A xXx Story

By Dash

Okay, I guess I should say that I don't own anything about xXx unless it's not something you recognise from the movie. It's not like it was ever a book, right? Yeah. So I'm just telling you that I will never again include a disclaimer in this story. If you've read it once I think that's enough. I don't like being told I don't own my favourite movies or characters and I certainly don't like to write it over and over. I HAVE SPOKEN.

So....on with the story, aiight dawgs? note: I won't post again till I get one review

The familiar rhythm of beeping blended perfectly with the Linkin Park music blaring throughout the room. The sound of typing was faint but present, and the fingers moved like blurs across the keys. Misty blue eyes scanned the screen and a few mouse clicks joined the plague of noise.

"Come on you piece of shit," urged a voice through clenched teeth and a hand gave the computer a smart whack. Hacking wasn't as easy as it was cracked up to be. The hacker growled loudly as this fact made itself evident. "Damn you all to hells." There were thousands, no, millions of codes that could fit here. And they had to narrow it down to one. What they needed to do was notch it down to ten or less numbers. Then she could make random combinations and eventually get in.

The only thing driving them on was the fact that this was one of her biggest jobs yet. The pay would be enormous; high in the billions. This particular company had to be brought down, not only because of the money but because of what they'd done.

They made credit cards, and even had their own bank. But the cards were scams and often the owner was ripped off of all they had. Everyday, another hacker would get their pay by going through and sucking out about $100 from every card.

The one breaking into them right now had fallen victim to this company back when they were 18 and stupid. They were now 19, but the one year difference may as well have been ten. They were a different person now and had proved it many times.

The computer clicked in objection to the commands and it was hit again. "Come on..." Finally the screen announced that she had gotten in. "You bastards!" they said, smiling as they read over the code. "3478556924675." They laughed. "So easy a child could have guessed it."

Her fingers moved even faster as the easy part started. Quickly, they formulated withdrawals and typed in addresses. The computer began deleting off the list of profits, finally ending at $0.00. The money was sent to their account now as well as the accounts of a few others. Turning back to the screen, they completed the job. With the click of the mouse, the virus was sent, imitating the profits that had been deleted and making it hard to trace. Well not hard, but nearly impossible.

The job was now done and sleep could come now. Going to the bed, they stopped by the window and looked out at downtown Buffalo New York, their home. The snow outside was so beautiful, and the city lights were the icy fireflies that completed the scene. Outside it was about -15 degrees. Inside it was about 60. They liked it cold. They opened the window and walked over to the bed. Falling onto the sheets, sleep held itself until at last mist fell over their mind.