Summary: While Phoebe was in New York she had a baby since she was fighting with Prue but talking to Piper she didn't tell them about the baby. When she had the baby she gave her up leaving the address to the manor with her foster parents she left back to the manor not letting anyone know about the baby. Her daughter Precious grew up not knowing her real parents and she knew they weren't her real parents because they didn't have picture of he when she was in the hospital and other reasons she found the address ran away to the manor her foster parents knew she found it so they let her go. Precious found the manor and meets her real mom.

Precious Halliwell walked up the stairs to the manor the 6 year old girl knocked on the door. Piper yells from the bathroom, "Someone get the door!!!"

"I got it!" yells Phoebe she runs down the stairs and opens the door as she opens it she gets a premonition of her daughter and a girl on the porch. Phoebe finally figures out what her premonition was about she opens the door to find her daughter standing on the porch.

" this where the woman Phoebe...Halliwell resides?" Precious slowly inhales.

"I'm Phoebe Halliwell and I do know who you are Precious."

Precious, Phoebe, Piper, and Prue all sit in the kitchen drinking hot choclate and talk about the things that happen. Precious tells them she has the power of psychic bolts.

"The bolt come from my forehead it usually stuns or knocks the out, knocks back, or distracts the bad people." Precious says to her mother and aunts.

"Cool power." Prue says to her unknown niece.

"I sometimes used it when the mean girls with the claws came after me."

"Huh?" Piper says to Precious and then walks in the living room.

"What do you mean the mean ladies with the claws honey?" Phoebe says to her daughter.

"They say they harpas or something."

"We have to ask Leo." Prue says just when she says that Leo and Piper walk in the room.

"Hey who is this?" Leo points at Precious.

They tell him everything and he finally gets it.

"Well I think what she means are harpies you haven't fought those yet they are all women they have claws and throw electric."

"Yeah those ladies I used to think they were good but then I noticed them were saying spells to try to turn me into one of them. So the last time I saw them was just an hour ago I stunned her then ran out the park to here in the bus."

"Must have been hard." Piper says.

"Well we'll protect you." Prue says nodding to her sisters.

"Yeah." Phoebe smiles and then kisses her daughter on the forehead.

Time Lapse

Precious lays next to her sleeping mother it has been hour since she got there she went in the kitchen to get something to drink when a demon shimmer in.

"Who are you?" Precious says not knowing what or who the man was.

"Huh?" The demon says.

The demon sees Precious not knowing it was Phoebe's daughter he hurls a energy ball at Precious she concentrates on trying to dodge the energy ball she levitates in the air the energy ball hits a cabinet blowing it up Phoebe yells," Who is that?!"


Precious glides down then uses a bolt to knock the guy back his stumbles back then throws another energy ball at Precious Phoebe sees what is happening she kicks the demon from the back he changes into a bigger green troll looking thing with horns he backhands Phoebe she flies over the couch.

"Mom!" Precious says as she runs to the demon levitates and kicks him in the face then throws out her hand for some reason a bolt forms in her hand then blasts the demon his eyes go white then he explodes.