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The Slightly Bizarre Challenge: Part 7

Beast Boy jerked Raven around the corner of a building and leaned against the wall, panting for breath. Keeping that pace in his human form was taxing, to say the least.

Raven snatched her hand back. "Why are we running?" she demanded. "We can fight them."

Irritated, Beast Boy gave her a slight shove back in the line of fire. "Give it a shot."

She gave him a bemused look, then turned her attention to the attacking robots. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." A wave of energy burst from her hands straight at her target. She hit one point blank.

The robot didn't even break stride.

Raven gasped. "But... how?" Beast Boy pulled her back around the building.

"I figured," he muttered. "Slade's put that element into his robots. Your powers are useless."

"How did you know that?"

Beast Boy shrugged. "I guessed."

Raven looked around and spotted a car. "If I can't attack them that way, I'll just find another way." Black energy shot at the car...

And slid right off it.

Raven growled, "He's covered everything. How long has he been planning this?"

"Too long. I can't fight them all alone. We have to keep moving until we get somewhere you can use your powers."

Raven nodded in agreement. Beast Boy turned into a cheetah, and together, they rushed down the street. They turned another corner, and came face to face with more robots.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." Raven lifted the ground to make a wall in front of the robots.

Beast Boy, back in human form, stared in amazement. "Whoa. I thought you couldn't use your powers."

She pointed up, indicating that they should fly. "Since I was able to ghost through the ground earlier," she told the green hawk flying by her side, "I figured that Slade hadn't placed chrystium in the street." She glanced behind them. "Good thing I was right."

They flew for several minutes. Slade's robots weren't able to attack them in the sky, but they were tracking them from the ground.

After a while, the two heroes landed on a roof. "Man," said Beast Boy, sitting down on the small wall around the edge. "We have got to get the advantage back."

Raven nodded, listening to the robots' footsteps moving steadily closer. "But how? We can't afford to test my powers in a fight right now."

Beast Boy shrugged. "Unfortunately, he had been leaning to far back and fell over the side of the building.


"Beast Boy!" Raven was about to fly over the side to catch him, then remembered that he was a shape shifter. He could save himself. She waited for a minute. He didn't reappear. She waited a while longer. Still nothing. The robots were getting really close. Finally, her worry got the better of her. She flew over the side of the building. There was nothing on the sidewalk. Beast Boy seemed to have disappeared into thin air. The only thing even close to the building was some long black car.

Raven landed on the sidewalk and looked around worriedly. Had Slade or some other villain gotten a hold of him? She would never forgive herself if they had.

"Hey, Raven!"

Raven spun around, relieved to hear his voice. "Beast Boy! I thought you were dead!"

He grinned from inside the black car. Raven approached it and him.

"What are you doing in there?" she asked.

"Check it out." He opened the door and came out.

Raven's mouth dropped open. "Where did you get Robin's clothes?"

And he was wearing Robin's costume. The green spandex, the yellow cape, the red tunic. He even had the black mask dangling in his hand.

"Raven, don't you know what this is?" He indicated the car. "It's the Batmobile! You know, Batman? As in Robin's mentor. I guess he kept a spare costume in case of an emergency." Beast Boy slid the mask over his eyes. "C'mon." He presses a button and opened the passenger side door.

Raven stared in amazement. "Are you suggesting that we steal the Batmobile?"

"Naw," he denied. "It won't be stealing. Just... borrowing." He grinned again. "It'll be a quick ride back to Jump City. Besides," he waggled his eyebrows, "This is one awesome ride."

A short way down the street, two girls, both sporting T-shirts that said, "Robin/Raven Forever!", walked out of a building.

"Hey," one said to the other. "Is that Raven over there?"

The second girl looked where her friend was pointing. "Where?"

"There, next to the Batmobile. And, oh, my God! That's Robin!"

The second girl gasped. "She's getting into the car with him!"

"They're driving this way!"

"I knew it!" they yelled simultaneously.

The Batmobile zoomed passed them. "What are they so happy about?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven shrugged.

Just before they turned onto the highway that would take them to Jump City, Batman exited the building he had been patrolling moments earlier.

"Crap," he grumbled. "Not again." He took a cell phone from his utility belt and pressed a number on the speed dial.

"This is On Star," the operator answered.

"This is Batman," said Batman. "My car's been stolen again."

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