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The Slightly Bizarre Challenge

Beast Boy woke up slowly and shook his head. Man, do I feel groggy, he thought. Where am I?

It was obvious he wasn't in Titans Tower anymore. For one thing, it was a lot bigger. For another, no furniture.

"Where are we?"

Beast Boy looked behind him, surprised, but relieved to see he wasn't alone.

Raven looked around. "Why are we in a closet?" she asked no one in particular.

A disembodied voice answered.

"For the Challenge."

Beast Boy and Raven jumped up, ready to attack whatever it was. "Who are you?" demanded Raven.

"What challenge?" Beast Boy asked at the same time.

A giant screen dropped down in front of them. It turned one, seemingly by itself, and Slade appeared before them.

"Slade," Raven hissed.

"That's right, Raven," he said evilly. "I'd advise you not to cause a scene. We wouldn't want to worry the audience."

"What audience?" BB demanded.

A voice from off Slade's camera whispered something. "One moment," Slade told the teens, "and all will be revealed." The screen went off.

Beast Boy looked at Raven. "This doesn't sound good."

Suddenly, the screen turned one again and an announcer boomed, "It's time for the galaxy's favorite game show... The Slightly Bizarre Challenge!"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "What is this? Some kind of torture?"

"And here is your host with the most," the announcer continued, "Slade!"

Slade came on camera wearing an jacket covered in gold sequins. Raven's other eyebrow rose.

"Thank you, thank you," he was saying. "Today on Slightly Bizarre challenge, we have some very special contestants. Please welcome, Raven and Beast Boy of the Teen Titans!"

Lights flooded the tiny room, so bright they had to cover their eyes. When they could see, they saw themselves on a screen that Slade was watching.

Raven glared in the general area of the hidden camera. "What's going on here, Slade?"

Slade addressed the screen. "Well, after you and your friends defeated me the last time, I got offered a job as the host of a game show! I could hardly refuse. Especially with the jacket." He held out the lapel of the gaudy coat as the unseen audience cheered wildly.

Beast Boy just stared in confusion. "Okay," he said slowly. "So, what's the challenge."

Slade immediately zipped back into host mode. "I'm glad you asked. Today, our contestants' Slightly Bizarre Challenge is to be locked in a closet for 48 hours!" The crowd cheered again. "If they can escape the closet before the time is up, tell us what they'll win!"

The announcer came on again. "If these two escape, they will win, not only their freedom and their lives, but also... One-million dollars!" More cheers and applause.

Slade came on again. Beast Boy smirked at the camera. "In a closet for 48 hours? No problem."

Slade's eyes narrowed. "Oh, but there's more. Once the first 24 hours are up, I flip this switch..." A spotlight went on a large electrical switch. "...and all the dust bunnies in the room will come alive!" The audience went nuts at this.

Raven gave him an incredulous look. "That's it?"

Beast Boy nudged her. "Hey, Raven? Have you noticed how much dust there is in here?"

Raven looked around. He was right. There was dust everywhere! If it came alive, it could very well suffocate them.

Slade chuckled evilly. "Now that we have the challenge, let's start the clock."

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